Knolios – toile

R+P – Landscape




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La Eskimo EP


Milki – Way

“La Eskimo EP”

Label: Deep-X Recordings
Catalog#: deepx169
Format: 5 x File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Russia
Released: 12 Mar 2012
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Tech House

01 – My Buthroom (7:01)
02 – La Eskimo (4:32)
03 – Violet (4:07)
04 – Apologize (5:01)
05 – Magic Square (6:34)

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Inference – Reference

[Kreislauf 118]



Inference – Reference
(Kreislauf 118)

01 Reference (8:31)
02 For My Nerves (9:07)
03 Article Remover (13:31)
04 My Life In An Oilcan (6:39)

11. März 2012

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Mr.Dee – D4

omara – seducing





01. omara – seducing [9:09]
02. omara – seducing (tooltech remix) [6:11]

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Noston – Toxic

[kreislauf 117]



Noston – Toxic
(Kreislauf 117)01 Geigerzähler (3:40)
02 Cool Down (5:19)
03 Toxic (5:06)
04 Trumpet Playing Starfish (6:47)
05 Faraz (4:57)
06 High Sky (5:53)
07 Lullaby For My Little Monkey (4:56)
08 One Fifty (3:40)
09 Janos (5:00)
10 Deep Love (4:40)
11 Another Trip (5:20)
12 Ashes To Ashes (3:06)
13 Nozart The Night Music (5:21)

04. März 2012

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mixersmith – electricity




We have known Mixersmith as Robotron’s reliable friend. Now he releases his first solo release at Audioexit: Electricity EP. This four-track composition shows us that Mixersmith evolves, creating more and more interesting pieces. He has a unique sound, but at this time it is lighter and consumable – we say lighter, not light! Comparing to Dan Mute’s calculated, strict sounds, this work is close to it, but the tracks search for independence, play with the limits, and more lighter, airy tracks. Mixersmith makes his solo debut very well.
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Point – Deepending




Deep, deep and once again deep is the most accurate way to describe an album which is loaded with a perfect balance of emotional, driving and pad-refined Techno. Catching you in the first seconds and releasing you after serveral replays in the last second, with a huge delight in your face. We are proud to release the first album by Point exclusively on Digital Diamonds.
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Substak – Bleepsequence Mix



“Bleepsequence Mix”

Blpsq Mix

01.Senor Frio – Sekvens [blpsq001]
02.Revy – Brownouts ( Trigerfinger Remix) [blpsq004]
03.Revy – Changebot ( Piltdown Sound Remix) [blpsq004]
04.Nacho Monetto – Douleur La Cheville [blpsq013]
05.John Massey – Broken Defence ( The Automatic Message Remix) [blpsq007]
06.Sone – Exit Strategy [blpsq001]

Bleepsequence is a platform for artists to share their work in an environment encouraging collaboration and reinterpretation, for the cause of forward thinking experimentalism in electronic media.

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Together (Knolios Remix)


” Knolios-Spektre – Together (Knolios Remix) “

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Sinus Force – Sinus Therapy


Sinus Force

“Sinus Therapy”

01 ~ Sinus Force ~ Technostar ~ 5:41
02 ~ Sinus Force ~ Die innere Unruhe ~ 4:48
03 ~ Sinus Force ~ Polymorphism ~ 3:21
04 ~ Sinus Force ~ Sinus therapy ~ 5:48
05 ~ Sinus Force ~ Morgenrot ~ 1:42
06 ~ Sinus Force ~ Rising force ~ 6:54
07 ~ Sinus Force ~ Schmerz (2011 reedit) ~ 2:58
08 ~ Sinus Force ~ Krzml ~ 4:55
09 ~ Sinus Force ~ Träumerythmen (2011 reedit) ~ 3:16
10 ~ Sinus Force ~ Albträumerythmen ~ 4:38
11 ~ Sinus Force ~ Rave (Outro) ~ 1:11

get the mp3 (320kbps) as zip | release on | release on

“When he wins a battle, the warrior celebrates. This victory has cost him anxious moments, nights racked with doubt, endless days of waiting. Since ancient times, celebrating a triumph has been part of the ritual of life itself: celebration is a rite of passage. His companions see the warrior of light’s joy and think: ‘Why is he doing that? He might be disappointed in his next battle. He might draw down on himself the wrath of his enemy.’ But the warrior knows why he is celebrating. He is savouring the best gift that victory can bring: confidence. He celebrates yesterday’s victory in order to gain more strength for tomorrow’s battle.” by Paulo Coelho

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Substak – Load and Clear mix



“Load and Clear mix”

Load and clear is a non profit netlabel based in Louvain la Neuve,Belgium.
Which intends to present material in mp3 format,downloadable for free.
Under creative commons licenses.
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Pagalve – Docks (Live Version)

Taer & Fehder – Caligula’s Place

house – electronic – techno

Taer & Fehder

“Caligula’s Place”

We are proud to present our first release and label start as well introducing a 2 Track Ep produced by “Taer & Fehder“.

This is not the typical Style people know from them when playing as DJ’s at raves and events in and around Hamburg. It’s more intended to be a listening piece for coming home after a hard weekend.

01 Espanita (Original Mix) 08.15
02 Arkostre 08.10
03 Irlos (Live Cut) 06.37

“You lost some thoughts
out on a limb
drink me, drink me
i’ll see to it at once”

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Sebastian Heda – Look Back EP


Sebastian Heda

“Look Back EP”

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Alicia Hush – Farm Fresh EP


Alicia Hush

“Farm Fresh EP”

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Eggbox – Lombric Cerebral LP



“Lombric Cerebral LP”

The last and Final Album of Eggbox after the closing project…
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Dadive – Supplices EP



“Supplices EP”

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“Deep-X Recordings-Mix”

01-Artem Folevski-Sounds Of Maya
02-Mark Meino-Galucinaci
03-Mr.Dee-Mikki Original Mix
04-Alex Shnur-Meduse Fcode Remix
05-Leipzig-Dirty Falcotta
06-Albert Koall-Minimal Strike
08-NepTuna-Tech Memoirs V.1
09-Psycho Cowboys-Sick
10-Olympic Smoker-Braintrash
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omara – spooky // dream



“spooky // dream”

some dark atmospheric techno tunes for the cold winter season :)

01. omara – spooky [8:44]
02. omara – dream [10:40]

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JMD – Excitement


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