Episode 1


Ghryzly Atoms

“Cassandra Complex: Episode 1”

320kbps – November 2012
Abstract Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop / Psychedelic / Rock


01 – 3:33
02 – Black Iris (The Ocean)
03 – One Eyed King
04 – Conversations With Ghosts
05 – Hit Me!
06 – The Tragedy
07 – Clear As Crystal
08 – Drive Slow
09 – Hey Zeus
10 – Sun Spot Ode
11 – Phanerothyme (A Poet’s Garden)
12 – LahLahLand

Total: (35:08)

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Nick R 61 – Tc vetofor


Nick R 61

“Tc vetofor”

Style | Genre: Abstract, Broken Beat, Fusion, Glitch, Glitch-Hop, IDM
Duration: 00:25:18
Release Date: 01.11.2012
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Muhr – Hantises




Vincent Fugère’s last album, Dream Dictionary ( released on Les Enregistrements Variables, which is now on this very site ), dwelled in the grime of nightmares with ghostly pianos, noise and lamented guitars. This time Muhr goes back to his roots, taking in some of the aspects from his The Kodama Institute ep as well as his older, more beaty work to release ” Hantises “.
While some tracks are heavy, with trip-hop beats crumbling under the pressure of the weighty atmospheres, some others rely on space and sparseness. On hantise, you enter the physical manifestation of the terrain thread in Dream Dictionary; as terror and gloom slowly creep on the horizon, you are forced to look inside and find the calm and light-heartedness to face it.Un mot en français; Rouge et The dead ( démocratie remix ) ont été fortement inspiré de mes foulées dans les manifs du printemps érable. La force et la détermination de mon peuple m’inspire énormément. On se revoit dans la rue !

Along with the album, you can check out the additional visuals photographed and designed by Vincent Fugère. ( below and here )

Music and Photography by Vincent Fugère

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Tom Phonic – Good Luck Knowing


Tom Phonic

“Good Luck Knowing”

The futuristic, yet low-tech, metropolis is always alive. Mechanoids, automatons and robots of all sizes, shapes and colors move around constantly, sometimes crashing into each other, creating ever-evolving patterns. The city is tiny; so tiny that it can fit on the tip of a needle. Among the inhabitants there are also tiny humans, people like you and me. On sunny days, they go out to meet each other, make friends, fall in love. In the eternally changing scenery, the buzz of the city becomes their soundtrack: the whirrs of moving parts turn into leads and pads, the rhythmic sounds of switches and locks transform to complex syncopated beats and the roar of motors provides the bassline. On sunny days, the tiny people sing and dance to this soundtrack, while the entire city flows in the background.
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SB – Level Up

[Kreislauf 123]


“Level Up”

SB – Level Up
(Kreislauf 123)

01 Late Night (3:16)
02 Jazzy Dub (3:44)
03 Africhilly (3:19)
04 Die Waage (2:38)
05 Doppel K (3:49)
06 Das Verschickter (2:36)
07 Whistlewhisper (3:42)
08 Deepspace (3:54)
09 Nebelschwaden (3:17)
10 Greenland (4:27)
11 Frikl (2:50)
12 Bis Bald (3:46)

Level Up von SB zeigt einmal mehr die Wandlungsfähigkeit des umtriebigen Neustädter. Mit kurpfälzischer Gelassenheit drückt er uns tief in die Sessel und die wummernden Bässe tun ihr übriges…

12. August 2012

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Longman – Split Personality



“Split Personality”

01 – Domestic Violence (4:50)
02 – Gravity Material(4:31)
03 – The Glass Bead Game(4:47)
04 – Split Personality(4:22)
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blackdaylight – exile




htrspltn – all your flowers have blossomed for me EP



“all your flowers have blossomed for me EP”

htrspltn returns to Dystopiaq with another chilled out release filled with dark atmospheres and abstract beats.

Artist: htrspltn
Title: all your flowers have blossomed for me EP
Release: dystopiaq031
Date: May 29, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Hip-Hop, Illbient
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=350

01 like an animal
02 don’t rush
03 our antennas run into the sky
04 what’s in the box?
05 thought throbs
06 sheinrock – motion (htrspltn rmx)
07 sheinrock – sin (htrspltn rmx)
08 hack the system (bonus experiment)

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Dust Collector – Narcolepsy


Dust Collector


Dust Collector is a difficult artist to pigeonhole into a single genre. This release is out of left field, and is for anyone interested interested in truly experimental music that transcends the rigidity of a label.

