Cyanea – Strepto Sonaris



“Strepto Sonaris”

Ranging between hardware machines and analog sound and inspired by the latin american nature, Cyanea is a new project from the Colombian and Venezuelan artists, Dsum and Mata. Both devotees to the dub-atmospheric and deep electronic music teamed up to create “Strepto Sonaris,” their debut EP soon to be available on Monofónicos Netlabel.

Formed in 2022, Cyanea found its creative unity while based in Orlando, Florida. Both artists brought their experiences and cultural backgrounds to the project, resulting in a sonic adventure paying tribute to the steemed atmosphere in the Andean mountains.

The EP features three tracks recorded in collaboration, showcasing their ability to craft substantial compositions pushing boundaries and challenging conventional notions of electronic music. The first two cuts, “Strepto Sonaris” and “Compas,” capture the essence of Cyanea’s sound, with ethereal melodies and compelling grooves driving listeners straight into a mental numb. On the third track, “Auriceps,” they leave the Detroit-inspired slot covered by a well-constructed arrangement that shines with its delightful synth design.

On the other side, Dsum’s solo contribution to this release share perspective with the Swedish producer Samuel L Session. Known for his legendary and driving Techno sound, Samuel L brings his interpretation of “Temptation,” adding a new dimension to the EP and expanding its sonic palette.

Cyanea’s “Strepto Sonaris” releases July 21st via Monofonicos Netlabel.

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