VVAA – Divertimento al Amanecer

VVAA – Divertimento al Amanecer


“Divertimento al Amanecer”

“Divertimento al Amanecer”
José Vicente Asuar RemixesElectronic music by José Vicente Asuar has influenced several generations of composers, both within the realm of electroacoustic music and other genres using technology as a means, ranging from techno to hip-hop, the latter at least in Chile. This has been proven, especially in recent years, with the growing rediscovery of his figure and work and his definitive positioning in the musical spectrum via academic writings and , especially, his complete electroacoustic oeuvre release (“Obra Electroacústica” / pncd08 / Pueblo Nuevo 2011) and Variaciones Espectrales documentary, by Carlos Lértora (2013).Therefore, and after several tributes due to Asuar’s death in January 2017, we wanted to carry out a new tribute, this time inviting the entire community to revisit the electronic body of work of the Chilean pioneer.

We have got together two perspectives, two schools: the electroacoustic one, which creates new pieces up from short sounds or sections from pieces by the honouree; the other one, in the vein of remix and sampling, also creates from the same sources, generating new works or tracks located in techno, ambient, hip-hop, and other related aesthetics.

In this deconstructive exercise, which we have called Divertimento al Amanecer, the pieces to work with were, precisely, Divertimento (1967) and Amanecer (1977).

The restriction was the use of one piece as an only source for a version, remix, etc., not merging both pieces into a single new one. Each author had to choose one or another work to participate, since the result of this call would be organized into a two-part compilation (sides A and B, corresponding to one of the two pieces each), participants were required to concentrate their efforts into on of the options.

About Asuar original works:

Divertimento “is a piece with great dynamism and speed, full of very elaborated articulations which are constructing the musical discourse with its structural and spectro-morphological richness, that due to its great fluidity, organic liveliness and contrasts that could be said to have a certain baroque character. Something amazing at the same time are rough textures got by modulations and high-speed iterations, that somehow anticipate the birth of granular synthesis and could be related with some moments of works by later authors like Curtis Roads. This work would get the first prize of the Dartmouth Electronic Music International contest, USA, 1970” (Albornoz 2017).

On the other hand, Amanecer is a piece labeled by Asuar as impressionistic, “in the sense of trying to describe, by musical means, the sensations or impressions that the author has about some natural event. In this case it is about sleeping nature that little by little it begins to revive until arriving at a final dance full of life and energy” (Asuar 1989). From a certain point of view, we could say that it is a contemplative work, close to ambient.

Call for works was so successful we were forced to go through a long, steady listening task in order to get the final pace for this release; thus, it presents a wide collection of works inspired by, quoting and appropriating the sound materials straightforwardly, nourished by the expresive and adventurous spirit of José Vicente Asuar. We hope they interest, inspire, and and become sources of enjoyment for all.

Alejandro Albornoz
(Valle Hermoso, La Ligua, Chile, Marzo / March 2019)

(*) Albornoz, A. (2017) “Asuar: diez obras electroacústicas. Una breve reseña” (Unpublished).

(**) Asuar, J. (1989) “Música Electroacústica, José Vicente Asuar, Compositor Chileno” [Cassette] Santiago de Chile: Santiago Vera Producciones.

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WHΛLT THISИEY – Bothissattva

WHΛLT THISИEY – Bothissattva
SP 023



released March 26, 2019

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Performed by Whalt Thisney
Executive Production & Additional Mix on ‘Wordcore Ambient
Journey’ by 6 9 N & F

Design / Graphic Manipulation – fd
Original Photo – Samuel Silitonga

Published by Klappstuhl International.

Ilia Belorukov & H̩ctor Rey Рwhssu

Ilia Belorukov & H̩ctor Rey Рwhssu

Ilia Belorukov & Héctor Rey


01 hola kyngy (09:10)
02 hassu lauri (06:00)
03 sup bilb (12:50)
04 haha? jon (06:00)ilia belorukov – fluteophone, objects
héctor rey – bass concertina, objects

recorded in bilbao in july 2017
recorded, mixed and mastered by ilia belorukov

cover by MKLMB

thanks to miguel and elena, anya, MKLMB

Miquel Parera – TEFE023 | Pluripotential Laundry

Miquel Parera – TEFE023 | Pluripotential Laundry

Miquel Parera

“TEFE023 | Pluripotential Laundry”

