fabiorosho – latina merda vol.1



“latina merda vol.1”


latina merda vol.1 [0kbps037]

no copyright 2013 – fabiorosho

“questa è il primo di una trilogia di disgustosi concept ep su quanto mi faccia cagare la vita sociale nella mia città, non ha nessuna pretesa se non quella di definire attraverso i suoni e i rumori ciò che penso, o più semplicemente le mie provocazioni”

“this one is the first part of a disgusting concept ep trilogy about how much shitty social life in my town makes me sick, it hasn’t any purpose apart than define with sounds and noises what is my tought, or better saying how i like to mock”

tracks in ordine sparso:

. alec, dal’93
. andiamo al sottofondo
. daje cazzo! sono iooo
. funny games a casa di eleonora b
. il fiorente cantautorato pontino (singolo di lancio)

per maggior info, flame, avances e quant’altro:


MAV [0kbps] Records, July 2013

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Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird

Nick Rivera - The Wasp and the Butcher...and the Bird

Eines morgens traf ich diesen Song. Super emotionaler Song, tolles Cover und verwirrendes Video. Wow – und wieder mal bei labelnetlabel.com

Releasepage bei Bandcamp:





Tongue Bundle – Salty Language


Tongue Bundle

“Salty Language”

This work is a tribute to the italian mercury mine of Abbadia San Salvatore. It’s an occasion to shape – both visually and musically – this “epic” element of the collective imagery and milestone of the common history of the community.

This set of paintings seeks, therefore, to harness the aura of the surreal structures, immersed in nature and witnesses the technological past rooted in the mechanics and in the flesh of workers as well.

The music goes inside the structures of the paintings and inside the feelings of the miners, creating a synaesthetic interpretation of the two artistic languages. This soundtrack has been performed live on December 4th 2011 during the vernissage of the exhibition “Acetilene – Sounds And Visions From The Belly Of The Mountain” that took place in the Museo Minerario of Abbadia San Salvatore.

An album to watch and listen.

* Acetylene gas lamp is a simple lamp that produces and burns acetylene which is created by the reaction of calcium carbide with water. It was used by the workers in the mines during the 20th century.

Emiliano Baiocchi is a Berlin based Italian artist who has been working for the last 10 years on developing an expressive visual language mostly through painting. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in various parts of Italy, Germany, France. His works are in private collections in USA, London, Paris, Monaco, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, and many Italian cities.
He uses his imagination only to design images that explore painting as a means of pure expression leading to a series of inner landscapes that showcase a singular materiality of accumulated layers of acrylic paint. In his dreamlike images, there is no pre defined intention to figurate a given narration, for he is rather interested in constructing a contrasted space where casualty and accidents are to be balanced with controlled detailed areas in order for a sense of spiritual movement to emerge. He lives and works in Berlin.

Text by Aurelie Moigno


Music composed by Misdea except “Digging In The Dark” and “Heavy Drops” by Misdea and Melinda Ligeti
Cover and paintings by Emiliano Baiocchi – www.emilianobaiocchi.com”

Norman Sétamùr Baiocchi: effected classical guitar
Mike Marchionni: synth, programming
Melinda Ligeti: synth, programming
Stefano Pintus: siren sample

Recorded and mixed on November 2011 at Setaroom Studio, Abbadia San Salvatore (Si), by Stefano Pintus and Carlo Fabbrini
Mastered by Stefano Pintus
Edited by Melinda Ligeti

Dedicated to all the Mount Amiata’s miners, especially to Fernando Baiocchi
Special thanks to Melinda Ligeti

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Cheon kim – Cheon kim


Cheon kim

“Cheon kim”

Cheon kim

Cheon kim [0kbps036]

01 – gloria
02 – trust
03 – treat
04 – human
05 – apple and grape
06 – LsS
07 – like pigs

MAV [0kbps] Records, July 2013

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Ancient Lasers – You In The Future


Ancient Lasers

“You In The Future”

Ancient Lasers is comprised of Daniel Anderson (Idiot Pilot/Glowbug/Hyro Da Hero) and Daniel Finfer (Post Human Era and also in Glowbug). Ancient Lasers is music for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Aphex Twin, M83, The Faint, and Bright Eyes. Vocally, it shifts between a muscular Ben Gibbard and grunts worth of Trent Reznor’s macho swagger. From these juxtaposed elements, Ancient Lasers frontman, Daniel Finfer, finds a cohesive lyrical blend of futurist/transhuman/post human paranoia and optimism.

