Walt Thisney – Thisissophia

V.A. – A Radio​-​Bridge across the Zambezi

Catarrh Nisin and Pakin – M VIP

ONHELL – Linden EP

Walt Thisney – Wirthis

Various Artists – GERGAZ 2008 – 2018 (the Locals)

Carya Amara – Vague Wars

Carya Amara – Another Chance to See

Various – Autómatas Sonoros

Pigeon Hole – INVASION EP

Walt Thisney – Nympho

Substak – Unknown Destinations

Wings of an Angel – What Is So Counterintuitive About Forcing An Average Guy To Be A Philosopher?

V.A. – Goodnight Graffiti Soundtrack


Walt Thisney – single-O

Walt Thisney РD̩rive

Warrego Valles – Location Off

Walt Thisney – Spiryto

Walt Thisney – Spektro

Carya Amara – From Ground to Sky

The hirundu – Pain Levels Of The Rich And Famous

Carya Amara – Echoes

Walt Thisney – Solivagant

Gusev/Hoogeboom/Mimlitsch – Trapped!


Keller/Stadlmeier – transient behavior

Walt Thisney – Crypto

Thomas nmi Poole – Complicity With Anonymous Materials

Walt Thisney – Piano Moods

Walt Thisney – Mondo Organista

Jan Faix – Marian Petržela: II

Cube – Cube (2003)

Clap! Clap! – DIG! DELVE! DAMN! (Dutch Archive Edition)

Wings of an Angel – I Am A Heaven And A Controversial Authority On One World (Euphoric Ambient Anthology)

Samurai Guru – Under The Tree

TRNCH – Compiled


Various Artists – Monophobe presents Beat Garden Compilation 6

clongclongmoo – netaudiomix

No Finger Nails – Quipu Remixes

The Cherry Blues Project – En Tránsito

Rasalasad – Thissidence

India del Espacio – India Sin Espacio

Wings of an Angel – The Idyllic Innocence Of Childhood That Lonesome Memories Coat With Mahogany Soot

Rasalasad – Thisenchanted

Wings of an Angel – The Groping Shadows A Parasite God Soaking In Distant Watermarks

Rasalasad – Thisekta

Wings of an Angel – An Anthem For No Country But Myself

Rasalasad – Thista Ep

V.A. – Cult Classic Records Presents