Title: TEFE023 | Pluripotential Laundry.
Author: Miquel Parera.Tracks:
  • 01-Paths to Leg Breaks – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-08-29-53 – 00:02:37.52
  • 02-Fireflies in the Cave of the Wise – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-08-36-47 – 00:02:51.64
  • 03-The Midwives Sing – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-08-45-47 – 00:03:42.91
  • 04-Fluorescent Plants Pastures – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-08-51-58 – 00:03:02.04
  • 05-The Red Fortunes and the Black Skulls – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-01-12 -00:03:11.70
  • 06-Trip to the Last Border – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-04-16 – 00:03:59.26
  • 07-Three Cows Kidnapped – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-05-34 – 00:04:12.63
  • 08-Slowly to the Place of the Mushrooms – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-20-27 – 00:07:29.54
  • 09-Will you remind me if I Sleep under the Pleiades?- TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-31-08 – 00:02:15.23

Total time: 00:33:22.49

About The Eternal Feedback of Existence:

It is an acousmatic diary. With the samples and images of each day an instrument for livecoding improvisation is built.


Open Source Music:

You can download the source code, the samples and the images on:

#electronica #idm #glitch #breakcore #experimental #acousmatic #algorithmic

License: CC-BY

You are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
for any purpose, even commercially.
This license is acceptable for Free Cultural Works.

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

Under the following terms:

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

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Linden Pomeroy – Spirit Redux

Linden Pomeroy – Spirit Redux

Linden Pomeroy

“Spirit Redux”

Spirit Redux is a set of previously unreleased tracks, 1 and 2 were outakes from Spirit Replica, 3 from Hypnos.

Recorded between 2014-2017.

Track 1 recorded at Bedford Hollow.
Track 2 and 3 recorded at Seamonster Sound by Mike Baker.

Linden Pomeroy is a musician and sound artist based in Worthing, West Sussex UK, applying field recordings, tapes, voice and treated guitars into compositions from expansive drones, to delicate ambient ballads.

Released by Pilot Eleven Netlabel (PE19) on 23 March 2019 under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license CC BY-SA 4.0.

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KUNI – Silhouettes EP

KUNI – Silhouettes EP


“Silhouettes EP”

A big welcome to KUNI from Australia! KUNI explores both digital and natural sound, weaving through various musical genres. A hybrid creature with bass-driven grooves, tribal rhythms, evolving soundscapes, and hypnotic, pulsating beats. His debut EP “Silhouettes” is a musical gem with four dance floor tracks, each track with its own character and story. It also sheds some light on KUNI’s upcoming cross-over album “Coalesce” here on Digital Diamonds!
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Ego Dome – Neurocentric (EP)

Ego Dome – Neurocentric (EP)

Ego Dome

“Neurocentric (EP)”


Lounge Track
Me & My Shadow
No More Clouds
Intergalactic Sesh
Shadow Of The City
Trust Yourself
Summer Night’s Dream
Momentary Bliss

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Wings of an Angel – Concerto De La Luna

Wings of an Angel – Concerto De La Luna

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci – Wooden Mirrors

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci – Wooden Mirrors

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci

“Wooden Mirrors”

On Wooden Mirrors: Daniel Barbiero, double bass (left channel); Cristiano Bocci, double bass (right channel)
On From a Concourse: Daniel Barbiero, double bass; Cristiano Bocci, live electronicsRecorded live in the studio August 2017 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA.
Cristiano Bocci: Engineering & mixing.
Photographs by Cristiano Bocci
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Brother Blue – Shoreline Drive

Brother Blue – Shoreline Drive

Brother Blue

“Shoreline Drive”

Following his Automatic Writing single, issued on the Autumn Equinox in late 2018, Brother Blue opens 2019 with Shoreline Drive, a 5-track EP of dub techno cuts and RP’s first release of the new year. It is also fitting that it should come out today, during the Super Blood Wolf Moon, a rare celestial event that echoes some of the themes on these tracks.

Musically, Shoreline Drive brings more excellent electronics on the deeper side of the spectrum to play with the rest of the Bedroom Compost catalog. Tim’s work is never less than superb and intimately engaging, and these five tracks are equal parts rugged techno rhythms, sultry dub chords and textured atmospheres that displace the listener. Shoreline Drive recalls not only Detroit classics like Echospace and Deepchord, but also many other deep moments in the Recycled Plastics library, from Ohrwert, Mon0, Axs, Zzzzra, Coppice Halifax and Textural Being, among others…In short, we are beyond happy to have Tim once again here with us, and Shoreline Drive feels both new and home-worn familiar, in all the best ways.

