Slow Children & Area – Zima E.P.

Slow Children & Area – Zima E.P.

Slow Children & Area

“Zima E.P.”

chicago, in the middle of deepest winter. snow covered. at this time of year, the title track of this e.p. was created as a collaboration between slow children (whom we welcome as a new artist) and area (most recently in 2009 on “objet trouvé” [tonatom.103]).

“zima” means winter and this is reflected in the meandering, powerful, deep, ambient opener. five alternative interpretations of this work take up different aspects in a new way, continue it with a new focus and complete this e.p. this is far from being a ” one original title and remixes” release, but rather presents six very different variations of a theme combined, which allows an attentive listening as one piece.

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