Humanfobia – Indenumbra Poltergeist

Humanfobia – Indenumbra Poltergeist


“Indenumbra Poltergeist”

‘Indenumbra Poltergeist’ is an album from Humanfobia, an experimental music project from Chile. The album is a chilling journey through 10 tracks of lo-fi horror, with a distinct giallo horror film vibe. Each track is a haunting soundscape that will transport the listener to a dark, ominous world of witchcraft and demonic possession.

The album is a sonic exploration of the supernatural, with unsettling soundscapes that will leave you feeling uneasy. The lo-fi production adds an authentic vintage feel to the tracks, with static and hiss creating an eerie atmosphere, and making it feel like a living, breathing entity.

From the opening track ‘Conjuration ov the Cvlt’ to the closing ‘Error en el Obituario’, ‘Indenumbra Poltergeist’ is a spine-chilling experience that will appeal to fans of horror and experimental music alike. Humanfobia have created a masterful work that captures the essence of the horror genre, while also offering something new and unique.

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