Origami Repetika – Into The Ether


Origami Repetika

“Into The Ether”

TWG is proud to present to you the newest work by Origami Repetika. Much like his previous efforts, ‘Into The Ether’ focuses on subtlety and melody. Esoteric phrases glide over each other whilst soft FM sounds coax ethereal atmospheres and throat-catching beauty every second. Instead of sticking to traditional song structures, ‘Into The Ether’ swoons from one euphoric high to another, forming a free flowing wash of genres, inspirations and experiences.
At its very core, this release embodies understated glory, and repeat listens will leave a more bombastic and lasting impression than the previous spin. From the melancholic serenity of ‘honeyknocker meadows’ to the quiet groove of ‘love your handy hands’, from the enveloping samples and elation of ‘gaily into the ether’ to the quiet grandiloquence of ‘cure’s climax, ‘Into The Ether’ is delicate, elusive and so incredibly at home on TWG. 12 minutes of ingenuity and bliss.
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