felsteg – Hold

felsteg – Hold



Matt and Dave named their project Felsteg, which is Swedish for misstep. And this is certainly not due to a lack of conviction in their shared musical work. Rather, and on the contrary, the name describes their approach to music quite well for me. On “Hold” you can hear two experienced live musicians who consciously decide to “misstep” when playing. Misstep as an opportunity!

The music on the album was created live and spontaneously. Starting with rudimentary song ideas, they played sessions together in which improvisation became the means to flesh out the basic ideas. At the same time, these sessions were professionally recorded on multiple tracks in the studio, then supplemented with additional elements and mixed at the end.

On their debut album, Matt and Dave managed to create songs that, despite all their complexity and jazz affinity, are characterized by a pleasant lightness and catchiness, even naturalness.

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