Bebhionn Laboratory – Dawn Cloudy


Bebhionn Laboratory

“Dawn Cloudy”

“A beautiful sunset that was mistaken for a dawn.”
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minimal dark techno music Artist Ycr0
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Plasterdog & Smartfish – Animal’s Joke


Plasterdog & Smartfish

“Animal’s Joke”

Secondo capitolo per Plasterdog & Smartfish ancora alle prese con un mini-ep di due brani. Il viaggio continua, giochi e intrecci tra techno sperimentale e musica minimale fanno da cornice a questo nuovo capitolo prodotto dal misterioso duo. Attitudine analogica e visioni old-school sono le caratteristiche di questo progetto.
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Pablo Suarez – Keller


Pablo Suarez


New release of Pablo Suarez. Argentinian artist.
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Multi-mission – Elevon




Here’s another man on a mission, flying high with perfect summer vibes of tech and deep house. Sam Simpson (Multi-mission) has been producing music since 2009. He graduated from Ohio University in the United States, majoring in audio-production, and operates under a few different aliases geared towards dance music. Multi-mission is a refined voyage into space and dub music with the dance floor in mind.
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Various Artists – Betanol Records vs. Armed Records

Various Artists

“Betanol Records vs. Armed Records”

Ingrese 0 (cero) para descargar gratis.

Gracias a todos los artistas que colaboran.
Ungar, Emmanuel Kivietsboon, Claudio Coccia, Vlzh, 6DEL. ISZ, 9192, Darkotic.

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Various Artists – Netlabel Day Compilation


Various Artists

“Netlabel Day Compilation”

Soisloscerdos is participating in the first Netlabel Day ever!

1.- Periodo Particular – slc_nld
2.- MegaHast3r – Crystal
3.- Langax – Cromax
4.- Ángel García – Re Doble
5.- No Human – Epolution
6.- MÖ$Q – Acid Christ (Division Barcelona Edit)

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Knolios – Сandy




03-Black White(6:36)

matteo gomez – named after patricia


matteo gomez

“named after patricia”

italy’s matteo gomez returns again with his fifth release on unfoundsound entitled named after patricia. you get a groovy array of stripped-down synthy techno, deep dub techno and heady ambient. play it out. play it in. play it up. play it sideways.
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Ascetic – The Citizen Made of Glass



“The Citizen Made of Glass”

It seems like an age since we released Ascetic’s A Network of Lines That Intersect,
a brooding mixture of dark techno and ambient industrial noise.
Originally cutting his teeth on breakcore under his Machinochrist
moniker, the UK-born, Berlin-based artist has more recently been
refining this brand of intense and atmospheric pseudo-techno.

There is plenty to get your teeth into with The Citizen Made of Glass,
from solid stompers to beatless wonders, all of them carrying a
dexterity and depth that mark Ascetic out as a producer of genuine

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V/A – Archive Vol.3



“Archive Vol.3”

[KPL029] V/A – “Archive Vol.3″

  1. Avidya – Strange Dimension (W&P by Victor C.)
  2. Double Reflect – Never Wake (W&P by Gerard Ll.)
  3. Frictional Transmission – Disfuctional Response (W&P by Frictional Transmission)
  4. Ginging – Box (W&P by Mike Julian)
  5. Jozef Nemček – The Relict Radiation (W&P by Jozef Nemček)
  6. Ocralab – Lacunosus (W&P by Rocco Biscione)
  7. Retouched – MV (W&P by Raúl García.)
  8. Shimmer – Moving Closer (W&P by Israel Medina)
  9. Twin Peetz – Astro Fighter (W&P by Patrick Peetz)
  10. Warmth – SRCS (W&P by Warmth)

Mastered by Vtr
Cover art by Raúl G.

