Bouwakanja – The Strange Boy

Like Someone – Funerale Della Pittura Live performance

Lemonpie – Athoos EP

Art Electronix – Monumental Dump

Hollow Theory

The Wyrding Module – Mellifluous Ichor From Sunless Regions

John Love – White Sessions

OmegaFm 1730 MHz – Survey

Nick R 61 – Tc vetofor

Substak – Subconscious EP

Radex – Fin

AxBx – Soho

Hecrom – Sirius

Nick R 61 – a i b

Karmchanger – Lines Vol.1

Ix Prospectum – Once Remember You EP

Consistency Nature + Bash Nova – Cat Chatter

Kenneth Kirschmer

Qatarsis / Drunk in Japan – Kloud Nine EP

sanefiftyfour – Our Time in the Invisible Wars

Travel Network 9

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Wounded Warriors

Palsekam – Fractal Fequency

Max Scordamaglia – This is NOT a tape

k.h.a. – High Core Overdose

TÜNEL – Climb

Alexei Borisov, Olga Nosova, Eren Ileri, Aras L. Seyhan – Art Der Anwendung

Isz (Miguel Isaza) – Spheres

Gumbel – A Dying Paradise

In Vitro & Nulix – Nuevos Tiempos

Hemliga Skolan – Irrgång

fiocz – Dyssomnias

Radio Royal – RRDL02

Alexander Chereshnev – Rural Parks

The New Ego – Leben ist Licht EP

Vironica – Intelligence Feedback EP

Etiket Zerø – Apokalypse Mentale

Suzhanna Reizen – Reflection in the Earth

Steve Moyes – Gardening

VA – dast pure mixed and compiled by Substak

Starpilot – Ragged Smile

Sobrio – Pola

L Radar EP

Luftschmiede – Luftschmiede 1.2 EP

The Shape Of Moombhaton – The Shape Of Moombhaton

Kid Feardive – Blue Hand

Syrinx – Can’t see failure without truth

Various Artists – Sectioned v3.0

Art Electronix – Irrational Object

Automassage – Saxophone EP

Todern Malking – Original Molotov EP