Ölü Körpē – vol. 2 – Mira, la bruja no esta quemada

Sacha Rush – Could Be Human Liquid

King Shi – Red

Hafid Kurnia dan Tebatabata – The Day After We Were Alone

Pirata – En el aire estoy

Suspektema – “to be done, to have done.”

DunJIN – The Conqueror Worm

Ölü Körpē – Travel

Fabio Keiner – Autumn Elegies

V.A. – Fusion Compilation 11

Filmy Ghost – The Echo of Invisible Trees

Maxim Kornyshev – Mellifluous

Walt Thisney РD̩rive

Various – Trip to Proxima B

Thuoom – reCycle 2

Cialyn – The Lone Thistle

rr.gross – The Feldmans go golfing, then wrestling.

Sound_00 + Lefterna – Collab 30

Chuzausen – Attempt To Comunication

DAVID M. PAGANIN – Sonic Sand Mandala

Slit In Slot – Birthmarks

Thuoom – Live Enhanced

Walt Thisney – Spektro

Mental Escape Pod – silent series VI

Macronoise – My Steps Lead Backwards

Walt Thisney – Solivagant

Lluvia Acida – Ciencia Sur

Ivan Black – We are such stuff as dreams are made on

David Evan Krebs – Tides


Daniel Robert Lahey – No Cure For Music

Walt Thisney – Crypto

ykymr – City

Fabio Keiner – BLACK RAIN

Thomas nmi Poole – Complicity With Anonymous Materials

Warahraan – Living in a Far Dream

Letmeknowyouanatole – August

Nobody’s Nail Machine – Fallout Nevada Remastered

ps – Finding My Own Way Back Home

Grid Resistor – Mu

Rich Sudney – Parading Out The Devil

Walt Thisney – Piano Moods

Walt Thisney – Mondo Organista

My Own Cubic Stone – Glass Birds

rr.gross – The Three Virtues of Incompetence

Cousin Silas – Cold Star

Alex Mason & The Minor Emotion – Soul Breaker

Mr. & Oso – Se dice Misterioso [pn123]

Grid Resistor – Beta

MRTN CSTR – Arquitectura espectral

Wings of an Angel – Do Not Awake The Sleeping Simpleton