Hank Hobson – Train In The Woods


Hank Hobson

“Train In The Woods”

Is it possible to travel not leaving your favourite armchair? Yes, it is, if there is “Train In The Woods” mini-album playing in your headphones. From a desolate railway station lost in the woods, where there is not a living soul present, just the wind whistling in the posts and rare through trains break the silence, an old train will take you around our mighty country, and you will be dreaming about all the places you haven’t visited yet to the rhythmical throbbing of the wheels. And eventually you will find yourself on the coast of the ocean, breaking its waves against the deserted shore, day and night, and this will be the end of your trip.

Music by Hank Hobson

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Tigerberry & Haunt – 起死回生


Tigerberry & Haunt


Ритуальные танцы кибер оккультистов.
Интернет-медиумы вызывающие мертвых из битых секторов жестких дисков.
VHS-духи поселившиеся в по другую HD экранов.
Дискотека во время конца Вселенной под уцелевшие послания Великих Древних на обветшавшей магнитофонной пленке.

Music by Tigerberry & Haunt

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Point – Flatpad EP



“Flatpad EP”

Point is back with warm sounds for cold days! Stronger than never before, Point made a brilliant development into sophisticated sounds while he never forgets his roots in deep spaces and smart melodies.

This EP is a fantastic piece of music for good moments in your life.

Rebelo – Anachronism




Out Out Out
ILK 009
Title Ep:Anachronism
3 Minimal tracks
01 Benediction_(Original_Mix)
02 Lost_Sea_(original_mix)
03 Spicy_Berlin_(Original Mix)

abjective – black ][ trees



“black ][ trees”

abjective from saint petersburg join tonAtom for their latest release. this artistic project of two brothers melts ambient, idm and glitch into unique compositions on their quest to discover and create new sounds.
13 tracks focusing on the topic of life and birth, death and re-birth are the building blocks for this full-length release “black ][ trees”. music for both brain and soul. an inspiring album and an incredible new entry to the tonAtom catalogue. welcome, abjective!

and in their own words:
“what is it, that dead trees speak about? about life and death, love and hate, happiness and pain. when foliage has fallen and beauty has ceased to be the raison d’etre, wisdom and knowledge move into focus.
black trees – music made of starlight lost among bare branches.”

Faex Optim – Commodore


Faex Optim


Faex Optim appeared in my inbox recently with a simple email – I think my tracks might fit the Kahvi sound, what do you think? Well, this short but ever so sweet EP of four tracks are about as close to Boards of Canada that this die hard BOC fan has ever heard.

Of course, Tycho and others have also made their style very similar to BOC, but Faex Optim hails from the very place that the Sandison brothers live – Scotland. Could it be something in the water or something else? hmm. All the tracks are amazing and if you’re familiar with BOC, you’ll get the feeling and the vibe straight away. Sentimental, lo-fi, analogue, warm, cold. Sending a shiver down your back? This ep has it all. And with minimal equipment that Faex described to me, so who needs a studio full of hardware to create tracks of this calibre?

Track of choice for me is Dancing lessons from the man. Enjoy Commodore, as part of the Christmas lineup for 2014!

barbeque – transient portals



“transient portals”

Today TWG closes it’s doors. Seeing us off, piggy legend barbeque is releasing his latest with us, a mesh of chilled footwork, tinges of acid and a whole lot of ambient leanings; a release as kinetically moving as it is emotionally so.

Featuring chilled vaporware-by-R&B footwork cuts like ‘c-a n..a d..i a_n __d..r..u-g s_t-o-r e-‘, sampled vox-heavy tracks like the near vocaloid ‘i want to hold u but i can’t’, and pieces more in line with his older output (‘indie.fuckboy’), ‘transient portals’ is eight tracks of eclectic perfection, taking a single overarching genre and fucking it every way possible. ‘transient portals’ takes barbeque’s recorded outputs to a new level, being easily his most condensed and realised release to date, ambition realised.

Tonylight – Chosen Works 09-14 (vol.1)



“Chosen Works 09-14 (vol.1)”

This is the first solo-release by TONYLIGHT, the one and the only 8bit precursor. “Chosen Works 09-14 (vol.1)” is a selection of compositions made by Tony since 2009 in order to build-up his live performances along Europe. Tony’s beats de-construction gradually grows-up during the listening transforming this release into the most hypnotic music labyrinth you can think of. Repetitive percussions dominate patterns to create an infinite obsessional journey. Brain-cutting patterns to recall the most acid and rhythmic Rephlex and Warp productions. Lysergic journey. Move your body to save your brain w/TONYLIGHT!

Longman – The Active Side Of Infinity



“The Active Side Of Infinity”

01-A Separate Reality(6:09)
02-Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, ASTP(3:08)
03-The Inner Surface Of The Outer Shell(2:13)
04-Bruder In Zechen Und Gruben(Smelo tovarischi v nogu!)(PTN RMX)(1:48)
05-Pavlov’s Dog(6:45)
06-Eight Figures Of Marginal Tango(5:41)
07-Doors – Riders On The Storm (Longman Remix)(4:25)
09-The Lambs Lies Down On Grushevsky Street(4:55)
10-Electric Jimi Hendrix Industrial Experience(3:27)
11-Voices From The Ghetto (Rap#1)(3:33)
12-Art Cheeks Inflate(4:20)
13-The Active Side Of Infinity(6:48)
14-Mescherin’s Ensemble Of Electro-Musical Instruments – Fantasies On Peru Themes (longman Dub Remix)(8:01)

pivotone – Soshu-Yakyoku




pivotone are a Japanese music duo composed of Gnyonpix and Gaki(from Bakirinosu). Electric tracks by Gnyonpix and the singing voice of Gaki weave unique music.”Soshu-Yakyoku” is a cover of the classic sung in the movie “Shina No Yoru”.This song will be a surprise if you are familiar with smoothness of the original version.Artwork is by collage artist Sara Shimizu.She images sounds falling surface of nightriver.

