M=W – Años Luz

M=W – Años Luz


“Años Luz”


The earth is located nearly 8 light-minutes from the sun; that is what who are supposed to know say. How can this be swallowed?
Of course our condition of ordinary human beings aims to define and calculate it all to give sense to our brief passage in this dimensional plane. And yes, we are lost for words most of the time.
The new formula M=W is a way of teaching that spoils and grabs.
>From the numerical perspective M=W solves its own encapsulated time, in theorems related to exoplanets located within vertigo distances, and as the time passes, they move in a means recognized as «the void», a place where its magnetic permeability is hold onto, among other characteristics connected with the most intimate astronomical phenomena.
Its most frequent paradigms correspond to the subtle modifications of this void; M=W presents this theorem as curve spaces with thermal populations in the presence of external fields; that is to say, and so that doña Juanita gets to understand: the speed of light depends on the density of the energy in that precise void.
M=W does not hurry up; it has calculated every metric tensor with its perfectly calibrated sextant, as it knows that the journey is eternal and internal, and that these three sonorous pieces begin to fall in a unique continuum, as they were three concepts inextricably connected to one another.
It is very interesting to confirm through this release that the cosmonaut Jáuregui Arévalo manages to confirm the existence of a gravitational dilation of the alleged sensed space-time reality; speaking in human: something like the sweet trill of a particle inside a rotating system of reference, which is not plane, and in which there is no tension that may core it.
This could be interpreted as if the time has been slowed down for the clock of your microwave; but that is only truth in the context of the observer’s reference system. Locally, and as it is well known, this time is always running as the same rhythm.
The time dilation phenomenon is applied to any process that reveals changes through time space; and precisely by reaching that point is when it gets crystal clear that this alleged reality gets frozen in a generous net, perfectly designed for the total escape; something like the starting point for the big take off.
That said, M=W wave at us, and the consequences of the alteration that occurred in this plane is on Modismo.
And, of course, we are the lucky ones who gaze at the stars with the sound volume as the lightspeed.

Miguel Conejeros, 2020

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