Break The Bans – Propaganda


Break The Bans


Yes, you read that right – it’s a new album by Break The Bans.
It seems nothing has changed, but everything has changed! Some big reforms have been made.
Themes of sex and love have been replaced by social and political issues.
The band has ripped all the flesh from the dance sound of garage-hard-rock songs and left a bare skeleton of rough punk rock, slightly embellished by a few guitar solos.

Recorded at Kukkovka Hell Studios in april-june’2014
Engineered by Nikolai Kuskov
Mixed by Alex Fry
Mastered by Anatoliy Nikulin

Alex Fry – Vocals, guitars, bass
Vadim Bogorodskiy – Guitar on «[Night/Day/On/Off]», Solo-guitar on «Sweet Pills», «Children In The Closet», «My Sick Friends», Slide-guitar on «Do You Believe In Love?»

All songs by Alex Fry

Thank You:
Nikolai Kuskov for beer and the work, Vadim Bogorodskiy for the help and skills, Yaroslav «Sweet boy» Tregubov for the bass-guitar, Julia Letto for the faith.

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