Lauki – GEA




Gea drifts around many recurrent structures by Lauki, the album explores – once again – the sonorities of string recordings captured and re-assembled building scenarios in which one can reconcile with ambient music and a comfortable listening experience. Finally, Gea is another turning point on the work by Lauki and we are happy to host it on our catalogue.
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Sean Archibald – day:dot EP


Sean Archibald

“day:dot EP”

Faturenet presents day:dot EP, the new 3-tracker from Sean Archibald, featuring a collaboration with Bristletone. This feast for ear holes brings together downtempo electronic music and drum ‘n bass into a bite-size listening experience.
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V.A. – INDIAVOLATI Basilicata Rock Tetris



“INDIAVOLATI Basilicata Rock Tetris”


Indie/Rock Compilation from Basilicata [Italy]

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Zoÿ Archa – Nodosities


Zoÿ Archa


Artist : Zoy Archa
Title : Nodosities
Catalog # : TXR037
Duration : 41:57
Date of release : February 20, 2013
Genres : ambient, drone
Format : digital (FLAC and MP3)
Free download link :

Weird experimental drone gems.

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Art Electronix – Error Process


Art Electronix

“Error Process”

Art Electronix

Error Process [0kbps023]

01 – Vcoax
02 – PhiziacbDtin
03 – Aittack
04 – Stortalraer
05 – InterSpcamage
06 – L110728002
07 – Longnail
08 – Metro
09 – Psycho
10 – E5et Li oon
11 – StetGhscaszxv
12 – Thickening, Fog, Scratch
13 – Untitled

MAV [0kbps] Records, February 2013

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Debmaster – Crevin




With his new opus CREVIN, Debmaster, both inspired and inspiring, gives a kick in the ass to “Dancefloor” music. In continuation with Crev’ Sessions (under ex-label BriEfcAse Tockers), CREVIN presents itself today as the fermata of Crev philosohy, a philosophy for which Sammy Stein offers a definition through the cover he drew.
Dirty and stubborn hip-hop beats tinted with arpeggic bleep bleeps for a dark yet dancing result. CREVIN is falsly awkward, a worked looseness, the antonym of Swag.
It’s a definite nod of the head for the fine amateurs of hip-hop and electro, but also for all the lovers of off-the-wall nights, where sweat mixes genres in a quest for shared discovery. Because CREVINis eclecticism at its foundation and the promise of a blissful marriage of several horizons, for the better and for the worse.

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Cagey House – This Flag Means be Still


Cagey House

“This Flag Means be Still”

“These tracks are about stasis.

“Living Grass on I-70” started as a short percussion solo. I slowed it way down–something like 800%–until the sound became really degraded. Then I kept altering the pitch until the sonic degradations became the main voice in the track.

“The Finger Can’t See” is an experiment with out of phase repetition, boredom, and annoyance.

“Delicate Clock Runs the Street” is the result of a set of rules that force harmonic motion while simultaneously preventing resolution.”

“The Second Fawn” is an arrangement of a single sample (at different pitches and durations) of a Thor’s Hammer virtual synthesizer being turned off in mid-note.” – Cagey House

01 – Living Grass on I-70
02 – The Finger Can’t See
03 – Delicate Clock Runs the Street
04 – The Second Fawn

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Trans Alp


Sebastien desconstructs his way through Erik Satie’s work in these reimaginings of his gnossienne suite. While conserving the original work’s nostalgic, burden-heavy tones, Trans Alp breathes in what seems to be a carefully executed attempt at suspense and space. Erik Satie’s compositions wander in Trans Alp’s vast and deep world, drenched in texture and echoing in space, like a drop of water falling in a pool of static.

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Breaking a hole in the thick ice crust over the the Eastern Sea we submerge into an unknown winter world, an primeval world, underworld, diving through the dark, seeing bioluminescent creatures.

And while the ‘space night’ is seeking for new music, we dive into deeper unknown heterotopic spaces on planet earth: an ocean of music as well as our minds and dreams.

Artwork designer Sebastian euphorically says, the release by lipizian artist Brachial Palsy reminds him of influences like Biosphere, Delerium and Clock DVA. And so you can expect an unagitated music album with constant beautiful ambient.

Thank you Brachial Palsy for your trust to let Phonocake bring this release out, even if we again needed so long time for it.

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Mr Morse – Collapse


Mr Morse


Mr Morse are an electronic duo from Kiev, Ukraine. Their debut album “Collapse” is an intoxicating 9-track emotional journey with powerful, emotional songwriting and experimental electronic beats and melodies.

