Bruno Bernard – Textures

Bruno Bernard – Textures

Bruno Bernard


Acousmatic & Headphone music is back on earsheltering with “Textures”, an amazing trip created by Bruno Bernard

emotional disorder, sight disorder, hearing disorder, cloudy water, being troubled..
like a sound fabric intertwined with loops..
listening with headphones recommended, surround sound.
a dive into our own inner mysteries..
our breaks, our flaws, our cracks, our interior chasms..
surround sound, headphones recommended
hard skin, soft skin, hatching, chrysalis..
3D sound, headphones recommended

1-troubles :
trouble émotionnel, trouble de la vue, trouble auditif, eau trouble, être troublé..
2-fibres :
comme un tissu sonore entrelacé de loops..
écoute au casque recommandée, son ambiphonique.
3-catacombes :
un plongeon dans nos propres arcanes intérieures..
4-brisures :
nos brisures, nos failles, nos fêlures,nos gouffres intérieurs..
ambiphonie, écoute au casque recommandée
5-peaux :
peau dure, peau douce,éclosion, chrysalide..
son 3D, écoute au casque recommandé

acousmatic, electroacoustic, electronic, headphone music

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