iky iky & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Cold Cell

iky iky & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt

“Cold Cell”

Laetitia Schteinberg (iky iky) started her first solo recordings in the early 00’s. The resulting soundscapes were based on found noises, processed guitar sounds, lo-fi ambiences and field recordings. Most of her creations were inspired by the anxiety in the past and struggle for the right to live. Later she became heavily involved with sculpting new sounds using modern VST technologies either from scratch or using different sound sources, and creation of “evolving” textures of either electronic or electroacoustic nature.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt is a composer of experimental sunburnt soundscapes, the developer of the accidental guitar method, producer, founder, and curator of Friends of Sagittarius Records, he also makes “miniature film clips” to the release of his compositions.

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Igor Har – Ona Prekrasna


Igor Har

“Ona Prekrasna”

Welcome again to Effluvia with the works of Igor Har. Mostly spoken, this album is quick but chilling. Whether you understand the language or not is irrelevant, Igor Har makes these two tracks very powerful with his voice. The background sound offer a deep, profound state of contemplation for the listener, and then there’s his voice. Laetitia Schteinberg, who introduced me to this eerie musician who I am immediately in love with, mentioned to me that what he is speaking are tales of vulgarity and alarm, so tasty. Lovely abstract stories semi told to give forth a vague numbness and nausea. Musings of a homosexual maniac who kidnaps little boys and performs obscene acts upon them. Something like that, and you can tell in his manner of speaking that he sure knows how to tell a story. I love this work, and hope I hear this voice all over the place. Much love for this piece. It won’t take long, so please listen with the lights off, all alone. I’d appreciate it. Effluvia would appreciate it.

Marta Zapparoli – Codex


Marta Zapparoli


I always draw my inspiration from the narratives and metaphors of a variety of impacts from different locations and situations.

These are often quite unique experiences within a certain period of time, landscape or corner of society.

Last year during several trips, I did many different recordings in East Europa. During my research on land, I found special places with particular energies. For example : unpredictable movements, defective technology, misplaced animals, dis-punctuality, unforeseen natural sound effects or other cataclysms of nature and unforeseen cataclysms in Humans.

The idea of this release is a deep construction, cut up, manipulation and deconstruction on many layer of these recordings, decontextualized from their origin, creating an absurd and surreal landscape in codex.

The technical part is done with field recordings on tape-recorders mixed, converted on digital software for mastering.

Marta Zapparoli aka Penelopex :
sound artist, performer, musician, studied fine arts and the soproano saxophone. In Bologna/Italy being involved in a series of experimental radio shows, multmedia performances,sound installations and various dance companies and aswell experimental multimedia theater events.

She now lives in Berlin where she is part of the Splitter Orchester Berlin, collaborating on sound installations with Martin Kuentz and a duo project with Alessandra Eramo next to her ongoing solo project.

The last decade she creates strong narrative sonic pieces using a open variety of recording techniques and custom analog tools as well as found instruments and objects.

Her sonic explorations bridging together the sensual quality of field recordings and versatile processing of live electronics. Within environmental phenomena, acoustic ecology, noise pollution, focusing on sonic narratives & human emotions through decomposition and real-time tape manipulation, sounds that are considered non-musical or overheard.

She Releasesd several albums on Umbrella Noise records, Idiosyncratics records, Nohmad records and Zeromoon records. She was also extensively featured WDR3 open studio elektronische musik, and a variety of experimental radio broadcasts.

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Gumbel – A Dying Paradise



“A Dying Paradise”


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Chairs – Buzzing Surgeons Air Drill



“Buzzing Surgeons Air Drill”

“An assortment of songs recorded anywhere from 2007 to 2012. Thanks for your ear”.
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Travel Network 6



“Sun-Inside-Mix-Travel Network 6”

