Gimu – Alien Ancestry



“Alien Ancestry”

And within a few moments of a tormented solitude
a following occurs of the most tranquil stability
resting sweetly again in the arms of an endurance
of an adored vulnerability lined with silk

~Emily Loren Moss Ferrell

“Brazilian artist Gilmar Monte (Gimu) brings us a thick, swirling ambient work; a slowly constricting disquieted journey through vast, chilly ruins.

Densely layered drones and crackling textures suggest a desolate, windswept world, long since abandoned to the elements. As heavy, sullen clouds roll away from the iron skies, static-filled choirs sing mournful hymns of remembrance.

Fiercely burning stars and northern lights play across the dark majesty of the heavens, accompanied by pulsating synthesizers and eerie, muted alien voices. Relentless tides of hissing, foaming instruments beat fitfully against decaying cliffs, then reluctantly fade away; dissonant echoes of what once was, and may yet be again.”

~Joshua Saddler

released 10 November 2013
Mastered by Lutiani
Artwork by Gimu