Fade Runner – Purple Neko

BR053 - Fade Runner - Fade Runner

elektronik im schaukelstuhl


Bleak Fiction – Ghost Picture


Bleak Fiction

“Ghost Picture”

Artwork: Guillermo Ruíz


M.I.S.T. Records: en-mistrecords.blogspot.com

All songs made by Bleak Fiction

Chtin Mara – Snake Skins

chtin_mara_-_Snake Skins

My ears are still bleeding! Wonderful.


Cairo Braga – Trilha Original do Documentário: Prelado


Cairo Braga

“Trilha Original do Documentário: Prelado”

This is the original music form the short documentary film “Prelado”.

The inhabitants of Prelado, a fishers’ village on the southern seashore region of São Paulo, tell their stories while preparing to the Folia de Reis’s ball. Each story, be it real or fantastic, can be true: huge apes that live in the forest, ghosts in the graveyard or a ball of fire that appears on the sky each seven years.

BEIRA – Happy Radiotherapy

BEIRA - Happy Radiotherapy

perfect imperfect, simple complex, happy melancholic!


Mers – Click Pussy



“Click Pussy”

Controversial producer of the 21st century. A visionary, known for his sod-cutting construction building in electronic music, aleatory composition and sound space.
Follower of the Darmstadt School, his early student compositions remained out of the public eye until the conjunction music experience resolved in the debut album “unsound noisy glitch”.
Mers describes music written in an uncompromising transethnic style with a mixture of recognizable genres.

Araxis – Chronos




Tracks list:
Essence (feat. Arcadian)
Triad (Bonus Track)

ANTIGUA – Take Five



“Take Five”

Just Take Five and go ahead!

Miquel Parera – nxVacuity004 – Inversion


Miquel Parera

“nxVacuity004 – Inversion”

De una forma insospechada, el propio algoritmo conlleva la inversión de los valores iniciales.
Quizá sea porque éstos, ya en el propio momento de su elección, no significaban nada.
Un juego de prestidigitación en el vacío, extrayendo números del caos y buscando, a posteriori,
el sentido que los relaciona.

In an unexpected way, the algorithm itself makes the investment of the initial values.
Maybe because at the time of his election, this values meant nothing.
A game in a vacuum, picking numbers from the chaos and the searching, a posteriori, of the meaning.

Bakra – Olives & Capres

[NYB/EXT 012 – EPH 105]


“Olives & Capres”

Bakra – Olives & Capres

1) Olives & Capres (Funky Deep Mix)
2) Olives & Capres (Cyborg Mix)
3) Olives & Capres (Shango Rmx)
4) Olives & Capres (CMKD Rmx)

Noisybeat Extended 012 / Ephedrina 105



Mastering : Gamma Audio studio – London

The Chunk Project – Kaotik ep

[NYB/EXT 011]

The Chunk Project

“Kaotik ep”

The Chunk Project – Kaotik ep

1) MeMo(LoFi)
2) WaveStorm
3) PerkyPat (Original mix)
4) PerkyPat (Bakra Rmx)
5) PerkyPat (CloudsRoundTheMoon Rmx)

Noisybeat Extended 011

Artwork by Alberto Leo


Pen Parker – Geometric


Pen Parker


01-In This City Empty(2:55)
02-Maria Will Wait(2:38)
03-Do Not Rush(3:34)
04-When Drown, It Will(3:26)
05-The Old Church(2:55)

Stefan Schmidt – Chaldragh


Stefan Schmidt


“sketches and improvisations for fretless bass ukulele”
bass ukulele and electronics: stefan schmidt
recorded in december 2014/january 2015
except for samples of gongs and broken tiles on track 2
no additional sound sources were used

the dissonant – songs about water


the dissonant

“songs about water”

dissonant kraut grunge

Deftechnixks – Reliefless

UPL 061



“Reliefless” is a 4th album by Deftechnixks, an experimental rock unit which employs different rules, strategies and approaches to their every album.

This time, Deftechnixks decided to explore repetition in rock music, by releasing 12 songs, each based around repeating the same motif over and over again. The result, however, is far from boring! Each consecutive song is constructed from increasing number of notes for each instrument, thus for track 1 there is a 1 note motif for drums, bass, guitars, keyboards and vocals, for track 2 each consists of 2 different notes and so on, up to 12.

However cerebral this may sound, the resulting songs are actually very much rock music, bouncing between punkish simplicity, postrock clouds, metallic screaming, industrial mechanics, shoegaze dreaminess and plain all catchy sing-alongs.

Instead of being monotonuous, the melodical,rhythmical and production choices make it a fun listen, since Deftechnixks eagerly employs minor changes here and there, ranging from minimalistic, like occasional additional snare and cymbal hits, through very gradual, like expanding palette on “caffeine” or a “hidden” vocal track emerging in “Turn your pink eye to the sky”, purposefully leaving the accidentally doubled instrumental track on “hey bird trash double” or even straight-up demolishing one motif by overlaying it with another, creating a loopy cacophony in “Snow Shelby Over Vasenby”.

