Various – Dissonance




Finally after months of organising and collecting submissions, the Kahvi VA for 2013 is here. And as its a special compilation, we’re putting it out as the Christmas release for 2013 also. You’ve got a huge amount of styles and artists on this years VA, from 32 tracks combined to over 2.5 hours of quality music. Be warned that the download is hefty at 500MB for the MP3 version, and the podcast is over 350MB itself.

Artists found on this years VA include some Kahvi regulars including Brioskj, 4T Thieves, Polaski, MigloJE, Madstyle and Acrilic Colours and a lot of guest artists bringing some very interesting flavours to the mix. There are ambient tracks along with retro beat driven acid, something for everybody. We hope you enjoy this years VA, and remember the other Christmas releases from 4T Thieves and Reii released last week.

Tracks of choice are too many to mention but for something really refreshing check out Serhio Efremis – Mystery for a real taste of Russia.

Merry Christmas from all at Kahvi!

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – See No Evil


I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

“See No Evil”

[onorezdiLP014] See No Evil (Dec. 15 . 2013)

4T Thieves – The Expanse


4T Thieves

“The Expanse”

As part of the Christmas release lineup, I’m extremely proud to introduce my first ever album called ‘The Expanse’. Completed during the last half of this year, there are 12 tracks of completely new material never before released. A few tracks having been lying around my hard disk for a while which I tidied up and included, but the majority were written for this album.

There are a few different styles – drum and bass with an IDM ambient edge, my tribute to the Commodore 64 and a couple of classic 90s techno sounding tracks (similar to orbital or underworld).

ETC. – shut world

Bruks Production – Wind Of Change


Bruks Production

“Wind Of Change”

“Wind Of Change” is the 4th release from the Russian beatmaker/producer Bruks with Dusted Wax Kingdom. Dreamy hip-hop instrumentals, cooked with dusty jazzy samples, deep atmospheric synths and lush drum breaks.

KENKO TAIJI – Please Give Me Breakcore !!



“Please Give Me Breakcore !!”

3 track ep – zip mp3 320 or ogg 350 full stream – out nov 2013
“Hey! Lovers of amen breaks & hardcore kicks, this is heavy weight breakcore from Japan.
KenKo Taiji already made eps for Mock Radar & Hormonal Vibrationz and he is back now. Vocal samples fun destruction in traxx 1 & 2. Track 3 starts with a sweet nice melody, followed by a progressive ascent until breakcore heights and comes down again.
Too short & very intense – This is life.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

Skaj Da Waidah – The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever!


Skaj Da Waidah

“The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever!”

The underground producer Skaj Da Waidah is back with “The Most Epic Chillout Album Ever!”. The EP contains 5 laid-back carefree blunted instrumentals, blowing out the bad mood and stress.

Els In Wonderland – Els In Wonderland


Els In Wonderland

“Els In Wonderland”

Artist: Els In Wonderland
Title: Els In Wonderland
Genre: Breakcore; Hardcore; Gabber; Glitch
Country: Belgium
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

I.Z. aka IDzeroNo – Greatness Awaits


I.Z. aka IDzeroNo

“Greatness Awaits”

[onorezdiLP013] Greatness Awaits (Nov . 17 . 2013)

DiZE7 – Lunatic Keyboard



“Lunatic Keyboard”

the next release on schmob comes from DiZE7.

DiZE7 (Jukka-Pekka Kervinen) is a Finnish composer/producer, writer and visual artist. he uses a lot of algorithmic stuff and selfwritten software. really great sounds and wonderful grooves………..we love it =)

Jazz One – Diggin In The Crates


Jazz One

“Diggin In The Crates”

Australian trip-hop/underground hip-hop producer Jazz One releases his debut album “Diggin In The Crates”.
The beat tape is brimming over with delicious jazzy samples, phat boom-bap rhythms and neat turntable touches.

Gimu – Alien Ancestry



“Alien Ancestry”

And within a few moments of a tormented solitude
a following occurs of the most tranquil stability
resting sweetly again in the arms of an endurance
of an adored vulnerability lined with silk

~Emily Loren Moss Ferrell

“Brazilian artist Gilmar Monte (Gimu) brings us a thick, swirling ambient work; a slowly constricting disquieted journey through vast, chilly ruins.

Densely layered drones and crackling textures suggest a desolate, windswept world, long since abandoned to the elements. As heavy, sullen clouds roll away from the iron skies, static-filled choirs sing mournful hymns of remembrance.

Fiercely burning stars and northern lights play across the dark majesty of the heavens, accompanied by pulsating synthesizers and eerie, muted alien voices. Relentless tides of hissing, foaming instruments beat fitfully against decaying cliffs, then reluctantly fade away; dissonant echoes of what once was, and may yet be again.”

~Joshua Saddler

released 10 November 2013
Mastered by Lutiani
Artwork by Gimu

Porion – Porion Est Fou D’Elle



“Porion Est Fou D’Elle”

This is the 4th & last musical part of “Mein Porion ist Sick” story, which will be published one day as a short-story linking together all 4 eps…

Data Snow – Reflections


Data Snow


Small minimal sonic textures made with layers of blurred noises and frequencies.
Artist : Data Snow
Title : Reflections
Catalog # : TXR057
Duration : 42:56
Date of release : November 01, 2013
Genres : dark ambient, drone, noise
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)

ocp – AM010




This is the recording of a live session for the Acousmatics/Mathematics podcast.

