Yvan Poisson – Idiosyncrasies

Forefront – life inconvenience

Rasalasad – Thisenchanted

Wings of an Angel – The Groping Shadows A Parasite God Soaking In Distant Watermarks

Vicnet РVoil̩

Rasalasad – Thisekta

Astma and IOIOI – St. Petersburg/Yaroslavl (live 2013)

SANMI – めぐりあい宇宙

Beat Keller & Darius Ciuta – (n​)​nuotrauka

Csum and Sacha Rush – Portable

Incentive – Circumscribed

Rasalasad – Thista Ep

Thomas Park – North Side Three Thirteen AM

Luís Antero – Sound Places: Serra do Açor, Vol. 1

Jimmy Watt – Capture Emplace Recovery

Atabey – Betria

Nick R 61 – .tochka

Wings of an Angel – Argument Lens Decoded

Jimmy Watt – Silent Door To The Fall

Martin Rach – Works For Imaginary Orchestra

wk[es] – Hz-A001

David M. Paganin – Pointless Orbits

Drey Grade – ErrorTape

Zebenzui González & José Guillén – Poética Ignífuga

Thuuooom – Reuna EP

SD – SD1

Cupcake! – Misanthropy as a Defense Mechanism

Ilia Belorukov & Sergey Kostyrko / Alexei Borisov & Jelena Glazova – Split

ono – still

Reid Karris – Lacrimis de ex Arborum

Kosta T – зацепка

The Cow Goes Moo – Planet Paw

Alejandro Albornoz – Fluctuaciones 3: Live Electronics

Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor – Imprisoned

Peter Holy – s/t

Juan Antonio Nieto – ISOLATED

почему коммутатор молчит – топорная работа

Alejandro Albornoz – Fluctuaciones 2

Strunkdts – We All Star In Hell

Wings of an Angel – Silliest Noncentral Labyrinth Towards The Dumpster

Mauro Sambo – Quel mutamento era il primo di una serie infinita

Wings of an Angel – Return While One Prodigious Lightweight Proof Replaces The Brass In Your Docile Instrument

Wings of an Angel – Vain Crescent (Humble Collection Of Genuine Outsider Music)

Ayato & Planetaldol – MESA

10Konekt – That’s all folks

Nick R 61 – Mizantrip

Ambelion – Past Future

Airplanemusic – Airplane Introduction

Boss, Sambo, Chagas, Nobara & Silver T. – A fragile balance (Fourtounis)

V.A. – Loose Roots (Part Two)

Christos Sakellaridis – infinity sketchbook