cheon kim – eat dogs drink cats


cheon kim

“eat dogs drink cats”

cheon kim

eat dogs drink cats [0kbps075]

side a
a1 – Willkommen (synths, drum machine, samples)
a2 – LV (synths, piano, muted drum machine)

side b
b1 – Lautreamont (synths, growls, plug, digital reverb bugs)
b2 – the world means nothing to you (alto sax, fretless bass, guitar, vox)

///ridiculous ridiculous ridiculous enough to be a part of///

cover art by Serko Petrich

september,3 – october,25

MAV [0kbps] Records, November 2014

Cult Of Terrorism – Songs for William Basinski


Cult Of Terrorism

“Songs for William Basinski”

Cult Of Terrorism

Songs for William Basinski [0kbps074]

01 – Please, Hug Me When the World Ends
02 – Interstellar Cryogenia
03 – The Saddest Dreams of Donnie Smith
04 – Sinkhole
05 – Cold Eyes Virginie, My World is a Beautiful Place to Live.

MAV [0kbps] Records, October 2014

JM DROWZEE – D E M O W A V E.​.​.​.​. V O L 1



“D E M O W A V E.​.​.​.​. V O L 1”

Title: D E M O W A V E… V O L 1
Genre: Vaporwave; Future
Country: USA
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]; FLAC; WAV
Released: 26 November 2014

01 – SEPERATE マイアミのVICE 07:31
02 – FIYA あなたは監視されています 05:10
03 – jpg 続けてくださいカント 06:54
04 – MAX +の% 04:48
05 – COM.INTERNET.WWW 振り返るいけない 04:05

Bad Night Moon Shadow – Bad Night Moon Shadow


Bad Night Moon Shadow

“Bad Night Moon Shadow”

All Songs written and recorded by Jared C. Balogh from 1997 to 2005.

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Bass, Keyboard, Mini Organ, Sound Effect and Vocals: Jared C. Balogh

Vocals and Lyrics- Lisa A. Farrow and Jared C. Balogh

All Instruments Played By: Jared C. Balogh

Vocals- Pete Pasko on Track 15 “Wonder”

The band name Bad Night Moon Shadow is a play on the opposite wording of The Beatles song “Good Day Sunshine”.

Songs released on Altered State Reflections in 2008 and 2013

Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh – i::::soul::::ate


Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh


[Siro056] Trans Atlantic Rage & Balogh – ::::i:soul:ate:::: 320kbps – May 2011 Ambient / Dark Ambient

Sirona-Records Website:http://sirona-records.com

Azoora – New Height EP



“New Height EP”

In February 2008, Azoora released their first recordings on 23 Seconds Netlabel. Almost seven years later they are still around on the very same label; which makes us very proud!

The New Height EP features the voice of Jon Partelow, also member of The Flying Blind and former member of Can´t Stop The Daggers. Despite a new lead singer, the group hasn’t lost its unique sound and feeling.
Enjoy another masterpiece by Azoora!

The Flying Blind – Azoora RMX.EP


The Flying Blind

“Azoora RMX.EP”

The Flying Blind is an American band with a twist—the members all live in different cities, and work together mostly over the internet. Once or twice a year, they converge on a studio outside Chicago for a few weeks of high-octane debauchery and tracking.

In 2013 they released their self titled debut EP The Flying Blind. Now we are proud to present the remixed version, made by John Purcell / Azoora

Knowz & Darkside – The Martian Chronicles


Knowz & Darkside

“The Martian Chronicles”

Tracks list:
Break MC’s
Insane Method
From Hell
Da Worap
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Wings of an Angel – In This Morbid Dream, I Had A Direct Encounter With A Slow Motion Dissolution Into Nonexistence


Wings of an Angel

“In This Morbid Dream, I Had A Direct Encounter With A Slow Motion Dissolution Into Nonexistence”

On that unforgettable night, I had slept maniacally and dreamed that I am no longer myself; I was dying slowly, slowly, like winter’s lazy snowflakes. In that morbid dream, I had encountered a slow motion dissolution into irreversible nonexistence. It was the most frightening experience I’ve ever had. To lose yourself is finite. We conduct our lives in the same way we manage our loves – dysfunctionally – thinking it’s everlasting and will never change or come to an end. But, like a fly in the ointment, it will sooner or later pass out, pass away, dissolve little by little or swiftly… And guess what? We can’t choose! So, like a broken VHS cassette which no longer functions properly but still works in slow motion mode, we eventually fall into the void of naught … I will never forget how my whole life had been shown to me like in some kind of a cheap Flickr slideshow effect. I had seen my failures and triumphs with clogged tears in my eyes, not only because of the nostalgia they had unsurprisingly awoken in me, but also because they had had exactly the same specific gravity. Then, it has occurred to me that life is a cold neutral mechanism, in which no event has no more or less value than the other. And by the end of it, be it bitter or bittersweet, nothing of the last remaining relics of my once unfathomable gang of friends shall survive. All will perish, all will wash away with the timeless winter rain.


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