ADEN ÔHM – Période réfractaire

[NKS prod 81]


“Période réfractaire”

dubcore / dubstep / idm / breakcore
ogg 350 / mp3 320 / full streaming

[fr] “Beaucoup de vitesse sans limitation, de violence gratuite et de bruit pour rien ces temps-ci au NKS, et c’est ça qui est bon.
Pour souffler un peu quand même, voici un album dubcore sombre signé Aden Ôhm.
Pas trop de wooble, ouf, on est plus près de Hightone ou de Scorn que de Skrillex.
“Where’s my Glass” fait penser à du Massive Attack qui part en couille, “Débit de beat” est un hip hop style parade de freaks, “Tout le monde à la messe” fout les ch’tons, une sorte d’horror dub industriel à s’en pendre aux cloches, “Essaie quand même” est un bourrinage breakcore en hommage à un quinquennat qui aura quand même laissé quelques belles traces de merde sur son passage, “Motion & émotion” évoque, témoignage à l’appui, le désespoir ouvrier…
Un bien bel album et je dis pas ça parce que c’est nous qu’on le sort.
Ah oui, au fait, qu’est-ce donc que la “période réfractaire” ? Une histoire de bite très sérieuse, plus elle est longue, plus t’es un looser…
Le décodeur est dans le zip. Télécharge donc, en plus de te rendre intelligent, ça va gonfler nos scores, et c’est trop important pour la notoriété !”

[en] “Lots of high speed no limits, blasting noise & pure violence these days in the NKS releases. To take breath here is a dark dubcore album, by Aden Ôhm from Caen, France. Only few wooble inside. Aden Ôhm is closer to Hightone or Scorn than Skrillex. High quality dub, dark and heavy, with some industrial or breakcore incursions. No vocals but well-chosen various samples inside, for our greatest pleasure, enjoy !”

Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Noisesurfer – Rain Tear Drops



“Rain Tear Drops”

Check this new full-length of ambient-based electronics by Joachim Rontxelius, a well-known producer from Spain.
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deafness – Invisible Reflexion



“Invisible Reflexion”

The 50th release by this experimental music producer from west Russia aka Steam flow, Nihilistic Delusion etc. Unlike most of his ambient and noise music albums, this one is performed in IDM key, sometimes dark and sometimes thoughtful and “liquidised” by encoding of 32 kbps. There are also 2 Suicide Commando remixes.
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Möbius – Per Aspera Ad Astra



“Per Aspera Ad Astra”

Per Aspera Ad Astra (in English : Through Hardships To The Stars) is the third album of Moebius containing 10 tracks, produced between 2011 and 2012. Ranges from deep basses with sluggish beats and dreamy melodies to hard basses with breakbeats and filtered leads, all seasoned with a distinct pinch of dub elements.
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nation of clang – one20


nation of clang


the two-man orchestra presents – the story of the apocalypse in three acts at 120 beats per minute
an moku, noise mono mollist from zurich and bnibs, beat-harmonist from hamburg deliver their successor to “kids at play”: one20
a bleak, electronic musical fireworks display of 12:57 minutes length.
ladies and gentleman: your soundtrack for doomsday!
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Natlek – Ki




Rifts. Sound distortions create empty places. Stop. We wake up again. Natlek and his brand new work released by the indie net-label Sostanze Records chases us, leaving the time to reflect about a production characterized by spaces precisely outlined. Suddenly we find ourselves dancing, trying to get what we wanna listen to. And we already know it. The original mix is embellished by the hype remix of another artist, Digi G’Alessio, who is always more appreciated by the critics and will soon release other works. Natlek in his production mixs a conceptual work and the clubbin’ atmosphere, spinning into the headphones of the listener bass lines that recall the last productions by Crookers, but pushing at the same time an original idea of clubbing, in his own way. Yes we Natlek.
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V.A. – Circuits Imprimés vol. 01



“Circuits Imprimés vol. 01”

Our new P36 compilation ‘Circuits Imprimés’ is here! For this first volume (out of three), we’ve compiled old tracks from other netlabels – yeah as a tribute. Those tracks-artists-netlabels really inspired us to do Pavillon36, & try by our own, to make great music for free.
We hope you’ll discover some music you’ve missed from past years, for us it sounds like our classics. Oh of course we’ve certainly forget some tunes, but make a 50 tracks compilation wasn’t the idea. Don’t forget that all tracks we taken here are still available for free, just check the [cat#] links on tracklist. :)

But this is just the volume one of ‘Circuits Imprimés’. On Volume two you’ll find some new & unreleased tracks by Pavillon36 artists [available mid-november]. & on the final volume, it’ll be about exclusives tracks by amazing guests, artists we love [mid-december]. We hope to surprise you. :)

Finally, those three ‘Circuits Imprimés’ compilations also celebrate 5 years of Pavillon36 Recordings… And it still free.