NOTE: The physical edition of Shoreline Drive also contains two additional tracks: “Automatic Writing (Version)” from BC72 and a 2018 remaster of “Summoning UFOs”, which previously only appeared on a compilation at the luxurious Silent Season label. With these two extras, Shoreline Drive becomes a 67-minute long dub trip, not to be missed!
released January 21, 2019

Peculate – There Are No Angels

Peculate – There Are No Angels


“There Are No Angels “

There are no angels.
There is no supernatural.
There is only the material.released December 23, 2015
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illocanblo – Genotype EP

illocanblo – Genotype EP


“Genotype EP”

In the mood … for evolution.
Walls of machine tones.
Soon to be upgraded. Again.The music by illocanblo can be perceived as rather contemporary art instead of classic electronic or IDM.
His production process consists certain artistic techniques. The machines are fed with his mood and
partially put in generative mode and automated. So illocanblo is like a duo of a human and a machine.
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downloads at archive.org

  1. West Kids – Fancy Fancy
  2. Jackal the Blackal – Blackal’s Tears [Instrumental]
  3. L’WREN – Devilz (Prod. Gum$)
  4. 85 Decibel Monks – Dog Day Bossanova (feat. Darkside)
  6. abelest + 諭吉佳作/men – 運動
  7. YOCO ORGAN, MC ukudada & MC i know, Kokushimusou – Tonight
  8. Santi – Dystopian Dreamer (feat. Tuğçe Kurtiş – MiRET Remix)
  9. Llamame La Muerte – Breathing, Peace, Enlightenment
  10. The Spoils Collective – The Interview
  11. Yoko Kanno – Cyberbird (Elevation Bootleg)
  12. THRPY & Dj Ride – On Lock
  13. kyou1110 – MorethrowTo-fu
  14. lumommmbon – voc inorg (Elevation Remix)
  15. Elevation – H.A.I.S.A.
  16. Mos Emvy – Come Back
  17. Nøi2er – Time Dilation


downloads at archive.org

  1. Ḥ∆RĀM – Bipolar
  2. Mahamboro – Surup
  3. Bebhionn – Obscure System
  4. Valya Kan – Memories
  5. Taco Truck – Tangent
  6. Willem B – 059H3 (Drugstore Remix)
  7. Kondens – Femton minuter en kvart
  8. Liuos – Adhesion
  9. Demi Odessa – In Company
  10. The Feminalz – Plastik Elastik
  11. EE7A – Clandestine Operation
  12. Jim Black – Fire
  13. Art Electronix – Inside The Box
  14. Langax – Minotauro

Various – either long either cold to raise own nightmares in curious anger

Various – either long either cold to raise own nightmares in curious anger
[ACPS 1025]


“either long either cold to raise own nightmares in curious anger”

01. REMETEMEN – Hopeless 09:04
02. MRS DINK – Circumstantiality 09:04
03. EISENLAGER – Native Processing 08:11
04. ESCAPED TREES – Chthonic Romance 06:24
05. XFnX – Elephant Speech 08:36cover art by Claus Poulsen
design by EMERGE
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Number Eleven – Drinkble Coolant

Number Eleven – Drinkble Coolant

Number Eleven

“Drinkble Coolant”

Sticky and cold silicone sealants, spades and screwdrivers allow you to forget the crippling life threatening drama of Strict, Event and Resistance. Another pile-up of sand which was forcefully shaped into something comprehensible and mostly even danceable. Disclaimer – the danceable part is evaluated by the rhythmical insanity of the brain in control of the sequencer. Apply incorrectly and it’ll break your spine.
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Æther State – Immaterial / Half Life / Regress

Æther State – Immaterial / Half Life / Regress

Æther State

“Immaterial / Half Life / Regress “

released March 19, 2019

Art: Matthew Smith (www.instagram.com/therealmueseum)
and Construct (MadeByTulippe.com)

Mastering Engineer: Saif Bari (fixedmastering.com)

Gabriele Ragonesi – Dark Passenger

Gabriele Ragonesi  – Dark Passenger

Gabriele Ragonesi

“Dark Passenger”

The wonderful comeback of Gabriele Ragonesi for Florence, one of the most interesting musician out there. His first opus with In Your Ears , was one of the most downloaded in our history.
This work is amazing, plenty of music form prog to rock, from post rock to jazz. Gabriele plays every instruments, is the producer and the recorder, and plays a gentle and affascinating music.Dark Passenger is the perfect journey, take the ride.

