REfugEEs From Beyond – reFUGeeS Welcome

REfugEEs From Beyond – reFUGeeS Welcome



REfugEEs From Beyond

“reFUGeeS Welcome”

The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents reFUGeeS Welcome by REfugEEs From Beyond. It’s the first release of the dark abstract hip-hop duo made by the malaysian MC PeliK & the turntablist Yoshiwaku.

“Refugees Music for Stateless People”

Everybody knows about the climate disaster consequences, pushing so many people to the exile, instead to try to fix the pollution problem the guilty countries are strengthening their borders. The world of tomorrow seems not different of yesterday world except this awful smile about the climate genocide.

Recorded live the 10th november 2022.
MC PeliK : Voice & Guitar
Yoshiwaku : Turntable & Kaossilator & Rhythms

Dedicated to all the migrants who died because of borders.

Special thanks to Alizé for the design of the project name.

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