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Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3


Niccolo Machiavelli

“Duga 3”

[Kpl028] Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3 ep

1. Niccolo Machiavelli – 0.8 MHZ

2. Niccolo Machiavelli – CS-137

3. Niccolo Machiavelli – UVB-76

Niccolo Machiavelli – Duga 3 EP – Release Notes
Genre – Techno / Dub Techno
3 tracks based on all things secretive. Numbers Stations, Listening posts, Soviet intelligence services…
UVB-76 = A numbers station lead breaks track with plenty of dub influences and atmosphere.
CS-137 = A droning roller of a techno track with plenty of dub rumbles.
0.8 MHz = Pure chord lead dub techno

Niccolo Machiavelli is a London based producer releasing across the genres from ambience through to techno. With releases on labels including Deeptakt, Black Elk, Drift Deeper, Deep Electronics and Silent Flow, Niccolo fuses dub production values with dense atmospheres. On the Dj front Niccolo has supported Fluxion and G.R.I.T at Astral Industries London.

Written and Produced by Neil Slotnik
Mastered by Neil Slotnik
Cover art by John Fhakner

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Periodo Particular – Minima Comun Oscilacion


Periodo Particular

“Minima Comun Oscilacion”

Publicación centrada en el techno de rítmica lineal, donde la
lisérgica atmósfera y el acid se hacen dueños del ep.
Periodo Particular rompe su faceta de remixador y nos presenta
nuevamente su manera de entender el techno, con un ojo en el pasado,
olvidarse de las modas y sentir las máquinas. Aislamiento para
expandir la mente.
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Alisú – Nave Afrodita



“Nave Afrodita”

Tomando las riendas de Modismo Alisu nos ofrece una solida entrega con sus composiciones más bailables hasta la fecha. Una obra que se aero-desliza sobre las acuosas profundidades sonoras que Alisú acostumbra transitar.
Sabiduría oriental y reflejos felinos reverberan bajo estas nuevas piezas, efectivamente acompañadas por suculentos ejercicios de reconstrucción, moldeando una joya de la artesanía tecnológica, servida como una invitación a volar en primera clase.

Javier Moraga Salazar

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Mar’yan Kitsenko – Default


Mar’yan Kitsenko


1. Default (Original Mix) 05:00
2. Default (DeepWoods Remix) 05:33
3. Default (Matthias Springer Remix) 06:36
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ono – forYN





■ bonus item
wallpaper (iPhone6, iMac, Macbook pro)

remixed & reconstructed “Yusuke Nishiyama’s works” by ono

[ Basic tracks ]
M-01 / from EPV_111 “Drift” by Yusuke Nishiyama

M-02, 03, 04 05 / from EPV_167 ”EP” by Yusuke Nishiyama

Special Thanks : Yusuke Nishiyama
[ artist info ]
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Biting Eye – Goat Sheep Goat


Biting Eye

“Goat Sheep Goat”

01-Goat Sheep Goat(6:50)
02-Sheep Goat Sheep(6:46)
03-Goat Goat Sheep(6:26)
04-Sheep Sheep Goat(6:59)
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No Human – Sky Resort


No Human

“Sky Resort”

No Human nos pone de nuevo a prueba, ritmos de vértigo y sonidos generados desde el entender de las máquinas. La potencia del Techno, ritmos rotos, aristas y bajos profundos, todo lo que necesita y desea Soisloscerdos. Gracias a las colaboraciones tenemos una publicación de lo más variada, sonidos electroides, subgraves, minimal, noise y acid.
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Le Code – The Loneliest Guy

Crennwiick – After 90ies EP



“After 90ies EP”

Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds041
Format: EP
Released: April 2015

Music to dance with your body and feel with your soul. A song as a tribute to the grandfathers of Crennwiick and to the golden decade of electronic dance music.

After 90ies is a collaboration between great friends and excellent musicians.

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Various Artists – Oompa Loopma Riot

Various Artists

“Oompa Loopma Riot”

From 1979 to 1983, the Australian Terse Tapes label made cassette compilations. These are in danger of becoming “classics”, a complete betrayal of the energy that made them. There is no better antidote to cloying nostalgia than the corpse getting up and refusing the funeral.

So instead say that from 1979 to 2015, Terse Tapes made compilations, and here is more of the same. You could put it on a cassette if that matters.

I invited a few people I know, and they invited a few people they know, and music started to arrive in my inbox. I refused to listen to any of it until April Fools day. No one curated anything, although some people were nice enough to chase up their friends.

Having heard this music over the last 24 hours I can divide it into some useful ‘sides’, but keep in mind you are able to arrange it however you like in this non-linear wonderland in which we are trapped.

