JoyDee&Tosh – No Artist



“No Artist”

JoyDee&Tosh – No Artist (2015)

JoyDee is a music producer since 2011, Tosh is self-learning guitarist. Common project was found in 2013. JoyDee says: “We combine an electronic music with sounds of a guitar. The only one inspiration is unconsiousness”. One thing is sure. She is very tallented sound-magician and Tosh complements her visions perfectly with his psychedelic guitar. Very “cinematic” tracks. “Last Glance” is the most spectacular. It can’t get out of your head. Could be used as a movie or TV-series theme. Fryvolic Netlabel’s recommendation!


01. JoyDee – Intro – 1:32
02. JoyDee&Tosh – Last Glance – 3:17
03. JoyDee&Tosh – Stones – 5:02
04. JoyDee – Animus – 4:37
05. JoyDee&Tosh – Unfold Perspective – 1:52
06. JoyDee – Weary – 3:34
07. JoyDee&Tosh – Soothing Indifference – 4:16
08. JoyDee&Tosh – Elapsed Time – 3:21
09. JoyDee&Tosh – Time Tonight – 3:28
10. JoyDee – Time Tonight (Remix) – 3:49

Total time – 34:48

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Wings of an Angel – In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart


Wings of an Angel

“In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart”

Drums and Trumpets Please… Here Comes My Purity Sacrifice: A Kaddish For The Allegedly Innocent Art Criminal…
“Haunting, beautiful, tortured, inspiring, soulful, avant-garde, and emotionally moving. At times intertwining these qualities, at other times expressing them selfishly.”

Wings of an Angel – The Unearthly Demagogue And His Amber Of Sorrows


Wings of an Angel

“The Unearthly Demagogue And His Amber Of Sorrows”

When you remain alone for a long period of time, confined between four or more walls, but still confined nonetheless, an inner dialogue takes place inside you, thus the Unearthly Demagogue is born. Like in Fernando Pessoa’s psychobiography, many a personalities of varying stages of development, take over your psyche and engage in an everlasting psychoactive dialogue. As rich as this dialogue is and can be, you are nonetheless still locked between the prison walls of your own psychological limitations. This prison, in due time, becomes your safe haven; your very own Amber Of Sorrows, the very place you always escape to when the outside world threatens of annihilate your sense of self-identity.
This is however a Golden Cage. This world based upon interpersonal relationships, and for the most part, our spiritual/cultural development and progress take shape as a result of an interactive interaction with the world around us and its multitude of inhabitants, that is our fellow human beings. Consciousness is not an isolated solipsistic substance – it always expresses itself in a larger social framework and context. Therefore, as safe as your Amber of Sorrows might be, in order to keep moving and exploring new terrains, you must break free!
Slowly but surely, unleash the Unearthly Demagogue, with all the pain and longing it entails, to engage freely in the world, actively contribute and be contributed back, to love others platonically and romantically and be loved for who you are, a fragile multi-layered and vulnerable, all too vulnerable, human being.

Campo – Cuero, bosta y vaca


“Cuero, bosta y vaca”

JPG_ Percusión / Sintes / Bass
Wauro_ Gtr / Sintes / Bass

Alan Backdrop – Eria


Alan Backdrop


Alan Backdrop
[EKR008] – Digital Version
[EKRLTD005] double CD in handmade cover (Limited Edition)

Release date:
Limited double CD: 1 November 2014
Free download: January 2015
(will be available via Ekar Records’ bandcamp)
produced by EKAR RECORDS label

Part I (CD1)

01- Kair
02- Grop
03- Scmh
04- Clinia
05- Harre
06- Jura
07- Sirian
08- Hyma

Part II (CD2)

09- Chedis
10- Tremia
11- Eath
12- Transition
13- Axiae
14- Lisinaa
15- Never Flown To The Philippines

Written,produced and recorded by Alan Backdrop (
Mastered at Transfert studio Berlin by : Mauro Martinuz
Cover artwork by Cosimo Miorelli ( – All Right Reserved –

Eria by Alan Backdrop is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 4.0

You are free:
to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
Under the following conditions:
Attribution. You must give the original author credit.
Non-Commercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.
Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.
Nothing in this license impairs or restricts the author’s moral rights.

Wings of an Angel – Your Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives


Wings of an Angel

“Your Dominatrix Had A Brain Transplant Under My Knives”

Humor is an essential and reoccurring leitmotif in my life. Without the ability to laugh out loud about the absurdity of human behavior and of nature’s macabre mirages, life could easily become a heavy burden. In my eyes, humorless people are like zombies. How can one go about without noticing the fantastically grotesque moments that surround us all?
This album explores the theme of quintessential black humor in a rather light mood. It addresses the fact that for many, life is an experimental BDSM film without a script. This is an improvisational soundtrack that in my perception complements such a vision.
From all the arts (cinema, music, literature, poetry, painting etc’) to politics, education, work and every other aspect of civilian life – people take everything so darn seriously, as if their lives depend on it…
Most people are absolutely sure that this little world resolves around them, therefore, unable to see the larger perspective; ala that we’re here so very temporally, and instead of conducting ourselves within the limited perspectives and safety cages that society pushes us into – we have to go out of our minds, to think profoundly and sincerely outside the box and to feel without the primordial fear of being labeled as weirdos and stigmatized!

Kai Engel – Rain Catcher


Kai Engel

“Rain Catcher”

Kai’s work is often based on stories, but the sixth album of a russian composer is a whole story itself. Rewind the clock to ‘Irsen’s Tale’ time and listen to neoclassical piano compositions once again, only much more mature and polished. While in a lot of ways it’s a Kai Engel you’re used to, ‘Rain Catcher’ will talk about something new, about a boy, out there in a night sky with stars, rain and finally dawn. It’s all in piano sound.

Music by Kai Engel
Artwork by Atkova Arts


Wings of an Angel – The Magic Realism Of The End Of Art


Wings of an Angel

“The Magic Realism Of The End Of Art”

I have a love-hate relationship with art in general. Because very often artists lack self-humor and too often suffer from a Napoleonic Complex. They look upon themselves from such heights and perceive their work to be of unmatched grandiosity. Look and reflect on your favorite artists and/or bands – how much they seek the approval and passionate love from their audiences, to the point it becomes hilariously odious. Groupies and more groupies, men and women alike, and collectors who worship their guru artists as if they were living gods… Today, at the front door of the new year, I feel so detached from all this glamour.
My point of reference is: in this time and age, we have to expand the limits of what art is and how we as individuals and as a culture perceive a certain work of art.
This LP is titled accordingly, and symbolizes a vision according to which art has an end or rather art might end at some point. Metaphorically, I feel as if artists are not as important a persona as they are often perceived and/or vision themselves to be. Unfortunately, unlike human touch, art cannot comfort one on his or her deathbed. Art is a remarkable transitional object, but it’s no substitute for so many things and experiences. Artistic creations become obsolete, they weary off with time, lose their initial relevance, become inanimate, inorganic and abiotic. This is why, although some would call me an artist (a title I don’t seek nor need in my age) – I look upon art in general and my creative adventures in particular with a lightweight tone…

Point – Flatpad EP



“Flatpad EP”

Point is back with warm sounds for cold days! Stronger than never before, Point made a brilliant development into sophisticated sounds while he never forgets his roots in deep spaces and smart melodies.

This EP is a fantastic piece of music for good moments in your life.

Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh – i::::soul::::ate


Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh


[Siro056] Trans Atlantic Rage & Balogh – ::::i:soul:ate:::: 320kbps – May 2011 Ambient / Dark Ambient

Sirona-Records Website:

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