BKMZ – Otero EP



“Otero EP”

Artist: BKMZ
Title: Otero EP
Catalog#: deepx208
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 12 Dec 2012
Style: Minimal Techno
01. BKMZ – Old Day (7:12)
02. BKMZ – Otero (9:34)
03. BKMZ – 1715 (6:36)
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Terminal Sync – AA2086


Terminal Sync


Elegant dubtechno

Manuel Sabbion aka Terminal Sync was born in Padova in 1985. His passion for the electronic and techno music has already begun in the 1999 as he started listening some techno musicassetes of various old clubs in Padova. In 2005 he begins to collect some techno and electronic records and, a few years later, he buys his first turntables and discovers the deep and warm sound of the vinyl. In the first years he starts to learn by himself the art of the djing and in October of 2006 he became a member of a crew called Thursdaysdeep.
During these years of Thursdaysdeep he has maturated technique and experience and develops his own personal imprint for experimental sound. With deep passion for music he discovers other genres, as ambient and dub, and then he finds the way in which music can create such different situations, for instance the intimate atmosphere of an after hour. All this teaches him how to express sensations and emotions to the flow through music and it also makes him mature enough to start playing with the crew in some private parties and clubs in Padova.

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Blacky B. – Dub Knob (Album)


Blacky B.

“Dub Knob (Album)”

Artist….: Blacky B.
Title….: Dub Knob
Catalog#….: DAST074_LP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Medium….: 11 x File / LP
Playtime….: 50min 53sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Country….: Italy….: 17 Feb 2013
Genre….: ElectronicTRACKLIST
01. Mystical Synthesis
02. Porta4Tuna
03. Slurp08
04. Underwater Sea Dweller
05. Marekiaro17
06. RDM(Rural Dub Mantra)
07. Gheish-A
08. Tits Trompeten und Techno
09. Modulaxa
10. Sugar Break Fairy
11. Lorenza Non Vuole Dormire

All tracks were written by Blacky B. except:
t.1, 6 written by ΞΥΝΑΨΙΣ [Blacky B. & KrAtOS]
t. 7 written by OkiDNA [Blacky B. & DannyBoy]
mastered and mixed by Blacky B. between August and December 2012 at r:enella rec. study in Naples – Italy

Dub Knob closes a long production period of different styles. During the making of, i worked with other on-line artists, tracks like Slurp08 as well as Porta4Tuna, born as a loop for scratch-battles. The electronic music characterizes the album which obviously has been affected by Blacky B’s music influences like Almamegretta, Orbital, Underworld, Massive Attack adn Alva Noto.

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KrAtOS – Seventh (Album)



“Seventh (Album)”

Artist….: KrAtOS
Title….: Seventh
Catalog#….: DAST073_LP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Medium….: 18 x File / LP
Playtime….: 109min 16sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Country….: Italy/Greece….: 17 Feb 2013
Genre….: Electronicthanks to : BlackyB, Sodo Studio, DJ Cold Nihil, Alistar Stray, Anna Flack, Bissecta, Marianne Holland, Natalie Alva, Carlo Santacroce, Anna Cagnazzi.
A special thanks to my wife for all support and my family in Naples, all dogs Giulia, Luna, Flokky, Rudy, and Chicco the cat. credits
Pre-released 01 January 2013 recorded, mixed and mastered by KrAtOS between Agoust and December 2012 at MYTIKAS STUDIOS (Greece)
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THE WEB & CXXXVI – The Bunny Project EP



“The Bunny Project EP”

Artist….: THE WEB & CXXXVI
Vocals/Lyrics….: CXXXVI
VideoArt….: THE WEB & CXXXVI
Title….: The Bunny Project EP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Catalog#….: DAST072
Medium….: 5 x File / EP
Extras….: 5 x File / mpeg4 / 5 x Official Music Video
Playtime….: 31min 20sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Country….: Switzerland, Australia
Rel.artwork….: THE WEB….: 13 Feb 2013
Genre….: Electronic
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BeatLove – Oscillations




BeatLove is an experimental electronic music duo of Seville. It’s formed by singer Myriam Fernández and producer Benjamin Jiménez. His style mixes downtempo, ambient rhythms and breaks.

“Oscillations” is an album composed of 6 tracks, we find a crunchier style than the previous works. In this EP, BeatLove use drum machine, atmospheric chords and melodies to develop an identity and a meaning of its own within a soundscape particular.

