co-dec & Android – Internado

co-dec & Android – Internado

co-dec & Android


Patricio González (co-dec) & Cristián Reyes (Android) are restless producers within the electronic culture in Santiago de Chile, each of them with an interesting portfolio of projects to his credit. González is the current director of prolific Orion Network label and former member of historic bands such as Vigilante. Reyes is an active composer and remixer whose tracks give live to the dancefloor in many clubs. Both come together in the live techno music group “Dentro del Mismo Individuo”.

Within their different styles, both have a common path of musical influences, that include from electro pop, new wave, dark to industrial techno and minimalism. Together they present this time an unreleased album based in the unique experience that “live” gives to recordings sessions, which unlike the work on studio, allows them to give free rein to the improvised exercise of building soundscapes with analogue electronic machines, samplers and drum machines.

The essence of this work, mainly guided by techno and electro beats, is a remix that both musicians have built in a single moment in live format, using as base and initial spark the individual stems from the track “Miniature” by C/VVV (Mika Martini, Pablo Flores and Francisco Pinto), electronic trio based in Santiago as well. The perfect excuse to start a journey of almost 45 minutes, which can be enjoyed both rhythmically and through the rich textures, melodies and modulations of synthesisers. Also, because the different scenes and emotions generated from this unique live creation, this release is a suggestive trip.

The recording of this concert was on July 28th, 2018, in the basement of “El Internado” venue, on the occasion of the celebration of the 13th Anniversary of Pueblo Nuevo netlabel.

Turn off lights, seek stimulation and make room to move freely with this album.

Francisco Pinto
(Santiago, Chile, mayo / May 2020)
Trad by Alejandro Albornoz.

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