Artist: Dust Collector
Title: Narcolepsy
Release: dystopiaq030
Date: May 21, 2012
Genre: Abstract, Hip-Hop, Experimental
Permalink: http://dystopiaq.com/?p=333

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Blackdaylight – Exile

[Kreislauf 120]



Blackdaylight – Exile
(Kreislauf 120)

01 Airsick Blues (Live)
02 Death De Amor
03 Human Condition
04 Searchlight
05 Memories
06 Sabotage Island
07 Ghostly Intentions
08 Invictus (Live)
09 The Denominator (Live)
10 Shadow Monster (Live Kitchen Sink Demo)
11 Disclosure (Live)
12 Sunlit (Live + screwD)
13 Apocalypse Of Love

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neuma – Volviendo a casa



“Volviendo a casa”

A perfect title for [neuma]´s return to SERIES media squad. In his best shape ever, he offers us songs that move between hip-hop and landscape electronica. Regarding the hip-hop exercise, there is no doubt that ‘224 (falsa alarma)’ is one of the year’s song of the genre, where along with the MC’s Medina and Vito (Bellavista Social Club) they create a fine and emotive piece, perfect for Boom Boxes en español.
In the instru(mental) hip-hop department,’229 (pullovers y encajes)’ offers sexy and cadentious grooves that inhabit your brain for a long time. The ‘Versa 01, 02, 03’ series drop us into that [neuma] ocean where everything is a bit slower, pale but immensely beautiful.
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(P.A.)Bries – rehi028




Rhein-Neckar-Beatprofessor (P.A.)Bries opens up his holy crates again for another excellent EP on Reh Incarnation.
All 4 tracks, recorded from 2001-2003, demonstrate his ability to tell unforgettable drum-and-melody-orientated stories straight out of his favourite piece of musical equipment.

01. Green Love (5:25)
02. Winterbegegnung (3:37)
03. Mekka Bleibt Mekka (6:05)
04. Was Ich Glaub (5:35)

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Koolkilla – Jedi Night Of Dark Audio EP



“Jedi Night Of Dark Audio EP”

Artist….: Koolkilla
Title….: Jedi Night Of Dark Audio EP
Catalog#….: DAST033
Medium….: 4 x File / EP
Playtime….: 17min 18sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s / Original Master Files)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Country….: Germany
Released….: 23 Mar 2012
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Electro, Dub, Hip-Hop

01 Intro 3:25
02 Bana Kalan Isyan 5:01
03 Jedi Night Of Dark Audio 4:36
04 Dub Wonderland 4:15

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The Kodama Institute – Somewhere around the parts, i lost her

The Kodama Institute

“Somewhere around the parts, i lost her”

New album by The Kodama Institute, also known as Camomille and Variables’ Muhr.
Hip-hop instrumentals, electronica, idm, ambient.

Are you becoming transparent ?
Are you feeling quantum displacement ?

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Apes On Tapes – Big Wordz Big Wizard


Altered:Carbon – Livin’ and Learning [ft. Akila Da Hun]


Titus XII – Barman Business


Titus XII

“Barman Business”

The infamous Titus XII returns with an EP full of rare cuts, outtakes and early tracks. From the dirty, distorted ‘Bitter Business’ to the chirpy hip hop shuffle of ‘Grundy’ and the Shakespearian ‘Suits of Woe’, Bardman Business is a strong introduction to the early work of this British producer. Well worth a listen, even if you haven’t checked out his full-length Planet Terror release Dig and Delve yet.
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Shag – Yellow


dreza – the stray seagull

[kreislauf 114]


“the stray seagull”

viel zu lange mussten wir auf das neue album von dreza warten. doch in budapest ticken die uhren anders und wir werden für das warten mit leckerstem trip-hop aus der donaumetropole belohnt.

Dreza – The Stray Seagull
(Kreislauf 114)

01 slug on the roof
02 killa bee
03 the stray seagull
04 bittersweet
05 final decision
06 swirling thoughts
07 open road
08 shelter for the night
09 winds of change
10 fatal collapse
11 distractions
12 igloo
13 falling leaves
14 nuptial hop
15 back to the roots

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GDaddie – Ride With Me



“Ride With Me”

After two critically acclaimed releases on Dusted Wax Kingdom, the time has come once again for another overdose of electronified blues, funk and breakbeat euphoria, lovingly put together by Michalis Papoulakos, aka GDaddie. “Ride With Me” – the twelvth release for greek netlabel memoryformat.net – is a spaceship ride through unique moments of jazz music, and much much more.
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ABC da smoke Beatz – Ghetto


EGGBLOOD – God and the Profits


Lurdez Da Luz & Stephanie – Andei



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