Ancient Lasers is comprised of Daniel Anderson (Idiot Pilot/Glowbug/Hyro Da Hero) and Daniel Finfer (Post Human Era and also in Glowbug). Sonically the music sits comfortably somewhere between Nine Inch Nails and the Postal Service. If you’re at all familiar with Daniel’s project ‘Post Human Era’ then you’ll recognize updated versions of “Ancestors” “When Are We?” and “Decendants” from the 2007 release on Testtube http://www.monocromatica.com/netlabel/releases/tube080.htm. If you’d like to own a flac or wav version of this album, it is available to purchase as pay-what-you-want from the Ancient Lasers Bandcamp page. All Bandcamp proceeds will go to organizations that are striving to help humanity live longer, develop artificial intelligence, cure diseases, and ensure our survival as a species. http://ancientlasers.bandcamp.com/

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Nick Rivera – The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma (single)


Nick Rivera

“The Wasp and the Butcher…and the Bird / Coma (single)”

This is the single from the new Nick Rivera’s album called “Zamalek“.
Zamalek is an island in Cairo in the middle of the Nile. But also a neighbourhood, something in between. This album is about the sky you can’t see from this island and the things that swim in it.
Zamalek is a warm cuddle from your trusted friend, a fist in the nape from your best enemy.
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Intoxicated Piano – Vice versa


Intoxicated Piano

“Vice versa”

Please welcome Intoxicated Piano – a one person project, created by Oxy (Oksana Rumyantseva). You have already heard her captivating voice on Insanity13’s release Tragedy Triumph back in our catalogue. Intoxicated Piano was started in 2012 in Izhevsk, Russia and since then turned into performing act with many people joining Oxy on live concerts. Oksana is a talented multi-instrumentalist and a vocalist often collaborating with fellow musicians on their project. This EP could be described as a pensive indie pop with elements of trip-hop, strong atmosphere and sharp-cut style. You are all invited to take a bite and tell us what you think about it.
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Electric Mirrors – Drive


Electric Mirrors


01-The Sudden Afternoon- Archetypes(3:51)
02-Little Big Horn- Western Radio Transmissions(3:21)
03-The Singing Statues(3:44)
04-Streetcar Geography- Stomp Box(4:11)
05-The Illuminated Highway- Urban Exodus(3:00)
06-Modern Life- Ritual Colonies(1:49)
07-1956 Cocktail Party- Suburban Architecture(3:42)
08-Get Away- Parallel Sunset(3:24)
09-The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D(3:23)
10-Good Night- Sleep(2:23)
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Drehton – Sukzessive




Up down high low, down down, hi hi hi, gradually, successively, step by step. Change!

Signals from Dresden’s IDM underground. Drehton was rocking his bass and midi guitar to bring a full length album for your spring time enjoyness with this blend of finest Indietronica IDM.

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Rete del disagio – Concerto fantasma


Rete del disagio

“Concerto fantasma”

Rete del Disagio

Concerto fantasma [0kbps029]

01 – overture
02 – cuore di palma
03 – il fantasma di un concerto
04 – disagio e rivolta
05 – ciao gente seria

fabiorosho, stefano balice: electronics
recorded live in rome, 11-04-13
“disagio e rivolta” includes “rivolta di una città”, by 7tn4CC

Rete del disagio (the uneasiness network) is not a band, and has no stable line-up.
Rete del disagio was born when followers and supporters from different web communities as upupachan, vaporized art movement, deep lake records and mav [0kbps] records, start to physically meet to bring the noise from the net to the streets.

