the human grizzly – folk songs from an urban tundra


the human grizzly

“folk songs from an urban tundra”

dissonant reverse folk





Cyril Bondi: floortom, objects
Phonotopy: cracked electronics

:Floortom vs hard-drives:
An electronic/percussion versus, acoustic glitches and digital chants, textures layering in an intense monothematic soundscape.

Cyril Bondi is involved since many years into active improvisation, as a member of diatribes among others and co-founder of theInsub Meta Orchestra, he’s multiplying collaborations and projects with his particular approach to be a drummer

Yann Leguay aka Phonotopy, is focused on everything around solid memory and sound materiality: from installations to the performance , passing by music and records edition (ArtKillArt , Phonotopy, Consumer Waste). By transforming hard-drive in a 7200 RPM turntable, he offers an update of turntablism.

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TRIGGER – the fire throws



“the fire throws”

Chris Heenan: contrabass clarinet
Matthias Müller: trombone
Nils Ostendorf: trumpet

The Berlin-based improvising wind trio Trigger was formed in 2009 and works on creating a unitary sound of discrete sonic layers. Through the use of multiphonics, circular breathing, and other extended techniques, Trigger forges a music of gradual depth with sudden shifts in texture and mood. The current direction of the trio is long continuous masses of sound and utilizing site-specific resonances of performance spaces.

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Weatherglass – Contractions For Ophelia



“Contractions For Ophelia”

Linear Obsessional Recordings is delighted to release an album by the English experimental musician Weatherglass-

“Much of the music on Contractions for Ophelia was used as background to the birth of Weatherglass’s grand-daughter, hence the title. All the music originated on acoustic instruments, including plucked and bowed acoustic guitar, lapsteel guitar, harmonium, accordion, dulcimer and found objects. Cornwall and Sykes Reservoir feature as special environmental guests, and vocals were supplied by various waterfowl and a budgie.” – Weatherglass 2012

Recorded and Played by Weatherglass
Download comes with PDF booklet of notes and images by Weatherglass

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“archive #1”

a gathering of 40 improvisors, a work of details, restraint, variable densities, breathes, drones, basses…

Antoine Läng mouth – Brice Catherin cello – Brooks Giger doublebass – Christian Müller contrabass clarinet – Christophe Berthet saxophone, conduction n°2 – Christoph Schiller spinet, conduction n°1 – Cyril Bondi floor tom, cymbal – d’incise objects, conduction n°3 – Denis Beuret trombone – Dragos Tara doublebass – Edmée Fleury voice – Eric Ruffing theremin, analog electronics – Fabrice Pittet ac. guitar, voice, perc. – Filippo Provenzale percussions – Frédéric Minner elec. bass – Florence Melnotte keyboard – Ganesh Geymeier saxophone – Gianluca Ruggeri function generator – Gérald Zbinden ac.& elec. guitars – Guy Bettini trumpet – Hannah Marshall cello – Heike Fiedler voice – Igor Cubrilovic acoustic resonator guitar – Ivan Verda elec. guitar, buzuki – Jamasp Jhabvala violin – Jonas Kocher accordion – Loïc Grobéty piano strings elec. bass – Marcel Chagrin elec. guitar – Nicolas Raufaste ac. guitar – Olga Kokcharova typewriter, voice – Patricia Bosshard violin, conduction n°5 – Phonotopy tennis raquet – Raphaël Ortis elec. bass – Richard Jean elec. guitar – Rodolphe Loubatière percussions, conduction n°4 – Simon Berz d.i.y. instruments, electronic – Steve Buchanan saxophone, elec. guitar – Thierry Simonot electronics – Thomas Peter laptop – Vinz Vonlanthen elec. guitar, banjo

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Daniel Barbiero & Jimmy Ghaphery – Hermes’ Labyrinth

Daniel Barbiero & Jimmy Ghaphery

“Hermes’ Labyrinth”

Hermes’ Labyrinth is a series of improvised duets for double bass, prepared and unprepared, and winds recorded live in the studio in the autumn of 2008. Each piece takes as its theme a scale, tone row, textural motif, or verbal suggestion, and develops it as it will—as sound finding its natural level within sound and silence.
Daniel Barbiero double bass. Jimmy Ghaphery alto sax; tenor sax; wooden flutes.
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Shortcuts – Thanks, I Feel Fine



“Thanks, I Feel Fine”

Ichi, ni, san, shi!

