Wolfgrowl – Skyline




01.Wolfgrowl – Ground Floor(5:02)
02.Wolfgrowl – Second Floor(3:49)
03.Wolfgrowl – Third Floor(4:19)
04.Wolfgrowl – Fifth Floor(4:33)
05.Wolfgrowl – Sixth Floor(5:15)
06.Wolfgrowl – Seventh Floor(3:13)
07.Wolfgrowl – Eighth Floor(5:33)
08.Wolfgrowl – Ninth Floor(3:25)
09.Wolfgrowl – Tenth Floo(4:23)
10.Wolfgrowl – Eleventh Floor(4:56)
11.Wolfgrowl – Twelfth Floor(3:32)
12.Wolfgrowl – Thirteenth Floor(7:59)
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Soma Happiens – Results May Vary


Soma Happiens

“Results May Vary”

Every time I’m in the studio, it’s a new, different journey. I’m never really sure what’s going to come out. One’s mood, the choice of instruments, the flow of the moment – just some things of many, which tailor the experiment their own way. Everything’s just an experiment. And results may vary.
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Claudio Iacono – Cassa de Ix


Claudio Iacono

“Cassa de Ix “

Claudio Iacono – Cassa de Ix

1) Cassa de Ix
2) 3 Pac
3) 3 Pac (Cixxx j remix)

Noisybeat Extended 014

ph: Eu Andros

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Ghost teeth – Religion and glitter

Ghost teeth

“Religion and glitter”

This album comes with an eclectic mixture of Drone, Noise, field rec of rain and some spoken word. It captures the spirit of confession in a nutshell – maybe doing it in another way, maybe in the same way. Who knows? This album draws you into itself, you will get sucked in and you will be forced to listen but you will enjoy every second.
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Saso – Mysterium



Dublin based duo Jim Lawler and Ben Rawlins (aka Saso) return after a 5 year hiatus with the release on their 5th studio album titled Mysterium.

Where the duo’s previous albums centred around guitar and vocals, Mysterium is primarily a collection of piano based instrumentals occasionally lit by Lawler’s fragile vocals.

The band abandoned formal structure letting the music unfold naturally, using silence and room ambience as instruments in themselves.

Replacing guitars with the more pastoral sounds of an upright piano and acoustic organ, the album was recorded in one room and the duo invited musicians from diverse musical backgrounds to perform certain parts and improvise around sounds and melodies. The compositions are sprinkled with acoustic drums, double bass, woodwinds, brass and neo-classical vocals adding moments of colour and contrast to the otherwise minimalist sound.

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Mauro Sambo, Marco Colonna & Ivano Nardi – “​.​.​.​non così lontano dal cuore”


Mauro Sambo, Marco Colonna & Ivano Nardi

“”​.​.​.​non così lontano dal cuore””

Sambo, Colonna, Nardi | “…non così lontano dal cuore”
Mauro Sambo – electronics, live electronics, electric guitar, piano, double bass, shakuhachi
Marco Colonna – alto clarinet
Ivano Nardi – percussion
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N3rgul – Saint​-​Just




N3rgul a producer from Toronto, Ontario.
The album “Saint-Just” is a mix of trap music, electronica, drum and bass.
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Hypercube & Sounddog65 – Ophtalm RedComet


Hypercube & Sounddog65

“Ophtalm RedComet”

Hypercube & Sounddog65

Ophtalm RedComet [0kbps092]

. Ophthalm
. Red Comet

MAV [0kbps] Records

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James Crimson – In My Shelter


James Crimson

“In My Shelter”

JAMES CRIMSON – In My Shelter (EP) 2016

1. In My Shelter (3:50)
2. Girl Of Fall (3:06)
3. Beautiful Day (3:47)
4. Apple Of Perfection (2:41)
5. Sign Of Love (3:28)

Total Time: 16:52

James Crimson – acoustic and electric guitars, bass, ukulele tenor/concerto, mandolin, drums and percussion, main and backing vocals, piano.
Recorded in march – december 2015 at TELECLUBproduction, mixed by Dmitry Ragoutenok.

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Lo-Fi Rave Busters – No Respect


Lo-Fi Rave Busters

“No Respect”

Lo-Fi Rave Busters

No Respect [0kbps091]

01 – No Respect
02 – No Respect (still no respect version)
03 – No Respect (Chicken_mix)
04 – No Respect (Kai Nobuko remix)

MAV [0kbps] Records

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Dan Lizard vs. chēēZ π – Dance 2 the Music (EP) Special Edition


Dan Lizard vs. chēēZ π

“Dance 2 the Music (EP) Special Edition”

Dance 2 the Music (EP) Special Edition (2016)

released April 4, 2016 on FEUERSTEIN Records (Cat #: FSR002)

track credits
composed, arranged and produced by
Dan Lizard & chēēZ π

album credits
compiled, mixed and mastered by

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Longman – Любовь С Одного Удара



“Любовь С Одного Удара”

01-Пока Варится Сталь…(Intro)
02-Чёрное Небо Над Нами
03-Похороны Реформации
04-Уходящий в Ночь
05-Женщина Плачет, Женщина Смеётся
06-Крысиный Заповедник
07-Тарифно-Социальный Геноцид
08-Дорога На Север
10-Происшествие На Невском
12-Любовь С Одного Удара
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I Neurologici, Simone Isidori, Pazmiño, Manicomio – Nuova Gnocca Riddim


I Neurologici, Simone Isidori, Pazmiño, Manicomio

“Nuova Gnocca Riddim”

Irreverent, cheeky, sassy, provocative. I Neurologici confirmed a collective not granted,
capable of surprising and unpleasant choices.
The third riddim unites more reassuring sounds to less common imaginary, combining
blues, tradition and criticism, arising by the expert capacity of the three performers who
wanted to try their hand with this little challenge.
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