So, this is an experimental rock album one can actually rock out to, and at the same time a groovy rock album that is fun to take apart and look into its interlocking parts, all put in a specific order.

Enjoy and worry not, since the most important rule is always “if any rule stands in the way to creating an enjoyable song, disregard the rule immediately!”

Jan Strach creates a lot of music in bands and solo under many pseudonyms, all of which is available here:

10Konekt – 10PLAY



Bent Music For Bent People!

Райт – Сжатие и Увеличение



“Сжатие и Увеличение”

А вот в первый день весны вы заметили как оттаяли джинсы и на стенках появились тёплые оттенки? Если нет, то быстрее включайте новый мини-альбом от группы Райт. И тогда дыхание весны, хотя бы на три песни, станет ближе.
Записанный на сей раз, без всяких там студий и чаёв с сигаретами — прямо так.

Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena – The Dialogues Of Longing


Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena

“The Dialogues Of Longing”

Creating music in collaboration with Wings of An Angel was like singing in front of a magic mirror that reflected to me only my beauty and mystery, leaving me surrounded with angel choirs and newly opened caves and pathways inside of my heart. And so many questions. I wondered: Is this really happening? And every song sparked more and more songs and poems, that are pouring out of me like clear clean waters from the belly of the earth, and from the center point of my soul. Perhaps we can know the holiness of others, to the extent that connecting with them, through an act of kindness, a prayer, or a song, brings back to us lost parts of our souls, awakening our hearts with love, and an awareness of our own preciousness. A holy man, or woman, in recognizing us, gives us back what is actually ours, inspiring us to sing our own songs, which then heal us. I have experienced a great awakening, an embracing love of all creation, and, in a way, have fallen in love with the reflection in the magic mirror. But rather than being entranced by a vision of self, I see within me the whole world. Because that mirror reflects a deep place inside of me. You could call it my soul, or even, where my soul meets all souls…and so I expand and contain within me ever increasing space, inner space in which to travel to hidden, private lands beyond the sight of the human eye””

Substak – Moody Dub


“Moody Dub”

Incl. remixes from Aspect,Billy Niko,Deepwarmrth,If I had a Hifi
Liquom,Matthias Springer,The Downgrade Complex,Triames & Ocralab

Release Date : 01/03/2015

Achnn – Improvisation 22-02-2015

Mexican Stepper – Run and Tell REMIXED


Mexican Stepper

“Run and Tell REMIXED”

One year after his first release on Dubophonic and following his recent European tour, the international artist from Mexico Yasser Serano, better known as Mexican Stepper, returns with another heavyweight track. Based on the same concept of the Mad Sunday EP, Yasser introduces his new tune “Run & Tell” and calls in these times of tribulation the Peruvian singer Rebel-I for vocal assistance, running and telling to the four corners of the world that Babylon is falling down. Originally the title track has been included in Mexican Stepper’s digital LP “Piramide del Sol” from last year released on the French netlabel Original Dub Gathering.

Since Dubophonic likes to experiment and stir things together, we have called assistance from our extended family of artists and asked them to spread the conscious message of the tune in their own style and fashion. The result was twelve exclusive versions of the original tune, reconstructed and mixed all around the world, strengthening the bonds and proving one more time, that conscious dub music is an international thing. Among all versions there is one special dubplate by Mexican Stepper and five remixes by Injham (FR), Thriakis Dub Destroyer (FR), Koncrete Roots (UK), JahYu (GER) and Mr Zebre (FR), as well as six alternative cuts/dubs by Du3normal (HUN), Holy Sound Crew (FR), Murjah Warriors (ITA), Dubios (GER), Mr Mefistou (PR) and Ktopp (GER).

Which is your favourite? You may prefer Mr Zebre’s warrior style vibration or the rootically inspired remix of Thriakis Dub Destroyer. Perhaps it’s the organic skunking melody of the Murjah Warriors, armed with a mandolin and a melodica ina “Renaissance” steppa style, that will carry you away inna cloud of irieness … or the heavy vibrations of Koncrete Roots and Injham. Perhaps the correct question should be “Which one is our favourite?” Well, all twelve versions are heavy enough to set Babylon on fire. So play them LOUD! It remains to you to discover the vibes hidden behind each version!

Crayon Mortel – PIEL


Crayon Mortel


51beats feeds himself with new music, being the discovery of new talented artist in the electronic-music-scene a primary objective. “PIEL” is the debut album from Alessio Bressan aka CRAYON MORTEL, a new rising star from Padua (IT). Sounds in “PIEL” somehow find their roots in house-music inspired by Relief Records, adding interesting dusty atmospheres and new sounds recalling artists such Lone and Shlohmo. “PIEL” is an electronic-idm full immersion release, with some banging dj-oriented tracks, see “They” and “Maihaus”…. “End” is a real gem. A new star is born, welcome CRAYON MORTEL, under 51beats !


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