Dºgree – Silver Railway EP



“Silver Railway EP”

[KPL030] Silver Railway EP

1. Dºgree – Railway Station

2. Dºgree – Silver


D°gree is a software architect/developer by day, an underground dj/producer by night, and generally a really nice guy who has been digging through the vinyl and digital back catalogues for years, searching for the lower frequency gems. Some of them you can find captured on his carefully tailored mixes, while others can be caught during his well-known deep-floating live sets. Zagreb’s infamous club Masters is a club he calls Home, where he hosted events and spinned records for the last 10 years for the deepest crowd in the city.


Silver Railway Ep is a two track night-time release, heavily inspired by water and ice.

Railway Station is a track created on a Zagreb’s railway station during the frozen February day. Track reflects the graceness and dominance of the trains, continuously passing through with dramatical intros and noisy performances on the icy stage of the railway theater.

Silver is a deep hypnotic techno journey through the rainy cityscape, with sounds and echoes flowing steadily and bouncing around like water. Track describes the colour tones and mood of the spring rain, with clouds, thunder and omnipresent silver reflections from the numerous water surfaces and streams.

W&P by Dºgree

Mastered by Vtr

Cover by John Fhakner

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TYM – Peripetheia (NetlabelDayEdition)



“Peripetheia (NetlabelDayEdition)”

is participating on the first Netlabel Day 2015 ever!
Born in 1992 in the Tuscan hills,
he grew up drumming on everything,
and playing drums as a little crazy rocker with several bands.

He then fell in love with ambient music and acid techno,
from which it takes lifeblood today,
after years of research of its own musical identity
feel the need to publicly express his love for drum machines,
synthesizers and soundscapes!

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Rewx – Antilia




Rewx is an argentinian producer. He’s presents new work called Antilia, perfect for big room techno party.
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Dustywork – Dystopia




Stato Elettrico presenta Dystopia di Dustywork un ep dalle sonorità dub, techno, industrial con ritmiche distorte, effetti, esoteriche linee di synth e bassi graffianti che ti catturano portandoti nelle profondità del suono techno e sperimentale più oscuro.

Danzando sulle macerie della razionalità Dustywork assembla questi tre brani nei quali ogni pensiero di pace e tranquillità si perde nel magma sonoro generato.

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Bratenschneider – The Edge EP



“The Edge EP”

High-tech minimal with a psychedelic attitude! Bratenschneider gives a super great insight what a nice sound is cooked in Hamburg nowadays.
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Nox – Auf wieder zehn



“Auf wieder zehn”

next nox release on schmob…dirty and freaky techno music
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Ycr0 – Spooky days Ep

Taedium – Far




Ambientazioni dark-wave, ambient e dub prendono forma su tappeti elettronici ed intricate trame sonore a cavallo tra musica sperimentale e ricerca techno. Taedium propone un sound oscuro e misterioso con evidenti richiami ad una cultura musicale ampia dell’autore che spazia dalla musica elettronica al dub e che si manifesta a sprazzi in ritmiche e voci che arricchiscono questo album dandogli una connotazione dark-techno-experimental mai monotona o scontata. Un viaggio musicale consigliato a chi piace immergersi nei suoni ed andare sempre più in fondo o lontano (FAR) come ci suggerisce il titolo dell’album.
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Langax – Indopacific




Formato: EP
Pais / Ciudad: España / Barcelona
Año: 2015
Genero: Electrónica
Estilo: IDM, Techno

1. Cleaning Station
2. The Cavern
3. Electric Shell

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V/A – Archive Vol.3



“Archive Vol.3”

[KPL029] V/A – “Archive Vol.3”

1. Avidya – Strange Dimension (W&P by Victor C.)
2. Double Reflect – Never Wake (W&P by Gerard Ll.)
3. Frictional Transmission – Disfuctional Response (W&P by Frictional Transmission)
4. Ginging – Box (W&P by Mike Julian)
5. Jozef Nemček – The Relict Radiation (W&P by Jozef Nemček)
6. Ocralab – Lacunosus (W&P by Rocco Biscione)
7. Retouched – MV (W&P by Raúl García.)
8. Shimmer – Moving Closer (W&P by Israel Medina)
9. Twin Peetz – Astro Fighter (W&P by Patrick Peetz)
10. Warmth – SRCS (W&P by Warmth)

Mastered by Vtr
Cover art by Raúl G.