The artwork is, like the first work, of the talented William Santiago from his serie “ Zabele “. All is well with Gabriele.

A special thanks to Gabriele Ragonesi, one of the people that is why we are on this.

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Lang – Attraversando Lo Specchio

Lang – Attraversando Lo Specchio

The Caretaker – Everywhere, an empty bliss

The Caretaker – Everywhere, an empty bliss

The Caretaker

“Everywhere, an empty bliss “


Work on ‘Everywhere, at the end of time’ was all consuming
as you can imagine. All work and no play, all work and no play.

In celebration of its completion and only for a limited time*
here is a surprise golden farewell.

Compliments of the house.

Offering you one last chance to raise a charged glass for
those we lost along the way, for all the works, for those ghosts
from our past, for our uncertain future and for The Caretaker.

You are of course welcome to purchase me a drink if you find
this work to be of personal value.

As the old saying goes “I’m the type of guy who likes to know
who’s buying their drinks, Lloyd.”

Thanks eternally for your support.

C’est fini.

z(xW+yV) – 3×2(1W+18V)

z(xW+yV) – 3×2(1W+18V)



z(xW+yW) is a solo project of Kecap Tuyul started spring 2018 while experimenting different ways to generate low volume feedback with small gear : for instance with one contact microphone and one 1W battery-powered amplifier. It was initially thought as lo-fi version of the “Failure Circle” project work with chaotic feedback system of the no-input mixer in a more portable way, but finally took a quite different direction, with a more tactile & acoustic dimension.

3×2(1W+18V) is the first published album of this project. It was recorded in june 2018 with lo-fi means (cell phone and a cheap digital recorder). Each track is a mix of two improvisations played with the most primitive form of z(xW+yV) : one contact microphone, one 1W battery-powered amplifier and two guitar effects (overdrive and equalization).

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DEN – DEN – Daily Galaxies EP

DEN – DEN – Daily Galaxies EP


“DEN – Daily Galaxies EP”

Very interesting, inspiring alternative-chillout music. As the artist – Denis says: “Sometimes the sound can convey much more than the words said”. So let’s just listen!
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Go Ask Alice – Go Ask Alice – Ten little dreams (and one bonus nightmare)

Go Ask Alice – Go Ask Alice – Ten little dreams (and one bonus nightmare)

Go Ask Alice

“Go Ask Alice – Ten little dreams (and one bonus nightmare)”

Humankind has always looked to the stars as its own destiny. For this reason, indefatigable and willful, it has always climbed the highest peaks to get as close as possible. It knows that this is impossible, but it has the courage to try the same. This is written in the sign: the capricorn.
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Csum – Anaerobica

Csum – Anaerobica



Broken, glitchy, dynamic, rhythmic, somewhere chaotic sounds combined with catchy techno genetic emotional melodies. This is only one subjective way to describe this new album, where Csum uses his own experimental music language to tell fantastic abstract musical stories. Hit “play” if want to cheer up.
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Donnie Ozone – Rap Style (The Cheese N Pot-C Remixes)

Donnie Ozone – Rap Style (The Cheese N Pot-C Remixes)

Donnie Ozone

“Rap Style (The Cheese N Pot-C Remixes)”

In November of last year, Donnie Ozone dropped his uniDrop release “Rap Style”… one of his dopest joints yet. The pure fire of it grabbed Cheese N Pot-C and inspired them to give it the CNP maxBloc treatment!

What we have for you today are four incredible remixes that take the original to funky new places along with the dope instrumentals for you to bump. Enjoy.

Yo… Donnie, Cheese N Pot-C… this EP is pure fire! Such a dope collaboration!

Of course, thanks once again to you for downloading & listening. We always strive to deliver the music you’ll love. Please spread the word about blocSonic, if you enjoy what we do. Remember… everything we release is cool to share! Always keep the music moving… share it… blog it… podcast it! If you’re in radio… support independent music and broadcast it!

Discover more great music at blocSonic!

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thost – thost

thost – thost



tevin + ghost = thost

took a few poems and spit to produce this thing. this audiobook will help you perfect your inner child “there’s a ghost in my room hiding my shoes.”

V.A. – MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2 – Exotic Potpourri

V.A. – MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2 – Exotic Potpourri


“MaAuLa​-​o​-​rama Vol​.​2 – Exotic Potpourri “

10 french bands play music from the World. The new “french touch”?


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