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Kamikaze Deadboy – Until Death Do Us Part


Kamikaze Deadboy

“Until Death Do Us Part”

320kbps – October 2012
Ambient / Classical / Breakcore / IDM


01 – Fear Of Falling Asleep [Movement 2] -Elle Me manque
02 – A Last Time For Everything
03 – The Theatre Of Pain
04 – The Pursuit Of A Dying Virtue, XXII
05 – The Pursuit Of A Dying Virtue, VII
06 – Ling Chi (Death By a Thousand Cuts)
07 – The Emotionless Killer
08 – Misanthrophy
09 – Teardrop Girl
10 – Melancholia
11 – Requiem For The Undead
12 – To Satie

Total: (51:40)

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Subbase vs. Egg Nebula – First Shot / Pierced


Subbase vs. Egg Nebula

“First Shot / Pierced”

Newcomers on Pavillon36 Recordings, Subbase & Egg Nebula explore the dark side of Drum & Bass.
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V.A. – Tortuga Harbour Dock I



“Tortuga Harbour Dock I”

We are proud to present our first compilation for 2 years anniversary – our ship landed at Tortuga Harbour Dock I.
Tortuga is a flying island forming the base of la-pikki-pikki records. Each corner sounds different and each tavern resounds to changing performers. We carefully picked out the folks who excite our feet most. The result is this various artists compilation including outstanding electronic clubmusic. Well known label artists like Chesavon, Sahin Laselle and Master Jim meet with la-pikki-pikki newcomers like Binz, Manolo Camp and The Crude Guy. The sonic wall gets completed by Zoli, Cableguys, Alic and Theme Fe. Nine awesome tracks which have one thing in common: their beats are kicking asses! Yarr!
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Lantriperc – Walk Over The Sky



“Walk Over The Sky”

Nude on Neptune, the protagonist can thanks his psychic force.
It can fight evil and push it away!
So now he’s able to open his chakras and to give us this supernatural music…
Enter into this maze of beats and strange tunes!
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IckeNoize – Schüler Der Alchemie EP



“Schüler Der Alchemie EP”

Mysterious stuff is going on with Schueler Der Alchemie EP.

IckeNoize, assisted by Chesavon and Zoli, gonna teach you ingredients of alchemistic compositions. Your education will begin with -broken slighted beats- and some training in -piano chords- shown by Chesavon. During second semester -guide trough progressive techtrance with the help of minimalistic translation- will be your major subject. Your studies will end with Zoli’s class of -basic oldschool production- and -fundamental development of basses-.

01 IckeNoize – Schueler der Alchemie (Chesavon Remix)
02 IckeNoize – Schueler der Alchemie
03 IckeNoize – Schueler der Alchemie (Zoli Remix)

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Subterrestrial – Ocean Beach



“Ocean Beach”

Ocean Beach is the next installment in Subterrestrial’s Summer of Chill series. Summer is officially in full swing and I invite you to enjoy a true California summer with me. Ocean Beach is a collection of chilled, funky and soulful downtempo tracks to get you in the mood. Play this album at your next backyard BBQ, while lounging on the beach or on a sunset drive with the windows rolled down. Stay cool and enjoy your summer!
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Workshops und Line-up beim STFU Festival Dresden

STFU DRESDEN 13 – 15 JULI 2012


STFU Dresden 2012 Gorilla Concert from STFU Dresden 2012 on Vimeo.


Broken Spirit – Your Way


Broken Spirit

“Your Way”

// Release Date
June 2012

Broken Spirit’s premiere release for the Electronica 4 God netlabel is a IDM inspired drum and bass track. It is laid back and has an old school sound

Label: Electronica 4 God
Release Number: e4g018

Copyright: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

Follow Us At:

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Sahin Laselle – Solar System EP


Sahin Laselle

“Solar System EP”

Smells like beach party, eh? Sahin Laselle presents his summer soundtrack just in time.

You will get pushed through three great clubtracks combining oldschool Electro with trancy atmospheres and funked rhythms. Theme Fe will give you the chance to chillax and calm down on his breakbeat interpretation of Laselles “Solar System”.

