redredred / Old Boy Inc. – mimesis / summer jam


redredred / Old Boy Inc.

“mimesis / summer jam”

A / redredred – mimesis
Driving claps and cheerful hi-hats, a calm patiently flowing beat and a dusty organ – a warm and raw house track! With his debut “mimesis” redredred from muenster, cofounder of sonic moiré, throws in a piece that beat by beat developes its effect through its catching structure revealing the unexpected to the listener. Just like the ‘break’ reduces the entire speed of it only to energetically merge into the main part. Mimesis wants to be more than just a simulation.

B / Old Boy Inc. – summer jam
With summer jam, Old Boy Inc. serves the right track for a perfect summer day and designs the sonic moiré-sound of the season in his own unique way.Floating percussive rhythms are carrying spacious synth-sounds that guarantee smiling faces. Funky guitars are dancing over the beat and frame the wonderfully crisp bass.

sonic moiré is a berlin-based online-label for house, techno and electronic music. Our releases are multifaceted, danceable, relaxed, straightforward or playful.