01-Christ-One Sunny Cloudy Day[Benbecula Records]
02-Brothomstates-Mdrmx[Warp Records]
03-Susumu Yokota-Kodomotachi[Skintone]
04-theAudiologist-ell DN2[Section 27]
05-The Fear Ratio-Guv Three[Blueprint]
06-Moderat-Slow Match[BPitch Control]
08-Logical Disorder-Magazine[Crazy Language]
10-Roel Funcken-Skinetic Culpture[Eat Concrete]
11-Sul.a-A Rather Jazzy Ending[Archipel]
13-Qebrus-ArgQ[Bedroom Research]
14-FMcontrol-ToVizo[Crazy Language]
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Camillo Amalfi / Empirical Evidence – Scum


Camillo Amalfi / Empirical Evidence


Memories, annotations, visions and maybe spectrums or “debris” from the ’70s.
Audiovisual performance with cello loop, noises and toys.
Camillo Amalfi / Voices – Toys – Noises….
Empirical evidence / Cello – Loop – Black box….
Litania (Feb 24, 2012 – Palermo)
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Yrrow – 820




01-Yeah, Like An Illness(2:00)
03-Stalk Me(2:46)
04-Would Be Pure Misery(1:28)
06-Hit The Seat(0:55)
07-Afx Tribe(1:29)
08-Ins Version 0.1(2:40)
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Sindrome Amok – Sons Of Disruptum

Sindrome Amok

“Sons Of Disruptum”

World art, improvisation, noise, oral rock.

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CHEFKIRK – HARSCH digital works VOL. I

[…….. ]


“HARSCH digital works VOL. I “

CHEFKIRK’s no-input mixer generated sounds are self-cannibalized and intricately recomposed into simmer & slice, rumble & fry, bit-soaked rhythmic elements with moments of active title-suggested harshness & meditative purges. Free download from the most microscopic of electronic labels, .x.
released 12 March 2012
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Garde VIII


Black Square Cloudcast

“back to Avant-Garde VIII”

“There is no place for the past in the realm of the future…” – from Sun Ra’s apocalyptic poem “The Damned Air”

00:00 Delia Derbyshire – Running (1964)
08:04 Jean-Claude Risset – Mutations (1969)
12:57 Janet Cardiff – A Large Slow River (2001)
30:52 Jack Goldstein – THE QUIVERING EARTH (1977)
39:43 Masonna – Part XVII (1997)
41:03 Nam June Paik – Etude for Pianoforte (1960)
56:27 Sun Ra – The Damned Air (1962)

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Wapstan & Hal McGee – Cruststain


Wapstan & Hal McGee


CrustStain consists of paired 62-minute microcassette recordings by Wapstan (Martin Sasseville, Montreal, Quebec) and Hal McGee (Gasinesville, Florida). In early 2012 Wapstan recorded random and varied sounds from his daily life in Montreal (including radio and TV and sporting events, machine sounds, minimal electronics, etc.) in collage fashion on a microcassette and mailed it to McGee. McGee listened to Wapstan’s tape once through to get the general feeling of the flow of the sounds, and then he set about recording sounds from his daily life, from work, home, streets, restaurants, stores, conversations, etc. After McGee completed his tape he mixed his and Wapstan’s tapes together strictly on a one-to-one basis, arbitrarily, creating a happy-accident lo-fi crusty bruitistic dual-track juxtaposition celebration of the mundane drenched in tape hiss audio collage.

various artists – Sayonara Nuclear Power


various artists

“Sayonara Nuclear Power”

Sayonara Nuclear Power is a memorial masterpieces for antinuclear.
Its music consists of 14 musicians from Japan and from overseas.
These abstract sounds are made from their own thoughts and feelings to the Nuclear power. We will be pleased if listeners find some kind of an inspiration from the music.This compilation had been released on March 12, a year after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

# tracks
1.noine – nuke reset set
2.Yuki Matatsumura – __i_
3.In Vitro – Free Energy Safe Energy
4.guillotine hairshaver – Little Boy
5.thaneco – Oceanic birds above nuclear factories
6.Paskal. – Rubber theme
7.ememe – Invasion Of Justice
8.whizz kid – summer bubbles
9.twomilliondays – Fukushima
10.sanmi – あの日、それから、そして
11.steradd – Radioactive Dancers
12.Le Passage du Nord-Ouest – Fukushima
13.gnyonpix – reikyakusui
14.Nagumo – 手引き月