Nearly for the last 20 years he has left his marks on the Dresden music-underground. In the 90ies he shaped bands like Aspekte der Eitelkeit und Montana Peachclub. During the last years he was responsible for the project Lindbergh. Every time he was interested in the intersection of the genres Folk, Pop and Elektro to form songs, which tell stories, erratic and with a homogeneous sound.

With his current band Shortcuts Andreas Schulze again remains true to his vocabulary. But not only the conceptual use of Nintendos playstation DS as an electronic sound source, but also the participation of drummer Julia Stephan (Flanschies) and guitarist Marco Sebastian Christ (ne:o) makes it possible to ensnare his thread with pleasant fine and rich in contrast ideas.

“Thanks, I Feel Fine” is the trio’s first album. 11 close-cropped songs, 11 stories in english and german language, a journey full of daydreams and sleepless nights, which ends with an enquiring gaze back and with the wish “AGAIN!” spoken out loud.

The Album is not just available as a free download, in addition the band offers a physical version in form of a 10-inch record containing the songs “Flying Jive”, “Stuhlstück”, “Holy Sand” and “Ulrich, die Made” plus the complete album on cd-r. All covers were designed by the band’s circle of friends. Each copy is unique.

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V.A. – Another Day, Another Way



“Another Day, Another Way”

To celebrate fifty releases on No-Source Netlabel, we’ve compiled a new compilation consisting on No-Source artists, exclusive tracks, and upcoming bands from the net scene. “Another Day, Another Way” really shows off the sound that is No-Source, with quieter, acoustic driven music, and a good dose of electronics.


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Thompost – Garden




1. Good Morning (4:32)
2. Honey Bees (7:32)
3. Autumn Leaves (featuring Peter Woolaston) (8:24)
4. Froglette (4:30)
5. Good Afternoon (8:59)
6. Shimmer (3:02)
7. Chasing Squirrels (4:54)
8. Setting Sun (7:04)

“Album written around a 50 minute recording of my Garden.”
– Thompost

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Due Samoani – Just Guitars

Fighting Lion – Sparkling Days, Sparkling Nights EP


Fighting Lion

“Sparkling Days, Sparkling Nights EP”

Fighting Lion returns with his new EP, “Sparkling Days, Sparkling Nights”. This is the followup (both sequentially and musically) to last year’s “When I see the fallen leaves turning red by the setting sun my heart is overwhelmed EP”. This is where we see Álvaro Menéndez grow as a musician, develop, and refine the sound that is Fighting Lion. The backbone of this EP is still the ukulele, playing Beirut inspired Balkan rhythms over the course of six colorful instrumentals. “Old Floorboards” finds strong melody from layering the ukulele. “Setting Sun” almost starts on the same foot, until a glockenspiel comes in. Adding new instruments is what differentiates this release from the previous. “Morning Fog” is a calm, plucked number beginning with a short melodica solo, a fog horn before the morning clears the skies. “Distant View”, another ukulele and glockenspiel piece, brings in minimal percussion. Each piece paints a vivid picture such as “Grass Mountain”, is a strolls upon a summer knoll. The album closes with “Summer Night Breeze”, a quiet, minimal lullaby. Ten minutes of beautiful music will need to hold us over until the Fighting Lion release. As always, can’t wait.
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Medo’s Little Trap – Medicine Sound


Medo’s Little Trap

“Medicine Sound”

A medicine sound against humanity that screams and shouts.
A small work which is like a whisper, re-discovering the basic things to say.
A delicate work, between electro-pop, acoustic ballads and symphonic bewilderment.
Released March 17, 2012 by La bèl netlabel.
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Fires Were Shot – Maritime


