Boss, Sambo, Chagas, Nobara & Silver T. – A fragile balance (Fourtounis)

V.A. – Loose Roots (Part Two)

Christos Sakellaridis – infinity sketchbook

Pavel Evtuh – Sleepy Train

Sobria Ebrietas – Vivid And Brief

Mystified – There Is No Wall No Nothing

Kurgan Hors – Palus est

Wings of an Angel – Irresistible Dream Induced Mania

Nick R 61 – Pripyat (Remix album)

Susan Matthews – From Veliko

Deftechnixks – Dfxx EP

NNYz? – Acceptance EP

Wings of an Angel – A Spectacular Dawn Blinds My Eyes And Again I Stand On The Summit. Last Bow In Honor Of My Youth. How History Repeats Itself. And The Aches Of The Past Stab Me. The Disposable Events Of A Life That Cannot Rewind. I Remember My Childhood, Dreams That Are Too Far Away. Why Must It Be So Sad To Die?

javier piñango – i​.​r​.​real 8

Wings of an Angel & Scott Lawlor – There’s Always A Last Chance For Awakening

Maja Delak, Luka Prinčič – Transmittance#1​.​5

See Pereria – Adventures

Hypercube – Limb Monitor

Linden Pomeroy – Ikiryō

Paulo Chagas, Paulo Duarte & Fernando Simões – Divertimentos

Projekt Luty – Dygnitarz

Wings of an Angel – The Master Thief Who Stole Your Lucid Dreams

BERTHELOT – Les anecdotes polyédriques

Wings of an Angel – After You Dump Me Into The Cold Grave, No Legacy Will Survive Past Me

Wings of an Angel – After You Dump Me Into The Cold Grave, No Legacy Will Survive Past Me

David Vélez – Fortore

Paolino Canzoneri – Planemo

Struktur – ça tourne pas rond

Nobody’s Nail Machine – Нет равномерности (Re-Mastered)

Space Monkey Death Sequence – Scarsdale

Artem Bemba – Sanctuary

The Cherry Blues Project – Ana Paula Santana & The Cherry Blues Project: Remixes

TwichGarden – Grime

Hengedal – Dødssynd

Organism – Blik

Митрий Гранков – Отступление

Øystein Jørgensen & Chris Silver T. – DOORS

Giorgio Distante, Jack D’Amico & Walter Forestiere – Aphasia

Wings of an Angel – Princess Of The Nile Returning From Manhunt In Honor Of Her Particular Religion Of Peace

Gärtner – snk

Richard Sanderson – A Thousand Concreted Perils

Dirch Blewn – Capacity and Resistance

Corn Cake – Game Over

Luis Marte – Routier

ono – forSM

See Pereria – Bodies

Thuuooom – Monoliths

Thuuooom – Aste EP

ring – Dead Tuunel

Snake Surikov – Continuum

Various Artists – Loose Roots (part one)

Linguaggio Macchina – Linguaggio Macchina v.1.3