Various Artist – Algorhythmic Bias 2​.​0

Various Artist – Algorhythmic Bias 2​.​0

Various Artist

“Algorhythmic Bias 2​.​0”

With all the amazing music that gets released on other labels that I include in my mixes, I always feel like I’m neglecting the amazing music that is released on Digital Distortions.

So, this is the second of a new mix series that, in conjunction with the BRAWLcast podcast, will feature exclusively tracks released on Digital Distortions. The mixes will feature on the BRAWLcast but will also appear here on Bandcamp with the unmixed tracks and the mix available in lossless formats.

released September 10, 2022

01. W+P: Doug Adamson
02. W+P: Chris Roman
03. W+P: Carlo Pearson
04. W+P: Charlton Ravenberg / Remix: Dennis Bunton
05. W+P: Neil Mallory / Remix: Dennis Bunton
06. W+P: Rob Murphy
07. W+P: Pat Hime
08. W+P: Joby Osman / Remix: Rory St John
09. W+P: Joby Osman, Guy Fforde & Dan Yeomans
10. W+P: Joby Osman / Remix: Blackmass Plastics
11. W+P: Carlo Frio
12. W+P: Nick Byrne
13. W+P: Pat Hime
14. W+P: Jack Carel
15. W+P: Rory Lemon
16. W+P: Fina Rodriguez
17. W+P: Joby Osman & Guy Fforde
18. Compiled and mixed by John Bushby

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