John Bisset – Van Quixote

The Darkening Machine – Isolated

harmonie_mit_nichts + Tommaso Busatto – How to discover your life purpose

Metal Wind – Ancient Sounds Revival

Zoÿ Archa – Nodosities

Art Electronix – Error Process

A Day Without Speaking – Teaches You How To Sin

ABSRDST – Xhip Quim

Lethal Bronze – Secant Territories

Klaus-Peter Schneegass + Stefano Balice – Trittico martedizzato cannibalbo balla-balla net.futurista

Ivan Black – Machines

Toxic Toys Zone – Dissolution

Various Artists – f_a_r_e_s – From Dast till Down

Darvillers Ghost – The Grey Heaven

V.A. – Star-Cake Compilation – 2nd Candle

Tommaso Busatto – Vaportronica

David J Fonseca – Re Menor

MAV [0kbps] Records + Deep Lake Records – L’esteta della solitudine

Illusion Of Presence – Everyone Belongs To Everyone Else

Jude Cowan Montague – Winter Hill Sings

The 17 Sons of Abraxas – Smoke Poems

Various – Pick n Mix Vol.5

The Inner Shore – Mental Landscapes

QUEIXAS – Eye of newt

ABDUL MOIMÊME – Mekhaanu – La forêt des mécanismes sauvages

The Darkening Machine – The Useless Truths

NOS project – skin test

Illegal Narcotic Ride

Extatic Continuum – Transpersonal (Beyond Cerebrotonia)

Ix Prospectum – The Enigma Of Arrival EP

Luftschmiede – Luftschmiede LP

agnès pe. – Rob Herwig

antonio saccoccio + stefano balice – minimal vT

Brandumize – On Dynamism

Heu{s-k}ach – két

d’incise – akènes

Mirko Edelmann – Dirty Things (LP)

omara – hitschlampe remixed


Vitola Minks – Traffic

Vla DSound feat Esther Lazaro – Life in Backwards

Bipolar – Dissapoiment

Felipe Rojas – Paréntesis

Bruce Hamilton – Drams

Jean Montag – Unquiet

V.A. – Breathe 08

Vla DSound – Deeper Emotions

Only Toxic – The physical world

Vitola Minks – Dark People

Vitola Minks – Dark People

Serious Cut – Needle Noise EP