REfugEEs From Beyond – goOdByE

REfugEEs From Beyond – goOdByE

REfugEEs From Beyond


The Necrophile Hummingbird netlabel presents goOdByE by REfugEEs From Beyond.
“Underground Music for Oppressed People”

Recorded live the 4th December 2022 at the Cave Haven in Foucherans.
Members :
Master of Ceremony : Psyché Pelik
Guitar Hero : Studio112
Disc Jockey : Yoshiwaku Mushotoku

All confusion is absolutely necessary to us.

Just a word about this album, usually there is a beginning and an end to everything. So with our first one and this one we did both, to be sure to stay outside later… I mean to explore the after death : Life.
…and also in the same way to say that we must put an end to police violence. This may seem complicated, knowing that the police are mainly there to maintain social inequalities and enforce laws passed by the rich and to which they are not subject. However, it would be enough, for example, to tax the largest fortunes to set up a universal income, and to significantly reduce violence in the world… as well as the number of police forces. Anyway, who does not know what is the brake that prevents both social and ecological progress? Capitalism cannot be reformed, because it is in its deep nature to be against all the human qualities of solidarity, sharing, and equity.
The so-called benefits touted by its supporters eventually exist only for those who accept this fool’s game, and approach the top of the pyramid. For the others, they remain out of reach behind the window. Descending from colonialism, it concentrates all the resources stolen from the oppressed into the hands of its ardent defenders. Obedience is a crime. Shouldn’t we try with all our might to develop alternatives and defend them against the watchdogs of power?

Dedicated to all the victims of police checks.

PS. Also, if it’s not obvious “lAId Off Sex Workers” is talking about the artists difficulties face to the rise of artificial intelligence too… Tool are tools and myself I prefer to try to hijack them, instead to be afraid, I prefer to mix everything new with older roots… But actually, knowing the cost per day of the chatGPT3 AI (around 100 000 dollars), it seems crystal clear, that the firms will provide their tool free only the time to push to the dole many art workers. And when there will be less concurrence, to turn it only available with paying subscriptions.

Video Art Clip “Soy Boy Band Pride March” is here

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