MAV [0kbps] Records, April 2013

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Tardiss – Thisistar




It’s great to welcome back Tardiss to No-Source with their brand new album, “Thisistar.” This album picks up where “Blue” left off, further refining their sound into something that full bridges lo-fi indietronic and hi-fi IDM. The album kicks off with the over nine minute sprawling epic “Willbury Road.” Downtempo beats are the center stage for this album. Long rhythmic grooves intersect with short interludes before fading out in the last few minutes of the album with the majestic ambient piece “Goodnight Sunrise.”
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Surak – Space Invaders



“Space Invaders”

“The album is a stellar work of excellence.” Floor Shime Zipper Boots

“A noteworthy launch that eludes all genre traps and clichés with ease.” ambientexotica.com

“Surak has managed to lace Space Invaders with such intricate music and emotion that it presents the listener with a beautiful dream-like sensation of falling into the unknown.” Sound and Motion Magazine

“And here goes something I wouldn’t miss at any cost. Easy listen, easy flaw, easy vibes, easily accessible. Everything about this project is great as it carries an extreme minimalist side with some exquisite drone elements backed up by spoken lyrics few places.” TheSirenSound.com

“Este proyecto es musica silenciosa que ingresa a tu cabeza como geringa de silencio ya explotado y sobre alusinas experiencias de placer en cada melodia ya puesta en acción.” Cielos Ciegos

“Nella musica di Surak si avverte uno scarto personale del tutto ineffabile, come a voler decifrare un codice che sfugge alle logiche – spesso binarie – della critica così come la si conosce.” Rockit.it

“Ciò che colpisce è la sua versatilità e capacità di miscelare e amalgamare in modo impeccabile più generi da trame ambient a struttura post-rock sino a intrecci psichedelici che attraversano liquide note di pianoforte, protagonista della maggior parte dei pezzi.” Son Of Marketing

“Space Invaders, il primo disco interamente autoprodotto: tredici tracce che vanno dall’ambient e space rock fino all’elettronica, e formano una deliziosa colonna sonora di sfavillante eterogeneità.” Troublezine.it

“Surak ha prodotto un disco, il primo, perfetto nelle sonorità, complesso e impegnativo per certi versi ma accessibile ed orecchiabile.” Priski.it

“Space Invaders è un lavoro coraggioso e potente, rarefatto e maturo; un risultato ottenuto da idee precise e non declinabili.” IndieRockNapoli

‘Space Invaders’ is the 13-track self-released debut album by Surak. It can be considered atmospheric, yet with a distinct rock vibe and minimalist piano shades. The result is an ambient/post-rock listening experience where the sound is transcendent: the tracks represent a dreamy blend of orchestral textured electronic music.

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Emerald Park – Things EP


Emerald Park

“Things EP”

After more than half a year of silence we are back with a new release by one of our favorite artists, the Swedish indie outfit EMERALD PARK!
“Things EP” is a collection of great songs taken from the album Absolute Zero, b-sides and the upcoming Black Box EP.Enjoy / 23 Seconds Netlabel
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Widiwava – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5/4




“How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 5/4”

01-Pay for Summer
02-The Larch
03-Time Will Pass
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isteronproject – furniture music#2



“furniture music#2”

SPNet103 – isteronproject – furniture music #2
320kbps – 16 minutes, 15 seconds
File under: Furniture Music/Kraut Punk/Cheapadelic01 – isteronproject – furniture music #09 (2:31)
02 – isteronproject – furniture music #10 (2:41)
03 – isteronproject – furniture music #11 (2:21)
04 – isteronproject – furniture music #12 (1:18)
05 – isteronproject – furniture music #13 – corna prendete aria (2:53)
06 – isteronproject – furniture music #14 – cheap soundtrack for daily accidents (1:42)
07 – isteronproject – furniture music #15 (2:49)

