Vitas Guerulaïtis – Le Tigre

Vitas Guerulaïtis – Le Tigre

Vitas Guerulaïtis

“Le Tigre”

released June 15, 2015

Vitas Guerulaitis is
Célia Jankowski (voice, keyboards, programming)
Ismaël Colombani (voice, guitar, programming)
David Costenaro (voice, drums)

The band comprises three french activists who sought refuge in Brussels. Their music is impossible to classify.

Etienne Foyer – Enregistrement, Mixage @Les ateliers Claus – Bruxelles – Décembre 2013
Christophe Albertijn – Mastering

Cover by Ismaël C.

Co-prod’ :
Tandori records – Cheap Satanism records – Whosbrain records – Rock n’ Roll Masturbation records – Aredje – S.K records – Attila Tralala and Do It Youssef !

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