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Dj Mist – Kopoc Label Podcast.025


Dj Mist

“Kopoc Label Podcast.025”

[KoPod025] Kopoc Label Podcast.025 – Dj Mist


1)north hive-immersion
2)Unknown Artist -[Knowone LP001]
3)Echo delta-anodyne
4)Andrea Cichecki-Subjective
5)Unknown Artist-Knowone 001
6)Izzat Man-Dub Wave One
7)Hubble -India
8)Donato Dozzy-Untitled C2
9)thomas koner-La Barca(hour five)
10)Carl Craig-a wonderful life

Mixed by Dj Mist

Cover by Raúl G.

Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3 ep


Niccolo Machiavelli

“Duga 3 ep”

[Kpl028] Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3 ep

1. Niccolo Machiavelli – 0.8 MHZ

2. Niccolo Machiavelli – CS-137

3. Niccolo Machiavelli – UVB-76

Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3 EP – Release Notes
Genre – Techno / Dub Techno
3 tracks based on all things secretive. Numbers Stations, Listening posts, Soviet intelligence services…
UVB-76 = A numbers station lead breaks track with plenty of dub influences and atmosphere.
CS-137 = A droning roller of a techno track with plenty of dub rumbles.
0.8 MHz = Pure chord lead dub techno

Niccolo Machiavelli is a London based producer releasing across the genres from ambience through to techno. With releases on labels including Deeptakt, Black Elk, Drift Deeper, Deep Electronics and Silent Flow, Niccolo fuses dub production values with dense atmospheres. On the Dj front Niccolo has supported Fluxion and G.R.I.T at Astral Industries London.

Written and Produced by Neil Slotnik
Mastered by Neil Slotnik
Cover art by John Fhakner

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Ignacio Tardieu – Forest ep


Ignacio Tardieu

“Forest ep”

KPL027 – Ignacio Tardieu “Forest ep”

1. Ignacio Tardieu – Białowieża

2. Ignacio Tardieu – Brocéliande

3 Ignacio Tardieu – Oulanka

4. Ignacio Tardieu – Białowieża (Tecknoise Remix)

5. Ignacio Tardieu – Brocéliande (Randoom RMX)

6. Ignacio Tardieu – Oulanka (Discknocked Redubtion)

Written and produced by Ignacio Tardieu
Mastered by Ignacio Tardieu
Cover by John Fhakner

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Solef – Travelling Throught Moments



“Travelling Throught Moments”

[KPL026] Solef – “Travelling Throught Moments ep”

1. Solef – The Last Goodbye

2. Solef – The One And Only

3. Solef – Train Days

4. Solef – Anxiety

Written and Produced by Lefteris Ligdas
Mastered by Vtr
Cover art by John Fhakner

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Jiri Chvatal – Polygon & Low


Jiri Chvatal

“Polygon & Low”

KPL025 – Jiri Chvatal “Polygon & Low ep”

1. Jiri Chvatal – Polygon

2. Jiri Chvatal – Low

Written and produced by Jiri Chvatal

Mastered by Jiri Chvatal

Cover by John Fhakner

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Flow Diverter – Untitled EP [pn099]


Flow Diverter

“Untitled EP [pn099]”

“Uno, dos… One, two… the minimum count to begin to dance, not in a warm place illuminated by the sunshine of the European Mediterranean coast, the place where Carlos Vergara (This Co, Octopus Finger) conceived this debut EP from his alias “Flow Diverter” but for delving into those tight, underground, humid spaces… places where the darkness spreads dense frequencies, charged with electricity, and provocative martial rhythms.

