Godsthrone – Godsthrone EP



“Godsthrone EP”

Godsthrone” is an independent music project born in Milan and developed in Rome between 2011 and 2012 aiming at expressing the most wideranging feeling and visions by the sounds of electronic music. The first EP, “Godsthrone EP” is defined by recollections from the Eighties, the massive use of synth and 8-bit sounds, and leads you in a journey into a magical and gloomy atmosphere with sonorities at the same time unambiguous and pied where you can perceive a strong blend of genres. “Godsthrone” is also the pen name of the young 25-year-old producer from Salento.
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Episode 1


Ghryzly Atoms

“Cassandra Complex: Episode 1”

320kbps – November 2012
Abstract Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop / Psychedelic / Rock


01 – 3:33
02 – Black Iris (The Ocean)
03 – One Eyed King
04 – Conversations With Ghosts
05 – Hit Me!
06 – The Tragedy
07 – Clear As Crystal
08 – Drive Slow
09 – Hey Zeus
10 – Sun Spot Ode
11 – Phanerothyme (A Poet’s Garden)
12 – LahLahLand

Total: (35:08)

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Animula Vagula – Press Space,Commander


Animula Vagula

“Press Space,Commander”

01 Ping-Pong(3:50)
02 Iron Ace(2:52)
03 Traveller(3:09)
04 Godzilla(3:32)
05 Idee Fixe(3:28)
06 Children’s World(3:21)
07 Per Aspera (To the Stars)(3:30)
08 Open the Door(3:12)
09 My Friend A Dreamer(3:36)
10 Molecula(3:40)
11 Warm House(2:16)
12 Moving Up(3:20)
13 Pretender(3:05)
14 Snow(3:31)
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Vla DSound – Deeper Emotions


Vla DSound

“Deeper Emotions”

YPQN027 Vla DSound – Deeper Emotions
DOWNLOAD: http://ypqnrecords.com/?p=171

TRACK NAME: Deeper Emotions
GENRE: Progressive House
LENGTH: 06:13
BPM: 126 BPM’S

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Only Toxic – The physical world


Only Toxic

“The physical world”

YPQN026 Only Toxic – The physical world
DOWNLOAD: http://ypqnrecords.com/?p=168

PRODUCER: Only Toxic
TRACK NAME: The physical world

LENGTH: 07:27
BPM: 129 BPM’S

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TRITON – open field 2#



“open field 2#”

Third album with ambient and the noise sounds, made with open source softs like audacity and Pure Dated, unpublished works of older productions. Polymorphic and complex, this often dark universe declines in two big movements. Aquatic TritoNn calms down comes the MutaNn fire power and apocalyptic seeings, according to albums. Mathieu Bec, ex punk drummer, having had the opportunity to share two festivals of innovative music, “Premiers baisers” in Vigan ( Gard) and FMIT to Teyran ( Hérault) in France felt finally ready to participate in projects of bigger scale as “Project Fukushima” big tribute to the victims of the nuclear disaster. “Meanwhile, in Fukushima …” is a sound collaborative project led in Fukushima. With the support and partnership of INA GRM (French national institute of audio visual – Research Music Group) and France Musique (French national public music radio), the journal Droits de Cité, creative radio webSYNradio, Radio Campus Bruxelles, Radio Sonic (festival City Sonic, Bruxelles) and multimedia laboratory APO33. Shortly after the disaster of Fukushima Daishi, a Japanese artist group has gathered around the figure of Otomo Yoshihide. A project is born early, Fukushima Project!, a call for creation that has led to a festival, located in Fukushima, and a series of events around the world (London, New York, Bangkok, Seoul, Singapore , Paris …). I was honored to work in conjunction with Otomo Yoshihide and John Zorn’s to one of these events at The Stone, New York. On August 15, 2011, WebSYNradio, Internet radio that I created and manage, has broadcast live from The Stone bringing a tray of world-renowned musicians. Following this festival, webSYNradio wished to remain available to the project Fukushima! and continue to «act» with a new project for 2012: «Meanwhile, in Fukushima …»

(Dominique Balay)

MutaNn is working on a brand new project with Nour a woman who plays Oud traditionnal instrument.

