Bredbery – Тля

Will Bangs – Stay Golden

Electric Mirrors – Unlimited Dream Company

Tending to Huey – Apple Core EP


Cocolixe – Doméstico EP

All It Takes

r. – Grabaciones fantasmales

Azoora – A Thousand Ways EP

dmyra – MotNiM

Plusplus – Game Over

Sergi Boal – Nylon & Turtle

Background Radiation – False Start EP

Hielo En Varsovia – Hielo En Varsovia

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – This is not my bed

Les Enfants à Points – Volume 1

Various Artists – La bèl’s friends

Apsis Lappet – The Fear of Farewell

Naked Polly – In a cat’s dream

The Hand in the Ocean – we fished all night and caught the day

Automassage – Saxophone EP

Glowbug – Suit of swords

the brainhole – 2332

Shortcuts – Thanks, I Feel Fine

Reverend Big O – When There Is Only Light To Believe In/Hope For

Kyoto – Cuatro finales terroríficos

Zeugshmitz – twenty_eleven

El Pilar Azul – #2

Kyoto – Lo que vuelve para vengarse

Cherly KaCherly – Misadventure of a Meaty Machine