Picking up right where the project last left its listeners, furniture music #2 is a high bitrate sequel to the lobit volume 1 released on the SPubsidiary SPTOtfSP (catalog number 011), consisting of all new material except for furniture music #14 – cheap soundtrack for daily accidents, which originally appeared on Hal McGee’s Cheap and Plastic compilation. isteronproject describes its sound as principally what it calls furniture music, “a low-budget parody of the commercial music, inspired by people as residents, devo and, of course, erik satie,” qualified with the further labels kraut punk and cheapadelic. The reference to the Residents feels particularly accurate, especially on the plodding, playful last piece; listeners familiar with the Residents’ Commercial Album will quickly find themselves anticipating the familiar refrain “I wish I was a picnic boy”. Much like the bands mentioned in the genre description, the structure and execution of the songs on furniture music #2 are simple, odd, and quite catchy, with the jovial quality of songs children sing to themselves. In fact, the melody to the song furniture music #13 – corna prendete aria, was first conceived between isteronproject’s Stefano Balice and his cousin when they were children. The instrumentation is also threadbare, consisting of two small Casio keyboards, a small circuit bent Yamaha keyboard, and two Korg pocket-sized ribbon synths. In its very essence, furniture music #2 exemplifies the lo-fi aesthetic, that stripped of complex songs and fancy recording setups, an artist’s true talent and ingenuity can shine through.

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01. El Pilar Azul: “Diciembre”. (Del disc “Diciembre”) – (LGN001)
02. Akauzazte: “Ezari Emanak”. (Del disc “Akauzazte Danok”) – (LGN007)
03. Gain: “Flores En Invierno”. (Del disc “Somos Aire”) – (LGN010)
04. Kyoto: “200 Millones De Veces”. (Del disc “Lo Que Vuelve Para Vengarse”) – (LGN013)
05. Nureyev: “Ciudades Griegas”. (Del disc “La Leyenda Del Esquimal”) – (LGN014)
06. Granjaescuela: “Gabana Karaoke”. (Del disc “Por El Poder De Greinjschool”) – (LGN015)
07. Mtu: “Les Flors”. (Del disc “Memòries Del Diable”) – (LGN016)
08. Hielo En Varsovia: “Nada”. (Del disc “Hielo En Varsovia”) – (LGN018)
09. Violeta Päivänkakkara: “Sateenkaari”. (Del disc “Kuu”) – (LGN017)
10. BeatLove: “Oscillations And Waves”. (Del disc “Oscillations”) – (LGN020)Portada: David Molón
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Joev – arc




It gets even stranger when you realize that Joevs new EP Arc is not meant to be a sophisticated statement or a concept album. Instead, he simply wrote a letter. You know, like your parents did, to speak to someone dear and even more to themselves. The outcome is something heavy and haunting, carried by his Notwistesque voice and eventually broken by all sorts of distorted field recordings.
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Background Radiation – Uniform Static


Background Radiation

“Uniform Static”

Background Radiation, is the electronic pop duo Ludo Maas & Tim Dwyer. Their sound sits somewhere nicely between Tunng and Apparat. They have been slowly amassing music for this full length album since 2008. “Uniform Static” is a collection new work that is their most engaging, polished yet. It is an extremely percussive album, sharing similarities with their “False Start ep”. Electronic drums pulse and click along all twelve tracks. A lot the the instruments found on their “Moot Point ep” also make an appearance on this album. Many of the songs lyrics delve into ramblings of space, dreams, and memories.
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V.A. – INDIAVOLATI Basilicata Rock Tetris



“INDIAVOLATI Basilicata Rock Tetris”


Indie/Rock Compilation from Basilicata [Italy]

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Klaus-Peter Schneegass + Stefano Balice – Trittico martedizzato cannibalbo balla-balla net.futurista


Klaus-Peter Schneegass + Stefano Balice

“Trittico martedizzato cannibalbo balla-balla net.futurista”


Klaus-Peter Schneegass + Stefano Balice

Trittico martedizzato cannibalbo balla-balla net.futurista [0kbps022]

01 – Kiku-Kiku Bongo Balla-Balla
02 – Wob-Wob Mob-Mob (Nada) Balla-Balla
03 – Búnga-Búnga Balbo Balla-Balla

Tre composizioni vocali di Klaus-Peter Schneegass aka NetAsino elettronicamente MARTEDIZZATE dai circuiti di Stefano Balice.
Pubblicato in occasione del martedì grasso.

