Not The Elephant – Broken Sky

Still Pluto – Bitter Pill

jim lace / alex nova – twists

The Bomb Busters – Passion

Чокнутый Пропеллер – Глазами Детей

Beyond Reclaim – Hopes They Die

Rotten Lily – 何かの記念に

AutoReMi-PK – BRKN

Fryvolic Art – Ornaments

Fire To The Stars – Keep You Safe / Wholesale Slaughter

Claudio Quartarone – Mastermind

Nick Rivera – Zamalek

Indievision – Indievision EP

I Killed Techno! – Whataburger Deathburger

poj.wlkp – Północ Półsen Półdzień

Tick Tick – My Swelling Heart

Not The Elephany – Strangers

Campo – Cuero, Bosta y Vaca

Projekt Luty – Rejestrator

Burning House – Ⅱ

Radiomaniac – Antenna Theory

Zoltan Freitag – Krasnojarsk

Pulitzer – N°0

The LTP – Dissociation

Gruppo Ics – Addizione

Blok – Самый Первый Альбом

Jan Strach – O.O.S.

Exclamation Point/Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros

Burning House – Burning House


Greg Reinfeld – Summer Jams of re-Itori Jones

Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird

Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma (single)

Die Leere im Kern Deiner Hoffnung – Zeit ist eine Illusion

Wacky Southern Current – Argonautica

Saito Koji – Elephant

Echonaif – radioesse

Jan Strach – Jan Strach Otwiera Szafkę

Echonaif – La logica delle Falene

yogur de pera – yogur de pera

Emerald Park – Things EP

Emerald Park – Things EP

Widiwava – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5/4

Deftechnixks – At Dusk I Painted Your Lips EP

Proiekt Massage – Proiekt Massage EP

V.A. – INDIAVOLATI Basilicata Rock Tetris

Rotten Lily – Blame!

Noistruct – From Noranda To Obliteration

coakira – The Snakepit

Neuf Meuf – On Titled EP

T.BIRD – tbirdintheelectronicmist

Hospital – The Trees Were Higher