Pete Cogle’s Podcast Factory – PCP#718… Mutations Festival 2021 (Part 2)…..


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“PCP#718… Mutations Festival 2021 (Part 2)…..”

Mutations festival 2021 (Part 2)…with tracks by…Wife Swap USA, Laundromat, TV Priest, Social Haul, Mush, Sink Ya Teeth, Yard Act, Lime Garden, Deep Tan, Regressive Left, Lynks, PVA, Delmer Darion, CMAT, Big Joanie, Beak

Wife Swap USA – Lipstick [Bandcamp]
Laundromat – Bureau de Fatigue [Bandcamp]
TV Priest – This Island [Bandcamp]
Social Haul – This Is All I Need [Bandcamp]
Mush – Blunt Instruments [Bandcamp]
Sink Ya Teeth – If You see Me
Yard Act – The Overload
Lime Garden – Surf N Turf [Bandcamp]
Deep Tan – Deepfake [Bandcamp]
Regressive Left – Cream Militia [Bandcamp]
Lynks – Everyone’s Hot (And I’m Not) [Bandcamp]
PVA – Sleek Form [Bandcamp]
Delmer Darion – Wildering [Bandcamp]
CMAT – I Wanna Be A Cowboy, Baby! [Bandcamp]
Big Joanie – Used To Be Friends [Bandcamp]
Beak – Oh Know [Bandcamp]

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