Talons’ – At Light​/​Dark

Talons’ – At Light​/​Dark


“At Light​/​Dark”

One of the joys of parenting is watching your child learn how to speak. In the process of figuring out which words to use while building a vocabulary, kids come up with creative and poetic ways to verbalize their emotions and describe the world around them. My son started using the word “lightdark” to describe both dusk and dawn and we have adopted it into the family vocabulary over the past few years.

Talons’ at Light/Dark pays tribute to this in-between time. A time between awake and asleep but also a time of uncertainty, transition and change. The music, built out of ebow-ed guitar and synthesizer, is meant to reflect this tension between rest and anxiety, calm and worry, day and night.


At Light/Dark, I don’t know where I am
Almost 40 and even more lost than I was at 20
And have I ever really said how I feel without overwhelming guilt?
Guilt rules everything

And everyone’s a mess
Broken, broke and hoping for a little bit of luck.
Seagulls circling the dump
But despite what we believe, there is nothing down there for us.

released October 7, 2022

MT- guitar/eurorack/singing. Recorded at home in Ohio in 2021 for Dead Currencies. Recorded/Mixed for lathe-cut LP.

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