Ike Stirner – Slop till you drop

‘Bio – The Awe Age

Incentive – Cyberpunk Age

Morphine Bandit – Foggy Perceptions

Consistency Nature + Bash Nova – Cat Chatter

Mark Meino – Emely Rouse EP

r. – Grabaciones fantasmales

Beira – Pixelinx

The 17 Sons of Abraxas – Phantom Structures

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt – Wounded Warriors

Hästoperan – Imrit Exec

Zero Call – A Struggle Between Right or Wrong

Steve Beresford, Anna Homler, Richard Sanderson – Berlin Toy Bazaar

Max Scordamaglia – This is NOT a tape

Plusplus – Game Over

V.A. – Say Yeah

Tommaso Busatto – Room session

Isz (Miguel Isaza) – Spheres

Various Artists – Experiment #50 (DAST Jubilee Compilation)

Knyaz Mishkin – Usialiakaje

Alex_Tiar – Banflt Vea Wind

Rotten Smile – Destructive

C. Reider – One Of The Drone Boys

Leithal – Five

Raw N^D – Untitled

Ivan Black – Genuit Machina EP

Diving Bell – Diving Bell

Paul Wady – The Terminal Beach

Leithal – Atonality

Radio Royal – RRDL02

Regina Burbach – Serendipity Effects

Regina Burbach – Serendipity Effects

Horror House – Carlitos EP

MISC – Asesinos

Bleak Fiction – Translucent Ghost

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – This is not my bed

Nicolas Joseph Roncea – This is not my bed

The Crossfaders – Fooly Cooly

The New Ego – Leben ist Licht EP

Bestream – Infinity EP

Vironica – Intelligence Feedback EP

Funke7 – Hithunt EP

Jérôme Poirier – The Seventh Tenant

Aortha – Recurrence

The Clown – Rituals

Hellscion – Burning Bridges

Kritchev vs. Ban meet The Egg And We – Modernists Attack!

Substak – Subtools Ep

Les Enfants à Points – Volume 1

Ruptur3 – Kursk Ep

V.A. – Dark Matter

V.A. – Dark Matter

Steve Moyes – Gardening