Side A: people who have doubts about music.
Side B: people who do not fear a pretty tune.
Side C: people that make graphs and grids.
Side D: people who could plausibly perform in a public ale house
Side T: time lords

Although supplied for no payment, there are specific rights attached to the recordings, which remain the property of the artists. Do not sell this music for a profit, do not use this music for any commercial purpose, including but not limited to, placement alongside advertisements or behind paywalls.
released 01 April 2015

Organised by Tom Ellard at Terse Tapes, Sydney, Australia. Contents made in the USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia and other parts of the universe that man may visit from time to time. May contain nuts.

V.A. – Girls Alive



“Girls Alive”

Just a few days away from the conmemoration and annual women’s celebration for their rights’ equity, from the sky falls the new compilation from Modismo label, entitled “Girls Alive”, which draws together music composers and producers of mystical will who explore, amuse and spruce up with a free-download musical offering. It is, indeed, a spectrum of very well achieved and diverse sonorous pieces.
Loaded with defying finesse and neatness these musicians embalm the air via their wavy machinery. There is wisdom behind this musical trip’s jolliest passages. And life, a lot of life in the fertile sequences of this work which, all through its eclectic extent, masterfully demonstrates how to balance experimentation and gamble with a sublime and deferential treatment to the ear. Maybe it is an ancestral and female secret the power music has to interconnect us. But the more you plunge in “Girls Alive”, the more assured you are that this secret is hidden in good hands.
From and towards the most lulling and deep unto the most stimulating and intriguing that this new release from the netlabel Modismo delivers us we cannot do anything but smile and be thankful for each one of the female presences around us, chiefly when they decide to unite and give strenght, love and music.

01 – Riz Maslen – Pleiades – UK
02 – Chra – kw23territoriesdel-grain – Austria
03 – Ema Remedi – Break – Uruguay
04 – Alisú – Las aventuras del Sr. Tomita – Chile
05 – AGF – If you – Germany
06 – Laura Hurt & Salo Panik – Patrie Arkham – France
07 – Kinética – Frontera – Chile
08 – Sonae – Pianokratz – Germany
09 – Riz Maslen – Your War – UK





Dear Friends and Listeners,
We are glad to have our fellow artist back to the label with his latest production, under mysterious name and fascinating music inside. Just the way we like to do things.
Brk is one of those big dub techno addicts, who truly delivers the style, exploring, experimenting and adding something new.

stasis029 ‘Brk – IIIIII’…/114671010727/brk-iiiiii-stasis029

Written and produced by Brk
Mastered by Mar’yan Kitsenko

Ignacio Tardieu – Forest


Ignacio Tardieu


1. Białowieża

2. Brocéliande

3. Oulanka

4. Białowieża (Tecknoise Remix)

5. Brocéliande (Randoom RMX)

6. Oulanka (Discknocked Redubtion)

Ignacio Tardieu
Forest ep
released 19 March 2015

Written and produced by Ignacio Tardieu
Mastered by Ignacio Tardieu
Cover by John Fhakner

Solef – Traveling Through Moments



“Traveling Through Moments”

1. The Last Goodbye

2. The One And Only

3. Train Days

4. Anxiety

Traveling Through Moments ep

released 15 February 2015

Written and Produced by Lefteris Ligdas
Mastered by Vtr
Cover by John Fhakner

V.A. Compilation – Digital Family Vol. 5


V.A. Compilation

“Digital Family Vol. 5”

Catalogue: DigitalDiamonds040L
Format: Compilation
Released: March 2015

For many years Digital Family compilation series is the most important output on Digital Diamonds.
Part 5 is compiled again by labelfounders Alic uniting artists from the first hour with fresh upstartes from the psychedelic and hypnotic techno scene like Ben Rama, Daäna, Flembaz, Trilingo and Mydä.

Alic accomplished their mission of compiling 10 wonderfull tracks ranging from deep and cinematic atmospheres over to peaktime techno hits.

Dust Layer – Obsolete Industry 4


Dust Layer

“Obsolete Industry 4”

hello this is my new free release, 3 tracks from techno to industrial



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