Gandolfo Ferro – Eirian

(dell​.​tree) + Metek – Lisergic Weird Funk

lost-radio – Southern City‘s Lab podcast №007: lost-radio — ambient mix

Outsider Leisure – Сны Митасова

Juan Antonio Nieto – Static

Simone D’Annunzio – s l o w

Wings of an Angel – Surreal Reductionism

Csum – Mnemotron

Fade Runner – Purple Neko

Mers – Click Pussy

Ultratech – EPileptic

TRiALS – Midnight on the Wheel

AC/SC – Bugs

Struktur – Harshmallow

VA – From Ritual to Romance

VA – The Golden Bough

Wings of an Angel – In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart

Wings of an Angel – In The Slaughter Fields Of My Fragile Human Heart

Klaus Marten – In A Dream

10Konekt – Optik

ezio taeggi – unity-dispersity

Klaus Marten – Honey

Iku – Paradise

C. Reider – Not Subliminal

La Bella Violencia – Untitled de varios artistas

Ulf Kramer – Schmandhusten

Sphere Of Io – Winter Works

NOS project – in house again

Daniele Ciullini – Virus

Wings of an Angel – The Magic Realism Of The End Of Art

Substak – Atmosfera

Cult Of Terrorism – Songs for William Basinski

Trans Atlantic Rage/Balogh – i::::soul::::ate

Pink Hex – Live @ The Old Brick Theater (Scranton, PA) November 23, 2014

Daniele Ciullini – Resti

Weedie – Tep Sava Galvos

Trans Atlantic Rage – Tempting A Temptress Of A God High Above With Coolness

Jared C. Balogh – Detaching Realities

Crossworlds – Ivana Kupala Night

Holocaos – Simbolos

Art Electronix – REBUS

Outsider Leisure – Едоки Собачьих Хвостов

June or July – Vol. 2

Pollux – Naked Lights

In Vitro – La Danza de los Solitarios

In Vitro – La Danza de los Solitarios

oelbaron + mim – 2 1 risiko

Akane Hosaka – Loop Music

Various Artists – 50th

303 – Brownian Motion

Wings of an Angel – What Has Remained: The Lost Teachings Of The Antithesis

Art Electronix – Meta

King Imagine – Mushrooms Says