Viv Corringham – Gum + Butts


Viv Corringham

“Gum + Butts”

Linear Obsessional is delighted to present a new solo album by the British vocalist Viv Corringham. On “Gum and Butts” Viv returns to London (she’s now based in New York) and records in 6 unique sonic spaces, responding and reacting to the environment in real time. The result is a spellbinding mix of evocative field recordings and dazzling, “extended technique” vocalising. .
released 20 October 2013
This is a collection of live vocal improvisations with the city. They combine three activities I enjoy: wandering around London, listening to city sounds, and improvised singing. To make one of these works, I simply start to walk and record.

In 2002 some recordings I had made in this way were broadcast on London’s Resonance fm radio as a weekly series called Vocal Strolls. Richard Sanderson was splendidly enthusiastic about them at the time and has invited me to create a new collection for this album.

These works were all made on a visit from my new home in USA back to London in March and September 2013. It has been a great (and slightly nostalgic) pleasure to re-tread old walks and also to find new ones.
-Viv Corringham

Recorded and Performed by Viv Corringham
Viv Corringham – Voice
London – Sounds