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Vitola Minks – Dark People


Vitola Minks

“Dark People “

YPQN028 Vitola Minks – Dark People

PRODUCER: Vitola Minks
TRACK NAME: DDark People
GENRE: Tech House
LENGTH: 06:12
BPM: 126 BPM’S

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– Werk Op. 31



“Werk Op. 31”

This is the second release by :. X . M . M .: on Nostress Netlabel. The album is a one-piece composition. This time :. Mehtalahz .: takes you through a journey of acoustic and noisy, drone landscapes. Longlasting, and melodies on the edge, makes this as much a hypnotic album as it is beautified with strange melodies from other planes. The “deepsounding” trademark by :. X . M . M .: is notably recognized. With the noisy background pounding with feel of industry and darkness, it gives us a landscape of futuristic doom, saved by the acoustic side of :. Mehtalahz .: Still, the deepsounding rhythms is hectic, but effective and gives us a ecstatic feeling of everlasting ceremony dances. Lay back, close your eyes, yet another time for the journey through “Werk Op. 31” by :. X . M . M .: Nostress, only love for sounds, klang and sabda.
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Travel Network



“Travel Network “

01-Morphine Bandit-Slowly Sliding Movement
02-Stable Mechanism-Arriving
03-N.N.A-To hope2.0
04-XZICD-Calmanarium Rofeta
05-Janina Frank-Baking Mother
08-Cousin Silas-One last long walk on the beach
09-Dissolved-Blacklight Manta Flooder
10-Premute-New Breathe
11-Palminha-With Love from Venus
12-bad loop-Sometimesrmx
13-Rec Overflow-Filter Tips
14-Subsonic Paradigm-Abhorrent
15-Qebrus and Valance Drakes-Preface
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J. Surak – Torn


J. Surak


Using a Califone record player and a handful of prepared vinyl LPs, Surak composes a selection of dreamy & droney songs for your listening pleasure.
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Marc de Blanchard – Serenade


Marc de Blanchard


Paris, November 26, 2012 – Today, eclectic label Da! Heard it Records announces the launch of its 19th release, Serenade by Marc de Blanchard.

With this EP, hybrid musician Marc de Blanchard offers the listener a sound journey between field, computer, and chamber music. Serenade is a cinematic EP marked with magic and levity, yet nostal-gic and robotic at the same time. Music boxes and cracking sounds go face-to-face, finally creating an enchanting and catchy melody. Throughout the pieces, Sérénade reminds us of the mechanical and electronic carousels, the fun fair and its lights, the forest and its fauna. And Marc de Blanchard achieves his bet to thrust us into an all-new universe of monsters, electricity, and bird songs.

After Astroboiler, and Vengeance, this 19th release fits itself into a will for eclecticism. Da! Heard it Records astonishes, thus confirming its ambition for discovery and exploration, and promising beautiful surprises in the months to come.

Distributed under Creative Commons, the EP can be downloaded here for free : http://www.daheardit-records.net/en/discography/dhr-19#release

Digi g’alessio – Cirque de Poche


Digi g’alessio

“Cirque de Poche”

Genius and intemperance. The attitude of whom is without rules. Losing yourself among Digi G’Alessio’s beats is just an illusion. Because, when you’ve finished to listening to him, you realize where the music is aheading. A music therapy.
The Tuscany-based artist flies away through the brand new release by the indie net-label Sostanze Records. We don’t get what he is doing, what he has in mind.
Anyway, there’s the strong feeling that what he’s doing is the closest future that we can play loud in our headphones. In “Cirque de Poche”, you get into a circus made up of beats produced for each character, from the aerialist to the magician, from the clown to the acrobat. It’s useless to talk about music styles when the talent creates sounds out of any context. Digi gets fun and smiles while he works. You realize that he’s on another side. Tightrope walker.
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Serious Cut – Needle Noise EP