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Inference – Reference

[Kreislauf 118]



Inference – Reference
(Kreislauf 118)

01 Reference (8:31)
02 For My Nerves (9:07)
03 Article Remover (13:31)
04 My Life In An Oilcan (6:39)

11. März 2012

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Noston – Toxic

[kreislauf 117]



Noston – Toxic
(Kreislauf 117)01 Geigerzähler (3:40)
02 Cool Down (5:19)
03 Toxic (5:06)
04 Trumpet Playing Starfish (6:47)
05 Faraz (4:57)
06 High Sky (5:53)
07 Lullaby For My Little Monkey (4:56)
08 One Fifty (3:40)
09 Janos (5:00)
10 Deep Love (4:40)
11 Another Trip (5:20)
12 Ashes To Ashes (3:06)
13 Nozart The Night Music (5:21)

04. März 2012

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hertzcanary – birds don’t come easy



“birds don’t come easy”

A bird on your hard disk is worth two in the bush. Here’s another hatchling by the nightingale of intelligent dance chirp – hertzcanary. birds don’t come easy is the third of the bird series (see related releases below for more). The clutch of five precocial biped lobit funk songs were composed with the now almost extinct FastTracker II.
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The Noisy Garden


A.A. V.V.


Nostress Netlabel celebrates first anniversary with a compilation of previous unreleased tracks by artists from the netlabel and not only. It’s hard to believe it’s already passed first year and our commitment has enabled us to meet many important talents of the world’s independent music scene. This unexpected success encourages us to strengthen our commitment to the only real purpose: the promotion of free music. It ‘s very great to see that this planet is full of musical talent of all kinds and also great to know and promote artists on a global level. We are happy to receive much music and live recordings…it means faith in us. A big thank to all the artists who collaborated in this first initiative that we hope can be repeated every year.
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01-Erissoma-Sustainer whispers[Miga]
02-Zreen Toyz & Saccomani-Uncertain Symmetry Of Structural Oscillation[Sillage Intemporel]
03-Primitive Thinkers-There Can Be Peace[LoopJazz]
04-Empiric Project-Sargassum[Picpack]
06-The Get-The Darkness[IDMf Netlabel]
07-Great Skies-Breath In The Air[Silenced]
09-Dreza-Slug On The Roof[Kreislauf]
10-Jwilson-It Flickers Between The Endless[IDMf Netlabel]
11-Reed Refucher-Inside me[Section27]
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Ars Sonor & Meklabor – Reeds Remixed


Ars Sonor & Meklabor

“Reeds Remixed”

Effluvia is proud to present another collaborative work with Laetitia Schteinberg of Ars Sonor. Her last release on my little netlabel of sheer, unquestioned brilliance was an epic joint effort between more than a dozen artists, and though only one of those fellow sound manipulators joins with Sonor here, it is no less epic, challenging, and empowering. Another wonderful industrial statement on art at large, Meklabor (dmitry Vlasov) is the one who joins. Originally appearing on Effluvia as Sunburzt, here he brings his colorful sonic abrasive rhythms that glitch, crackle, expand, and shatter the inner menagerie, and never before has the shattering glass of lovecrafted critters of glass so punch-packing. Four tracks where these rhythms echo through haunted dance floors and cemetery raves. A filter of psychonautic junkyard bliss that will surely get your blood pumping with synapse pleasing vibrations, though don’t get the vibe that these tracks aren’t still a challenge to the untrained ear. A Rorschach test of psychedelic catacombs that may tickle something less pleasant than the funny bone. All of this mixed perfectly with Ars Sonor. Broad, dense ambient tundras as far as the ears can hear, a distant blizzard screaming whispers of despair inside your dreaming head, yet with such ecstasy at the same time. This album, as masterfully conjured as anything I’ve heard of either of these musical savants, will sure digest well for your ears. Falling through corridors, fingers bleeding into the reeds, the volcanoes wait for the footsteps to ascend, loudly, with a rhythm your arachnid ears cannot ever hope to hear. Thank you very much for your lovely sounds Meklabor, and to Laetitia Schteinberg, I hope, we hope, that you are doing well!

