Snort Burrell – April 15, 2019

Snort Burrell  – April 15, 2019

Snort Burrell

“April 15, 2019”

Behind every snort there’s a treasure chest filled with precious exhibits
~April 15, 2019 by Snort Burrell is now available on sub65
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Marco Colonna


Marco Colonna : clarinet, bass clarinet
Recorded and mixed by Marco Colonna
March-April 2019photo by Alessandro Lisci
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Emanuele Colucci – Mine Reflex

Emanuele  Colucci – Mine Reflex

Emanuele Colucci

“Mine Reflex”

3 wave tracks minimal
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Matti_T – Farewell

Matti_T – Farewell



An endless ending.
Or object of change.
Tears; that run dry.Matti T says goodbye to music producing. Hopefully it’ll be just for some time. His talent is brilliant. But it seems that he emptied himself in emotional and musical processes to some extent. Please enjoy his so far final release at Phonocake, a sixty minutes mix of old and new tracks.
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KiB – Lithuanian Metrica

KiB – Lithuanian Metrica


“Lithuanian Metrica”

Take a pipette and drip a drop of water on your own palm. Transparent drop, full of invisible organisms, chemical elements, and personifications. Looking at the drop, thoughts are spinning. With the other hand rub the drop until the drop penetrates the skin and disappears. Hands need lots of water, but it’s enough for this time. Look at the lake…

The album was based on Lithuanian Chronicles, history and historical personalities, who might be connected to each in strange ways. While working on each track special attention was given to convey with sounds all the aspects of each historical personality and their influence on the history of Lithuania.

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Various – Noise Factory 2018 ‘klangtiegel’

Various – Noise Factory 2018 “klangtiegel”
[ACP 1202]


“Noise Factory 2018 “klangtiegel””

Arne Heisch
Lu Laumer
Dieter Mauson
Wolfgang Neven
Dan Penschuck
Sascha Stadlmeier
Henning André Voss
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Spintribe – Phantoms EP

Spintribe – Phantoms EP


“Phantoms EP”

Phantoms EP by Spintribe will elude and distort your senses with the duo’s engaging take on pleasantly unpredictable and evolving progressive techno. Their smooth, dreamy, atmospheric soundscapes and deep, brooding pads give the EP a cloud nine feel while going hand in hand with their funky bass lines, stabby synths and rock-solid drums. All in all the EP has impeccable production quality, intriguing narrative, well-crafted sound design with playful changes and drops and will leave you staring up at the sky on those wind-swept, day time festival dance floors.
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BLACKMOD – Night Walkers

BLACKMOD – Night Walkers
[NYB/EXT 025 ]


“Night Walkers”

Blackmod – Fuckish
Blackmod – Filler
Blackmod – Again
Blackmod – Street buddha
Blackmod – Fuckish (Jacopo Bacci Rmx)
Blackmod – Filler ( Rmx)
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Shekuza – De Sica

Shekuza – De Sica


“De Sica”

“The album De Sica is made using custom modular patching systems for synthesis and composition in which the analogue and the digital join hands: a continuous signal through patch cables performing analogue voltage control of an almost infinite variety of parameters and available hardware modules.

Many forms of music simultaneously existing locally and accessible in the global exchange are creating a continuum of events–geographically and historically–musical works that transcend discrete performances. Relatively differentiated musical objects (releases, labels, creators) or images of music can be ‘dequantized’ into a continuity of known and undiscovered structures. Music is continuous with everyday life from which it emerges.

The creative force on this album is sourced from personal stories and since it is part of an infinite music space, its undulations between music and noise are deeply interconnected with community, society, and politics.” (excerpt from liner notes on the USB-booklet)
released May 8, 2019

Miha Šajina · composition, recording, production
Blacklisted Mastering · mastering
Maruša Hren · USB booklet
Luka Prinčič · liner notes, design, executive production
Lina Rica · video support, source graphics
Stella Ivšek · promo design, Rentgen streaming

Thanks to Duška, Nepal and Tibet.

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Zenapolæ – 20 Years in 4T Minutes

Zenapolæ – 20 Years in 4T Minutes


“20 Years in 4T Minutes”

a musical journey along Zenapolæ’s timeline celebrating its 20th anniversary

Nik, aka 4T Thieves, from Finland, has crafted an awesome 4-deck live remix of 23 tracks taken from Zenapolæ’s catalog, in roughly chronological order. this 40-minute continuous remix track beautifully reflects the label’s development over time, at the same time creating its own, unique atmosphere. from our electronic beginnings, through the dark ambient phase, into its present more experimental orientation.