Vintage Beats – The Unseen


Vintage Beats

“The Unseen”

“The Unseen” is the 4th beat tape from American beatsmith Vintage Beats released with Dusted Wax Kingdom.
19 instrumental hip-hop tracks made in oldschool manner with jazzy samples and lusty boom bap rhythms.

Tab & Anitek – Sights & Sounds


Tab & Anitek

“Sights & Sounds”

Tab & Anitek drop their brand new 50-track double disc release “Sights & Sounds” with Dusted Wax Kingdom. Refined chillaxing downtempo elixir made of delicious jazzy samples, funky drum breaks, mad turntable cuts, dub and psychedelic energizing sound ingredients.

Brock Berrigan – Welcome to the Family

Brock Berrigan - Welcome to the Family

Ach wenn ich doch ein Ponny hätte!

Release page:


Urmal Vesnat – Magnetic Loss


Urmal Vesnat

“Magnetic Loss”

Artist : Urmal Vesnat
Title : Magnetic Loss
Catalog # : TXR054
Duration : 40:30
Date of release : October 8, 2013
Genres : drone, ambient, experimental
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
Free download link :

Deep drones with sweeping frequencies in tracks organized like struggle between sounds.

The Fucked Up Beat – The Situationists

PSYKOXXX – Dee mon

NKS prod 122


“Dee mon”

10 trax album – ogg 350 zip + mp3 320 + full stream
out 2013/09/29

“Psykoxxx is Batard Tronique’s hard & dark drum’n’bass project.
His 3rd album on NKS shows us how his music is getting better and better. We can hear some old dnb vibes mixed with new style : heavier, darker, with more breaks inside. Enough variations in each track & from 1 track to another, not to be bored with repetition, as some can be with dnb. 3 trax made with his friend Z, 1 remixed by Porion, clean production as usual.
High level dnb free album for sure. Enjoy & share Deemon’s good vibes.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

Various Artists – Sound of Paper 2


Various Artists

“Sound of Paper 2”

paper+sound is a newish Toronto based electronic music label, releasing music under the broad sub-categories of ambient, techno, house, dub, downtempo and experimental sounds.

Sound of Paper 2 is a FREE 37 minute mixed collection of tracks taken from the three latest releases on the paper+sound label.

Sauna Porch Recordings Co. is the latest release by Toronto electronic music scene veteran HEIKI. It’s a collection of new music entirely composed and recorded on the porch of the rustic sauna cabin his father designed and built in Georgian Bay over 35 years ago.

Climate Adaptive Capacity is another foray into to the psyche of naw’s abstract interpretations of the world we live in. As in the past naw draws in his continued inspiration of the sound ecology of cities, places and spaces he encounters on a daily basis. naw (Neil Wiernik) began composing electronic music in 1988 with explorations in audio art and experimental music.

Spectral Omissions by CHROMOSPHERE is the newest solo project of Digital Poodle and Kinder Atom alumnus Kris Helstrom. Often tightly packed with special guests, Chromosphere is an electro-forum for odd, and sometimes not so odd, musical ideas. Experimental and urbane improvisations jammed loosely over oozing break-beats most easily describes the sound from within the Chromosphere.

Exclamation Point/Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros


Pure chill out!

Baaskat – Beat Tape 1 (EP)



“Beat Tape 1 (EP)”

This is a free beat tape brought to you by the Belgian producer BaaskaT, presenting a revised version of tracks produced circa 2012-2013 of delicious samples supplied by Stones Throw Beat Battles.

L.Bridge – An Abstract Tomorrow



“An Abstract Tomorrow”

This classy little five track EP is secretly the follow up to Fature’s mini album “Syncopated Computer Addiction Vol.1” released back in 2009. Although the artist has changed his alias you will still find exactly what you loved about his previous work on this EP – Rich harmonics, complex arrangements and melodies all tied together with hints of jazz and of course beats and bass!

DI-BIT – Doll Attack Ep



“Doll Attack Ep”

4 track EP – mp3 320 zip / ogg 350 zip – out july 2013 – breakcore from Japan

1. Pig Symphony
2. Katusya (One Shot One Kill Mix)
3. Subara Senpai
4. Shark

“Di-Bit is from Tsu, Mie, breakcore musician and manager of Merry Works label.
Made of 4 traxxx, his ‘Doll Attack’ ep is short & intense, you should ask for more.
Japanese breakcore at its best.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

Sir Vixx – Waste of Flesh


Sir Vixx

“Waste of Flesh”

4 track-EP – mp3 320 zip or ogg 350 zip – out 2013, august 30 – breakcore from Chicago

“Long-awaited EP by Sir Vixx from Chicago on NKS. The man started publishing his music few years ago on the great Taiwanese netlabel Sociopath Recordings. In 2012/13, he made 2 EP for Peace Off and he’s back now in the free world. 4 powerful & cinematic tracks, breakcore-hardcore oriented.
“Die” : nintendo teenage butchery
“Rectal Prolapse” : porno with pain in the ass
“Sickness” : metal destruction / rastafari mayhem for fun
“Waste of Flesh” : epic metal orchestra
4 trax in which Vixx explores almost every NKS obsession. Thanx Sir !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]


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