Serious Cut

“Needle Noise EP”

Artist….: Serious Cut
Title….: Needle Noise EP
Catalog#….: DAST059
Medium….: 5 x File / EP
Playtime….: 29min 32sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Spain/England
Release.date….: 25 Nov 2012
Visuals….: Aixelent
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Experimental, Abstract, Minimal
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Violeta Päivänkakkara – Pimeässä


Violeta Päivänkakkara


EPV_107”Pimeässä”Violeta Päivänkakkara / free download

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Rawpass – Reflection

mitsuru shimizu – ili


mitsuru shimizu


EPV_105”ili” mitsuru shimizu / free download


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Baby – Near Wanstonia



“Near Wanstonia”

Recorded by a stretch of the A12, built in east London in the 1990s, ‘Near Wanstonia’ is an atmospheric journey, a distillation of a rich variety of sounds.

Almost twenty years ago, large scale protests against the construction of the road were ignored and Wanstonia was one of several ‘free states’ set up by occupying environmental activists along the proposed route.

The album, although at times resonant of sadness felt, is also a resilient, optimistic and an occasionally humorous expression of sonic life by the fast lane.

Previously known as Vole and ViV, the group’s third release is also a photographic exhibition with the recordings

Release includes PDF Booklet of notes and photographs.
Available soon…

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Bleak Fiction

“Unseen Isolation [EP]”

Argentinian Dark Ambient/Harsh Noise.

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Miquel Parera Jaques – nxVacuity001


Miquel Parera Jaques


[eng] Vacuity.

Sometimes, on the 12th of the month I go to church. It is a small hermitage on a mountain who dances with the wind howling at sunset and dance with birdsong at dawn. It was built 800 years ago the men to meet his God, to speak and listen, for hope …

I can not be like them.

I’ve tried, I’ve searched, far as I can, the corners of my psyche. I did it with reason and unreason; I’ve asked myself and I asked the world, trees, people …

But I can not be like them.

I envy them, they still have a loving father even after his death.

I can not be like them and, despite everything, I’ve seen …

It is a mystery that I can not comprehend, as a stimulus below the threshold of perception, like a ultrasonic melody of peace. It’s a secret, do not know what is. But I know that the road leading to it is called transcendence and living in the palace of emptiness. I know it only when you stop being myself, when I die really, I can see it.

Perhaps, in the final analysis, we all see the same thing but interpret it in different ways. So, some on 12th, I go to church and talk to her in the language without words until one day I respond with the music without sound.

– Technical Information.

The system is programmed to control a church organ,via MIDI, with a computer. The computer control is a
livecoding improvisation with the SuperCollider programming language. Emphasis on semi-deterministic and algorithmic processes is achieved that once saved improvisation code as a function, can be automatically performed by the computer and the results are significantly different.

For this” release”, in the absence of a church organ, I used the excellent software Aeolus of Fons Adriaensen.

– License: CC-BY-NC-SA

– More Info:

SuperCollider: http://supercollider.sourceforge.net/
Aeolus: http://users.skynet.be/solaris/linuxaudio/aeolus.html
LiveCoding: http://toplap.org/

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Mark Meino – Underground World


Mark Meino

“Underground World”

No, it is not like most. It happens in the background without much attention to excite. The rapid rise of the talented russian techno producer “Mark Meino”. After his first release “Emely Rouse EP” the best start ever had, now comes the next big number! ….enjoy friends! …we hope you like it!

Artist….: Mark Meino
Title….: Underground World EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST058
Medium….: 5 x File / EP
Playtime….: 27min 15sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Russia
Artwork….: RtM / M. Kirschenstein
Release.date….: 21 Nov 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Minimal, Techno

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