PRISM – Top Budget

PRISM – Top Budget


“Top Budget”

In February 2021, we released Christophe Bailleau’s EP “Persistance”, a collection of collaborations, including one with his own duet PRISM on the saturated “Paaattchheeffff”. About 15 references later, it is this project that gets the spotlight today, and associated with Billy Hasni on electric guitars, percussions and guttural vocals, the Belgian musician trades his shapeshifing and stellar electronica for some more abrasive and noisy inspiration, either psychedelic and tribal (“Trip Ritual”), ambient and insidious (“Top Budget”) or pulsating and radical (“Eat Heat Hit”), at the crossroads of industrial music, harsh noise and experimental metal. If you love this kind of exploration as extreme as it is immersive and capable of putting sound aggression at the service of atmosphere, you will certainly find in this album what you might admire in Throbbing Gristle, Wolf Eyes and more recently Duma or the fascinating futuristic noise of the Pharmafabrik label (Ontervjabbit, Cadlag …) : an organic and mutant universe of impressive density (“Usine”), and a taste for magnetic crescendos merging toxic shrillness, hypnotic larsens, obsessive synthetic pulsations and threatening guitar riffs to build the kind of narrative progressions that draw the listeners in their anxiety-provoking logic and take them to unknown territories, without mercy for the darkest folds of their imagination, like “Dinosaure” and its crushing 11 minutes of noise epic.

released November 14, 2022

Recorded at Budget Lab (Huy) during the Covid-19 period.

Christophe Bailleau : programmations, synthesizers, percussions, flute, voice, noises.
Billy Hasni : electric guitars, screaming, percussions, synth on “Top Budget”.

Artwork :

Photo : Chris Farrell
Design : Konejo
PRISM logo : James Duncan

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