Bon-Psy – Onyx

Bon-Psy – Onyx



Sound design maestro Bon-Psy returns with the first of a string of releases lined up for 2020.

Having seen previous success with tracks ‘Midnight’, ‘Words To Say’ and his debut EP ‘Niya’, the British native sets the scene with an eclectic new single that highlights his growth and maturity as an artist.

‘Onyx’ is a culmination of ideas, experimentation, personal experiences and tireless effort as a young producer with unparalleled commitment towards fulfilling his desire of creating captivating Electronic music.

This first piece is meticulous yet moving, each section entices new discoveries with gorgeous piano, melodic passages and diversified drum rhythms imparting new layers of ear candy that unravel with every listen.

‘Onyx’ is a breath of fresh air, the start of a new chapter, and the beginnings of something extraordinary in the Electronic music scene.

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