Fires Were Shot


Fires Were Shot are an amazing instrumental duo from Texas, United States. Their sound can be categorized as textural, guitar driven ambient music. No-Source Netlabel is excited to debut Fires Were Shot’s long-form single, “Maritime” to the world. Fans of Cheer, talkingmakesnosense, or Brian McBride (of Stars of the Lid) will instantly fall in love with the sound of Fires Were Shot. Maritime, at over twenty eight minutes, takes you on a journey out to sea and back. Field recordings of the ocean are quickly engulfed by layer upon layer of guitar drones, delay and plucking. While out in the waters surrounded by the deep, you find yourself at last. This is melodic acoustic drone that should be held up right next to the very best.
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VA – No Labels No Musics III



“No Labels No Musics III”

The electro-music/EdP sound collage project No Labels No Musics, challenges musicians to create original compositions from an existing field recording archive.
Participants are limited to field recordings as the only sound sources, but are encouraged to chop, mutilate, and process until cooked to desired flavor.
This is the resulting dish!
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Proyect? Moone Jazzers – The Corridor

[UPL 038]

Proyect? Moone Jazzers

“The Corridor”

A sinister vision of the future, described in apocalyptic poetry with menacing instrumentals as the background. A show of non-compromising authenticity, a mysterious musician with a unique vision, with a will to experiment and shock the listener on every curve.
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Naked Polly – A day in a night


Naked Polly

“A day in a night”

No-Source is excited to welcome Naked Polly to the roster. Naked Polly is the solo project of Oscar Granero from Madrid. His music focuses around acoustic guitar, piano, and voice, manifesting into some great mellow psych-folk. “A day in a night” is Naked Polly’s first full-length album. The songs are a-wash with reverb, sprouting flourishes of synths and wind instruments throughout. Percussion work is minimal or non-existent. This great use of minimalism really creates many great moments of an indie chamber pop sound. Oscar sights David Bowie, John Lennon, and Syd Barret as some as his influence. They definitely show through from time to time. It’s still a unique and refreshing album even with these popular influences. Enjoy a day in a night.
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Claudio Nunez – Nada es para todos


Claudio Nunez

“Nada es para todos”

“Nada es para todos” use the same procedures than my prior “orchestral albums” : piling up layers of overdubbed lines that I composed in real time as I play all the instrument with the spontaneus interaction tipically found in free jazz, without any prevous ideas about the melodies, rhythms, harmonies, styles, etc… The only exception is track 3 which is a collage of a melodica track cut in 3 parts and stack up like a fake counterpoint in the Frank Zappa’s xenocronicity style.” Claudio Nunez
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laura mura & the Seven Dwarves – My bootleg


laura mura & the Seven Dwarves

“My bootleg”

“My bootleg” is a recording of laura mura’s concert at Alkestis theatre (Cagliari, november 6th, 2011), so small, yet perfect for her show. she had arranged her good music with few instruments, many toys, a great deal of wizardry…
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Ponto – Sobre Carris



“Sobre Carris”

os dois registos de “sobre carris” foram gravados no mesmo dia – um de manhã, outro à tarde – com um telemóvel (se x8), em mono.
“eléctrico” conta-nos uma viagem da graça até à estrela, em lisboa, nesse meio de transporte tão pitoresco.
“entre estações” contrasta com o registo anterior ao capturar um momento de uma viagem lisboa – porto, no conforto (quase estéril) de um comboio inter-cidades.

Mark Ge – Your Blues Are Rough

lofi – acoustic – indie

Mark Ge

“Your Blues Are Rough”

No-Source is pleased to ring in the New Year and embrace 2012 with a release from Mark Ge. Mark Ge is a musician and writer from the North-Eastern United States. His first EP includes a collection of lo-fi bedroom recordings and one studio recording. Most of “Your Blues Are Rough” is just Mark Ge singing and playing guitar. The lo-fi quality really brings the listener and these tracks to a more intimate setting. “Brother” and “The Other Side” share a similar aural joy found in early tape recordings from the Mountain Goats. “Stephanie” on the other hand is eerily similar to Casiotone For The Painfully Alone with drum machine and simple synth melodies. “The Road”, the only studio recording on this release, sees a more polished sound and additional instrumentation from Mark. Additional production on tracks 1-3,5-6 by Tim Dwyer.
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Nheap – Daily Improvisation

Don & Rich Lewis – You Are My Baby

Claudio Nuñez – death

F.S.Blumm/Lucrecia Dalt – quizas-perhaps-quizas

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nadia lichtig – most likely


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