Klakson – Hamburgers, Chips & Russians



“Hamburgers, Chips & Russians”

It happened just like that. They see the photo on the net, they figure out a title for their new CD, and they get a song out of it. We are talking of when the Klakson stumble upon Ron Gluckman’s pic of a South African take away, with a name that fits like a glove within the aesthetic ideology of that unparalleled South Tyrolean band. Easier done than said: PS (the mind behind the curtains), instigated by Crazy (the producer behind the curtains) writes the song, bundles it with the stuff with BG (the rhythm behind the curtains) and Matita (the soul behind the curtains), and gets the whole affair mixed down at the Hollow Skulls in Nottingham.
Watch out, Airbagpromo Records takes off and finds Mr. Gluckman and gets the go ahead! Look, the Klakson come out with yet another jewel called “Hamburgers, Chips & Russians”! Listen, eight brand new original Klakson songs! Marvel, but don’t speak, for words are worse than the silence of our friends!
Two songs with a Bolzano oriented theme (“Shangarola Babe” and “Tibetani de Oltrisarco 2.0″). And a bunch of music to keep you busy while you are making other plans.
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