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Alejandro Remeseiro – Suara Sampah


Alejandro Remeseiro

“Suara Sampah”

Suara Sampah (“Sound Waste” in Indonesian) is a 6 track work by the spanish sound artist and producer Alejandro Remeseiro. Suara Sampah is a sound artwork designed to be carefully listened with headphones; Industrial soundscapes and thrilling drones in a sound that evokes the lack of communication between human beings, the restless seeking of love, and the absurd loneliness of the contemporary world. The intention of the use of repetitive patterns of sound, low frequencies and glitches is to make the listener a bit nervous…but anyway everyone can take these sounds to use as a mirror and try to look at themselves. Maybe the image that this mirror returns to us is not very clear, nice, or even lovely … but, after all, these tracks are just sounds that, in fact, are completely harmless. Or maybe not for you. – Alejandro Remeseiro
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Sun-Inside – Travel Network 11



“Travel Network 11”

01 -Echoculture-Paradise Road
02 -The Picturesque Episodes- ..towards a Dying Star
03 -Trio Dvyh Ryk – Sunny-Ocean
04 -Bloody Romero-I Remember the Rain
05 -Gluid-The Metamorphosis
06 -StanislavRubyteno-IcarustetariseRemix
07 -Marsen Jules-Serenade
08 -Ocoeur – Les rИves d’Alice
09 -Candlegravity-Love Breaks
10 -Rec_Overflow-ANYWHERE
11 -Sukdabeat – Crustik
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Rotten Lily – Blame!


Rotten Lily

“Blame! “

Is there a genre?
– A Genre? Actually, its not that easy to call it as a genre… somethow a mixture of postrock- trash -electronic and melodic instrumental -Music… maybe.That´s, what the musicians told you, what it is?
– Oh no, this is what i would say. The four musicians of Rotten Lily will never find one opinion… they are very different, in a way. You can hear it in their sound… the harmonie is Bonzai, the bells are made by Fo, someone of them is singing, and someone else is always in rage… but otherwise, the anger in their sound could also be their fights… In anger are the guitars, for sure. Their sounds are running with the drums faster and faster…
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Echoculture – Poets And Artists



“Poets And Artists”

02-Fall Of The Leaf(5:03)
03-Paradise Road(3:44)
04-Melting Glaciers(1:29)
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Sasha Yeller – Heroin EP


Sasha Yeller

“Heroin EP”

Artist: Sasha Yeller
Title: Heroin EP
Catalog#: deepx207
Format: File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Released: 07 Dec 2012
Style: Minimal Techno
01. Sasha Yeller – Heroin (8:03)
02. Sasha Yeller – Space Invader (9:39)
03. Sasha Yeller – We Need Some Speed (8:23)
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Proyect? Moone Jazzers – Cold Strike

[UPL 048]

Proyect? Moone Jazzers

“Cold Strike”

Proyect? Moone Jazzers comes back with another album, stylistically diverse and well thought-out. The arrangements, deceivingly simple at first, develop and blossom in meditative improvisations, raging from jazz through blues to classical music, bringing to mind creations of the impressionist composers. Everything is as always served in an intimate diy atmosphere, creating the unique atmosphere present on all recordings by Proyect? Moone Jazzers.
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Opak – Loraine ep

[Nyb 049]


“Loraine ep”

New release on Noisybeat netlabel. Opak – Loraine ep.
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Koolkilla & Strehm – Not So Popular (Album)


Koolkilla & Strehm

“Not So Popular (Album)”

Koolkilla & Strehm surfing the Rolling-Basslines-Wave! Finite the long awaited album of the talented duo from Germany.

Artist….: Koolkilla & Strehm
Title….: Not So Popular
Catalog#….: DAST071_LP
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Medium….: 20 x File / LP
Playtime….: 93min 37sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Merge Audio Works
Rel.artwork….: RtM
Country….: Germany….: 17 Feb 2013
Genre….: Electronic

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sanmi – X cult



” X cult”

■ EPV_118

all tracks by sanmi
artwork by Leedian ( )

■ sanmi
sanmi is experimental unit since 1998.
-:: soundcloud ::

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Egrojj – Melted Thoughts EP



“Melted Thoughts EP”

Artist….: Egrojj
ExtArtist….: Flatch
Title….: Melted Thoughts EP
Catalog#….: DAST067
Label….: DAST Net Recordings
Medium….: 4 x File / EP
Playtime….: 33min 06sec
Format….: WAVE
Quality….: (1411 kBit/s)
Mastering…: Mèrge Audio Works
Rel.artwork….: RtM
Country….: Mexico….: 03 Feb 2013
Genre….: Electronic
Style….: Techno, Minimal
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