Skyjelly – Spirit Guide م​​​​​​​ر​​​​​​​ش​​​​​​​د ح​​​​​​​ق​​​​​​​ي​​​​​​​ق​​​​​​​ة (Mahorka Edition)

Skyjelly – Spirit Guide م​​​​​​​ر​​​​​​​ش​​​​​​​د ح​​​​​​​ق​​​​​​​ي​​​​​​​ق​​​​​​​ة (Mahorka Edition)


“Spirit Guide م​​​​​​​ر​​​​​​​ش​​​​​​​د ح​​​​​​​ق​​​​​​​ي​​​​​​​ق​​​​​​​ة (Mahorka Edition)”

Released January 27, 2024 as free (cc) digital download and special limited edition digipak CD.

Last July saw the release of “Spirit Guide” – a brilliant EP from Skyjelly out of Boston, Massachusetts, which was definitely one of 2023’s highlights in the music world! Now, in partnership with I Heart Noise (out of Boston too, who did the original release) and Wormhole World (UK) we’ve prepared an expanded rerelease foray, also bringing a sweet dejavu of collectible editions on CD!

Original can be found here

“Wandering vocals fall somewhere between David Byrne when he gets weird and David Bowie on a good day” – Dig Boston

“Makes me think of “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” -Byrne/Eno Just as inventive. But its own entity. Somehow both catchy and experimental. Well done.” – Joe Imwalle (Aux Meadows)

All three expanded editions feature the 6 original EP tracks and additional 4 unreleased tracks from the “Spirit Guide” sessions.

The I Heart Noise (US) “Deluxe Edition” features 2 additional Skyjelly tracks – “Providence (Episode One)” and “Motorola Monkey”, previously available as video singles.

Wormhole World (UK)’s edition features 2 special hidden bonus tracks.

And our “Mahorka Edition” features stunning reworks of the original “Spirit Guide” EP tracks by Brainquake, Zonevreemd and Toxic Derwish, alongside 3 older but golden remixes of Skyjelly tracks by Lord of Overstock, the Third Kind Records founder Nicholas Langley and Grayscape. First two of these older remixes have previously been available as bonus tracks on Skyjelly’s “Blank Panthers / Priest, Expert, or Wizard” 2023 version and the Grayscape remix has been so far unreleased.

Skyjelly are:

Skyjelly Jones
Dave Melanson
Eric (Jones) Hudson
Scott Sheik Levesque

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