Tommaso Busatto – The undetermined object


Tommaso Busatto

“The undetermined object”

Tommaso Busatto

The undetermined object [0kbps031]

01 – Scrap of life
02 – Dissolved in a spoonful
03 – Sutured
04 – Sink on a rusty boat
05 – Maggot pie
06 – Awareness
07 – From this point to the below
08 – Teenage tribadism


MAV [0kbps] Records, May 2013

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Lapa – Lobe

Various Artists – Circuits Imprimés vol. 03


Various Artists

“Circuits Imprimés vol. 03”

After the first volume which was a tribute to the netlabels scene & the second volume with our main artists, here it comes ‘Circuits Imprimés vol. 03’. This time we invited some of our favorite artists to make their own ‘PCB’ sound. A nice way to celebrate 5 years of our netlabel. Abstract, IDM, Glitch or whatever the style, you’ll find on this final volume some great interpretations of what we call ‘Circuits Imprimés’. We hope we have succeeded to connect all this electronic components together to achieve a complex electronic circuit. But those ‘PCB’ tracks are not intended to be printed only on your hard drive, but to be printed in your brain…/…
– Compiled by Pleq & Syndrôm –
featuring: Valance Drakes – Maps And Diagrams – Roel Funcken – Architect – Dirk Geiger – C.H. District – Syndrôm – Karsten Pflum – EU – Pleq and Hajimeinoue – Lauki – Sifa Dias – The Green Kingdom – Sense – Yvat – Joel Tammik – Tim Koch – Joseph Auer (Lackluster Pitchmix) – Fedaden – VNDL – Poborsk – Tapage
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Kanukanakina – Triplo-67





Kanukanakina, explorer of the circuit board, returns to EdP with three short tracks.
Revealing of his experience and experimentation with circuit bent objects, these stimulating sounds take you on a trip through a never crossed path. Enjoy the soundscape!
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d’incise – akènes




Akènes is a new album by ultra-prolific artist D’Incise, from Switzerland. In D’Incise rich and multiform discography, this record is to be connected with his masterpiece Cendre et Poudre.

Composed between 2009 and 2010, Akènes saw d’Incise turn towards a more organic way of producing music. A real deconstruction of the rhythmic and melodic structures leading to an extremely free type of electronica.

This record is co-produced with french label Drone Sweet Drone.

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Anagramm – From Enceladus



“From Enceladus”

Third release for Anagramm on Pavillon36. This one is a very relaxing EP influenced by neoclassical & glitchy beats. Enjoy!
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NP – Blue Surface


“Blue Surface”

Contemporary classical meets jazz and glitch.
Second album of French composer
Philippe Nore for NoEcho records.

n = np
H = – Kl og p

all tracks written, mixed and mastered by NP (Philippe Nore)

Workshops und Line-up beim STFU Festival Dresden

STFU DRESDEN 13 – 15 JULI 2012


STFU Dresden 2012 Gorilla Concert from STFU Dresden 2012 on Vimeo.


The Plastic Jazz Orchestra – 39°


The Plastic Jazz Orchestra


“When talking about music with people, for saying things like “this beat is taken from …” i often get replys like: “yeah maybe, but i like it anyways.” If there wouldn’t be these “but, anyways” i’d be fine with it. We’re all stuck in the 18th century mentally. In the Middle Ages “componere” still had the original meaning of “to enclose”. It was taken for granted to derive new chorales from older ones. Usually parts of such compounds were composed but not completely new works. Whole works were crafted (=facere) which is a facile idea of mechanic humility, something we should care about.”
(Bernd Burnson)

The Plastic Jazz Orchestra was formed by Bernd Burnson in late 2006 as an ensemble electronique for modern music. Tragically Bernd Burnson passed away in summer 2007 and left behind a bunch of young people determined to create something completely different, something new in terms of musical expression. So the tracks from ’39°’ by The Plastic Jazz Orchestra had never been compositions in their origins but handcrafted pieces of what we call music.

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Kanukanakina – Speed Selector



“Speed Selector”

Miguel Pipa dá-nos a ouvir as entranhas das suas maquinarias e quinquilharia. Através do “circuit-bending” – técnica que explora percursos alternativos nos circuitos impressos – ele guia-nos por uma viagem electrizante, mas não sem alguns percalços!
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downliners sekt – negative green


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