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The Cancel – Reply From Space

The Cancel – Reply From Space

The Cancel

“Reply From Space”

Oldie but goldie!

Tracks list:

Intro From Space
NY In Night
Lullaby From The Moon
End of The Ride
Summer Tape
Low Emotion
Street Art (Bonus Track)
4U (Bonus Track)
Space Outro

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Bleupulp – Jamasakura

Bleupulp – Jamasakura



deep’n’dub minimal techno
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Aï – €õ – A Two-minute Lecture on Metamodernism

Aï – €õ – A Two-minute Lecture on Metamodernism

“€õ – A Two-minute Lecture on Metamodernism”

‘So, are there any other credentials you’d like to share with us that might not be listed on your CV?”Yes, I once attended a life-changing lecture on metamodernism.’

A Two-minute Lecture on Metamodernism by Aï is now available on sub65 media
#lobit #lecture #spokenword

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AAVV – Otto Anni e non vederli VOL 1 (2011-2019)

AAVV – Otto Anni e non vederli VOL 1 (2011-2019)


“Otto Anni e non vederli VOL 1 (2011-2019) “

AAVV – Otto Anni e non vederli VOL 1 (2011-2019)

Nuovo capitolo EPHEDROSO per il Laboratorio, per questi OTTOANNI passati sotto i ponti partecipano personaggi già visti e non…. che continuano a tracciare tracce per il LABORATORIO.

Affezionati che confermano la loro vista utopistica ed il loro pensiero sognante di un nonluogo, dove tutti producono, dove tutti ascoltano e soprattutto dove tutti condividono beandosi dei numeri e del piacersi sbrodolandosi addosso ad ogni costo.

Spero la storia vada avanti per millenni, anzi per MINUTI e secondi… pratica quelli che darete al vostro cervello per spingere PLAY e buttarvi in queste 12 TRACCE.


Nel VOLUME UNO ascolterete molto TRIPHOPaBstraCTbeATSFUTUREsoundIntimiSTa!!

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Federico Schumacher – Lo Inquietante

Federico Schumacher – Lo Inquietante

Federico Schumacher

“Lo Inquietante”

(The Acousmatic Musical Experience & The Uncanny)
Federico Schumacher Ratti (Editor)By Miguel Vera-Cifras.

The work we are presenting today is part of a process of research, creation and listening carried out by a team of researchers, collaborators, and auditors, under the direction of the faculty of Psychology at the Universidad Diego Portales. An initiative that involved numerous people, including those who ultimately worked on the final design of the written document, its translation into English, and on the features that extend this process beyond the text.

This represents an interdisciplinary work, published under a Creative Commons license, whose hybrid imprint includes a book, a recording, and a web presence. Three channels of action and circulation mutually nourish one other. A printed book, also in PDF digital version. A CD featuring the musical creation entitled “Lo Inquietante” (The Uncanny) by Federico Schumacher, who also serves as a researcher and editor of the book. And, finally, a playlist of acousmatic musical pieces by the same author, uploaded to the Pueblo Nuevo website, where they can be visited in a manner that is personalized and free. Hence, there are three ways in which the reader, listener and navigator are summoned jointly to read, listen and participate, either by introducing themselves to the theoretical discussions, by listening to the accompanying musical creation, or by immersing themselves freely in the playlist that extends the format of the book to unprecedented reconfigurations yet to come…

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Radj – Genseq

Radj – Genseq



Tracks list:
Vibe Rate
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V.A. – humilate after rude solace humming near oracle in sunny environment

V.A. – humilate after rude solace humming near oracle in sunny environment
[ACPS 1026]


“humilate after rude solace humming near oracle in sunny environment”

01. DANIEL PICO – VHF Reader 07:24
05. ORiFiCE – Rallizes 09:04cover art by Claus Poulsen
design by EMERGE
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Toxic Chicken – Wet Pussy

Toxic Chicken  – Wet Pussy

Toxic Chicken

“Wet Pussy”

It’s raining! Hurry up and send all the kitties outside! It’s time for Wet Pussy!
~Wet Pussy by Toxic Chicken is now available on sub65.

#lobit #electronic #idm #funtimes #experimental #sub65media

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