Radex – Trip Beats



“Trip Beats”

02- Littlebit Noisy(3:19)
03- La(4:20)
04-Risng The Atmosphere(5:06)
05-Move Out(5:03)
06-Trip The Beat(5:29)
09- Lapse(5:29)
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Pregnant Spore – Garden Performance


Pregnant Spore

“Garden Performance”

artist: Pregnant Spore
title: “Garden Performance”

1. Secrets
2. From Wayzata To White Bear Lake, through Golden Valley, Bryn Mawr, Saint Anthony and Highlight Park
3. End Of June
4. Color Of Bloom
5. Foliage Wheel
6. Variegated Grasses
7. What You Did To My Stomach Lining
8. Orchard (live @ Black Smoke Lodge, Mayo, MD 8.24.11)

Bio/statement: “pregnant spore is justin marc lloyd on electronics, voice, space heater, music stand & tapes.”

– 8 tracks of sound-abstract-weird-experimental-noise
– as always…..

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Aos Crowley – Orange and Black Cloud


Aos Crowley

“Orange and Black Cloud”

Aos Crowley is one of the primary projects of composer and sound designer Matt Dean. His other projects are Chromasonic and Slo Virus. Matt has been a musician for over 35 years and has produced work in a variety of formats and styles, including film scores and game sound design for Sony Playstation Home. Currently he collaborates with multiple musicians and artist in various disciplines. He lives in San Francisco, CA, USA.

From first to the last note “Orange and Black Cloud” fascinate the listner. This release is a “sound portal” toward futurist imaginary sceneries. Abstract and Sci-Fi atmospheres are pleasantly contagious. An Aos Crowley precious gift…maybe from the future…

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e/tape – RUZZI MIX




Thierry Massard – A EN TIO

abstract – ambient – sound

Thierry Massard


Monsieur Massard presents us with a project called “A EN TIO”, borrowing from the name of an enigmatic place he passes by from time to time.
This intriguing grocery, closed for ages, has been decaying and the outdoor sign is losing its letters. Originally, the sign read “ALIMENTATION”; then, after a few years, the “M” became a “W”, turning upside down, the “I” fell, and so on… Today, all that is left is “A EN TIO”.
The sounds in this work portray the decay process, the rough forces of nature and the passage of time (something we’re all familiarized with, although we tend to ignore).
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Tag Cloud – Named Entities


Tag Cloud

“Named Entities”

Tag Cloud (Chris Videll) started in 2009 as a series of obscure experiments with field recordings and has come to include analog electronics, fx, cheap keyboards, metal percussion, shruti box, etc. Best described at this point as “electroacoustic sound sculpture and carpets of drone”. On Named Entities he performs on analog electronics, sk1, monotron, shruti box, gongs, tibetan bowls, bells, pedals, fx, processing, pitch pipe.
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To The Swans

The Hirundu

“Feed The Ducks- To The Swans”

From the 2012 album ‘The Colour Of Pamanganates’
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Anton Mobin – Collision at Epsilonia

improvisation – abstract – experimental

Anton Mobin

“Collision at Epsilonia”

Sound artist and radio producer, the sound recording and the sound effects are the essential elements of his work of composition. Born in 1979, Anthony Baron lives in Paris and works where the improvisation and the sound creation is going full swing in the world. It is under the name of Anton Mobin that he produces his radio creations and that he occurs on stage. Anton Mobin’s sound activities evolve in two universes: the improvised music and the radio art. He defines himself his initiative in the continuity of the concrete music: his approach is directed on the listening of the sounds of the everyday life and their use in the radio composition, to develop an “extensive” concrete music.

Collision at Epsilonia (January 12, 2012)

Live performance for the Radio Programme Epsilonia dedicated to experimental music. It is broadcasted each thursday on Radio Libertaire, Paris / France (89.4 FM) from 22PM to midnight (GMT+1)

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