01. Sahin Laselle – Orange Sunrise Theory
02. Sahin Laselle – Solar System
03. Sahin Laselle – Black Moon
04. Sahin Laselle – Solar System (Theme Fe Rework)

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Le Perche Oreille – Triton À 5 Pattes


Le Perche Oreille

“Triton À 5 Pattes”

Newcomer on Pavillon36 Recordings, Le Perche Oreille is a french producer influenced by IDM, Drill & Bass or abstract sounds. His first album was released on Fresh Poulp Records in late 2010. Now he’s back with this new EP where he gives the best of himself… So just listen to it & you will understand how Le Perche Oreille is accurate and powerful! :) Enjoy & share it as a virus!
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PiXtar – Reflection




PiXtar is back with his fourth album. That’s right. Describing sound in multimedia era is kinda tedios and absolutely useless work. But we need to write something about it, don’t we? Our regular followers could notice that PiXtar’s tracks have a complicated multilayered structure with many little details all over the room and on the other hand there are pretty rhytmic commonly acceptable grooves. This album has rather ‘mainstream’ than ‘underground’ flavour. The sound is cool and solid as usual, less IDM more electro and breakbeat with a slight reminiscence of retro electronica. After all since the myth about always young and always progressive electronic music had busted we are sentenced to retro. This album description is over. It’s time to listen to the MUSIC.
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Photophob – Wasteland Vibes

Photophob - Wasteland Vibes
news from Herwig Holzmann …

Fature – Bad Form



“Bad Form”

A lot of Fature’s fifth album pays tribute to the pioneers of the West London and Broken Beat music scene and is heavily influenced by artists like Domu, 4Hero and Mr Scruff. “Bad Form” takes on a more stylistic and jazzy approach to his previous albums but also has sprinkles of Ambient and Drum ‘n Bass to exhibit his many talents.
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omara – seducing





01. omara – seducing [9:09]
02. omara – seducing (tooltech remix) [6:11]

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bad comort – Dub @ Tusculum (netaudio DJ-Mix)

bad comfort

“Dub @ Tusculum” (netaudio DJ-Mix)

Part of the duby netaudio DJ-set played at January 27th 2012 at Tusculum in Dresden.
“Examensausstellung OCC.V. Paraphrasen”
Unfortunately some of the played netlabels exist not anymore. Sorry :(


1. Emmerichk “Maquiventa” (
2. Peak “Red cheeks” (
3. Lowknee “No Banned Dubs (an LCL Clash)” (
4. Daniel Blomqvist “Lemons And Rum” (
5. Buguinha dub “Liberate” (
6. Le Chaudron Magique “Dybadub (Fresh Poulp edit)” (
7. B_SIDE “Rytmy Gorada” (
8. Enbe “Lyric” (
9. Black Era “i’ve been silent enought” (
10. Hieronymus “Power Failure 4” (
11. Soulstatedub “RG” (
12. Jambassa “shining yambasei’s stones” (
13. Mikus “Brockley Skank” (

Thanks to all the labels for sharing the great tunes!

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hertzcanary – birds don’t come easy



“birds don’t come easy”

A bird on your hard disk is worth two in the bush. Here’s another hatchling by the nightingale of intelligent dance chirp – hertzcanary. birds don’t come easy is the third of the bird series (see related releases below for more). The clutch of five precocial biped lobit funk songs were composed with the now almost extinct FastTracker II.
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Krasnoyarsk, Russia. That’s where this music comes from.
It feels like the other side of the planet. It’s close to Mongolia and Kazakhstan and no where near Moscow. Over there, three guys came together and created Eholow. Their sound (something in between intelligent dance music and post-rock) got picked up by Nu_Aura Netlabel. An interesting new label which combines music and illustrations for every track. Sure enough, this did get our attention and brought us to the two tracks presented to you today: niti and Нутации (nutazii).
They speak to me on an experimental unconventional level, but hey, don’t take my word for it… check it out!
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between cathedrals – matriarch


between cathedrals


Will be a long time with the release of 141,414 from the net label, album introduces the “Matriarch” of Between Cathedrals. Breakbeat / Electronica Between Cathedrals overflowing due to nostalgia, the music scene in 2012 continue the vagus, making it a wonderful thing to give them basic Tachikaera. Recommended!

Shag – Yellow

Gumbel – Pocket Carnivalé



“Pocket Carnivalé”

Electrofunk, IDM, plunderphonics.
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