Suzhanna Reizen – Reflection in the Earth


Suzhanna Reizen

“Reflection in the Earth”

Snezhana Reizen, sound artist, composer of experimental music, artist, participant of many festivals of contemporary experimental music, including “APosition”, “SKIF”, “Cosmo-noise”, “Fathers and Sons”, “Noise vs. Glamour”, “Festival of brain grinding” and many others. Since 2003 she had an active part in the concerts of improvised music, collaborating with such ensembles as “Zelo”, “DADAZU”, “Rhoea”, etc. In parallel, began to write music for the performances, Butoh performances, art exhibitions. Spiritual and creative quests in 2010 led to the creation of a solo project “Sutrama”.”Sutrama” means “silver thread”. The thread of the soul, the umbilical cord that connects the body with the spiritual world. Sutrama is weaving their webs from polyphonic streams of new classical music and archaic pre-traditional overtones, focusing on the microtonal modulations. The new album called “The Reflection in the Earth” tells the story of the Mother Earth and Man and also about the relationship between their spirits in anticipation of the time transition. The album includes several topics, flowing into one another.
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