MAV [0kbps] Records, February 2013

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Hospital – The Trees Were Higher



“The Trees Were Higher”

Genre: Indie Rock | Brit Pop | Indie Pop
Location: Moscow (Russia)
Label: Mimonot Music (Digital)
Licenses: by-nc-nd (Creative Commons)
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Rho – Brace For Gravity



“Brace For Gravity”

Rho return to No-Source Netlabel with their first batch of new material since 2010’s album, ‘Cedarleaf.’ ‘Brace For Gravity’ is a brilliant, concise, and calculated release. It showcases the two distinct sides of Rho. One side is their quiet, ambient, acoustic side. Guitars tremble slowly through seas of effects in many of the shorter songs on this album. The other half of Rho is the sprawling, progressive, beat oriented instrumentals. In these pieces, rhythms, synths, and guitar work to take on an almost kraut rock nature. The title ‘Brace For Gravity’ suggests an epic release and these longer tracks definitely deliver. Brace yourself for Rho.
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Bredbery – Тля




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Will Bangs – Stay Golden


Will Bangs

“Stay Golden”

In 2011, No-Source Netlabel kicked off a remix contest for Will Bang’s album Stay Gold. As you may remember, Stay Gold was created as a starting point for musical collaboration. Now that the initial contest is over, No-Source brings to you the remix EP “Stay Golden”. The EP contains five tracks, remixing four of the songs off Stay Gold. These five tracks come across less as remixes and more as a compilation of songs by different artists. Interestingly enough all five tracks share a similar indietronic bond with each other. Ilona from Switzerland adds kick drums, effects drenched vocals and a wave of synths. Harvey Kreepar takes his remix to post-progtronic territory with an immense build of layers. Ford Madox Ford, a mysterious project from the mind that brought you Full-Source, takes on three tracks with reverberated vocals and distorted, arpeggiating synths. Stay Golden is a great way to wrap up the 2012 release year for No-Source. Enjoy!
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Electric Mirrors – Unlimited Dream Company


Electric Mirrors

“Unlimited Dream Company”

Electric Mirrors is an indietronic project from musicians Derek Rutter and Eddie Palmer. They collaborate entirely online, crafting electronic experiments. Once a structure forms, live instruments and vocals are added, steering their songs in a direction closer to the boundaries of pop music. There is a decidedly Americana element to their laid back vocals and dusty sounding lyrics. The vocals are paired next to instrumentation of the downtempo synthpop variety. The end result on “Unlimited Dream Company” sounds like The Flaming Lips remixed by Portishead. Electric Mirrors expertly molds electronic experimentation into layered hooks and song structure. “Unlimited Dream Company” is a great album that needs to be listened from start to finish. Electric Mirrors is definitely a band to watch in years to come.
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Tending to Huey – Apple Core EP


Tending to Huey

“Apple Core EP”

Tending to Huey’s music comes up with ease but is, at the same time, very complex in its design. Thrilling songs right from the start into which you can dive deeply – a fabulous and bravely composed listening-adventure. Not just pure Pop!

The Apple Core EP is in the truest sense of the word the quintessence of the longplayer Poison Apple. It concentrates the album in form of 5 well picked songs.

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[NKS prod 83]



Industrial Harsh Score Punk Live Beast.
Ядерная индивидуальная полоса.
ノイズ & ヴィジュアル系.
Parasite sonore pour ciné-concerts bruts.


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