In this “Untitled EP”, the two original compositions are accompanied by their respective remixes, produced by two emblems of Chilean electronica, Miguel Conejeros (aka F600) and Eduardo Yáñez (aka Gozne), who from their respective views and hearings, propose, complement, and expand the sound of Flow Diverter.

So turn out the lights, in One, Two…”

Mika Martini
(Director Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel)
(Santiago, Chile, september 2015)

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Bebhionn Laboratory – Dawn Cloudy


Bebhionn Laboratory

“Dawn Cloudy”

“A beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn.”
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minimal dark techno music Artist Ycr0 www.illogicalkit.com
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Plasterdog & Smartfish – Animal’s Joke


Plasterdog & Smartfish

“Animal’s Joke”

Secondo capitolo per Plasterdog & Smartfish ancora alle prese con un mini-ep di due brani. Il viaggio continua, giochi e intrecci tra techno sperimentale e musica minimale fanno da cornice a questo nuovo capitolo prodotto dal misterioso duo. Attitudine analogica e visioni old-school sono le caratteristiche di questo progetto.
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Pablo Suarez – Keller


Pablo Suarez


New release of Pablo Suarez. Argentinian artist.
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Multi-mission – Elevon




Here’s another man on a mission, flying high with perfect summer vibes of tech and deep house. Sam Simpson (Multi-mission) has been producing music since 2009. He graduated from Ohio University in the United States, majoring in audio-production, and operates under a few different aliases geared towards dance music. Multi-mission is a refined voyage into space and dub music with the dance floor in mind.
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Various Artists – Betanol Records vs. Armed Records

Various Artists

“Betanol Records vs. Armed Records”

Ingrese 0 (cero) para descargar gratis.

Gracias a todos los artistas que colaboran.
Ungar, Emmanuel Kivietsboon, Claudio Coccia, Vlzh, 6DEL. ISZ, 9192, Darkotic.

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Various Artists – Netlabel Day Compilation


Various Artists

“Netlabel Day Compilation”

Soisloscerdos is participating in the first Netlabel Day ever!

1.- Periodo Particular – slc_nld
2.- MegaHast3r – Crystal
3.- Langax – Cromax
4.- Ángel García – Re Doble
5.- No Human – Epolution
6.- MÖ$Q – Acid Christ (Division Barcelona Edit)

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Knolios – Сandy




03-Black White(6:36)

matteo gomez – named after patricia


matteo gomez

“named after patricia”

italy’s matteo gomez returns again with his fifth release on unfoundsound entitled named after patricia. you get a groovy array of stripped-down synthy techno, deep dub techno and heady ambient. play it out. play it in. play it up. play it sideways.
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Ascetic – The Citizen Made of Glass



“The Citizen Made of Glass”

It seems like an age since we released Ascetic’s A Network of Lines That Intersect,
a brooding mixture of dark techno and ambient industrial noise.
Originally cutting his teeth on breakcore under his Machinochrist
moniker, the UK-born, Berlin-based artist has more recently been
refining this brand of intense and atmospheric pseudo-techno.

There is plenty to get your teeth into with The Citizen Made of Glass,
from solid stompers to beatless wonders, all of them carrying a
dexterity and depth that mark Ascetic out as a producer of genuine

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V/A – Archive Vol.3



“Archive Vol.3”

[KPL029] V/A – “Archive Vol.3″

  1. Avidya – Strange Dimension (W&P by Victor C.)
  2. Double Reflect – Never Wake (W&P by Gerard Ll.)
  3. Frictional Transmission – Disfuctional Response (W&P by Frictional Transmission)
  4. Ginging – Box (W&P by Mike Julian)
  5. Jozef Nemček – The Relict Radiation (W&P by Jozef Nemček)
  6. Ocralab – Lacunosus (W&P by Rocco Biscione)
  7. Retouched – MV (W&P by Raúl García.)
  8. Shimmer – Moving Closer (W&P by Israel Medina)
  9. Twin Peetz – Astro Fighter (W&P by Patrick Peetz)
  10. Warmth – SRCS (W&P by Warmth)

Mastered by Vtr
Cover art by Raúl G.

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