Buruciaka – Kopoc Label Podcast.029



“Kopoc Label Podcast.029”

Kopoc Label Podcast.029

Mixed by Buruciaka
Cover by Raúl G.

Poisonoise – Kopoc Label Podcast.028



“Kopoc Label Podcast.028”

Kopoc Label Podcast.028

Mixed by Poisonoise
Cover by Raúl G.

V/A – Lo​-​Fi Fidelity



“Lo​-​Fi Fidelity”

New melancholic compilation “Lo-Fi Fidelity”, arranged through the efforts of two producers – Hank Hobson and Hobotek within the framework of their collaborative project H + H2 – is designed in a cold and sometimes gloomy tone. The tone which creates that autumnal touch specific for the season. Plangent ambient and drone, pensive trip-hop and experimental electronica make one wonder about the internal quality of music, its message and the atmosphere created by the melodies. Musicians whose works are represented in the compilation protest against the lack of spirit in the modern world where the value of ideas is substituted by the masterly performance, and brandish their fidelity to the ideals of the past, when the music was considered to reflect the musician’s perception of the world. The ideas that are so often forgotten now.
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XSTN – Gravity




Title: Gravity
Artist: XSTN
Label: Stato Elettrico
Cat. : SE065
Genre: Experimental, Techno
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Uriel GZ – Parallel World


Uriel GZ

“Parallel World”

Perfect, big room Techno set
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Markus Masuhr – The red moon and the landscapes from jupiter


Markus Masuhr

“The red moon and the landscapes from jupiter “

Out Out Out 21 December ILK014
Title Ep:The red moon and the landscapes from jupiter
Artist: Markus Masuhr
4 wave tracks minimal/techno/experimental
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Torque – Automation

Bebhionn Laboratory – Visual Textures


Bebhionn Laboratory

“Visual Textures”

Visual texture is the illusion of having physical texture. Every material and every support surface has its own visual texture and needs to be taken into consideration before creating a composition. As such, materials such as canvas and watercolour paper are considerably rougher than, for example, photo-quality computer paper and may not be best suited to creating a flat, smooth texture. Photography, drawings and paintings use visual texture both to portray their subject matter realistically and with interpretation. Texture in these media are generally created by the repetition of shape and line.
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Knolios – Step By Step



“Step By Step”

01-Step By Step
02-Mixed Feelings
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Mint – The Minotaur’s Head



“The Minotaur’s Head”

The second release for Christmas 2015 is a new album by Kahvi regular artist ‘Mint’.

The curiously named ‘The Minotaur’s Head’ is six tracks of Mint’s blend of oldschool inspired beats and sounds, with today’s IDM techniques. Progressive and subtle in places, with earth shaking beats and basses.

The Minotaur’s Head includes influences of some previous Kahvi artists – like Aaron Jasinski (Tribal Shake) along with oldskool 8bit soundtracks (Distant Signals) and even a nod towards some very early Kahvi releases by Xhale and Epoq (Spirit Touch).

Track of choice , most definitely for this oldschool fan: The unpronouncable ‘Pharmacopoeia’ which is epic progressive oldschool at it’s best!

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Dustycri – Dusty Lost Tracks



“Dusty Lost Tracks”

Author: Dustycri
Title: Dusty Lost Tracks
Genre: Techno, Experimental, Idm
Cat.nr.: SE064
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Akusmatic – For No Reason At All

CH’AB – Mutation




Per Mr CH’AB
La passione per la musica è iniziata dall’ascolto dell’hardcore
e frequentando la sua scena underground.
Nel 2009 i suoi primi techno live
suonando sia in feste legali e feste gratuite.
Co-fondatore del progetto Loungesquatt
è diventato promotore e creatore di party tra Milano e Berlino.
Le sue tracce techno sono influenzate dai suoni mentali, psichedelici, ipnotici e sperimentali.
01_CH’AB – Music salvation
02_CH’AB – Persistent idea
03_CH’AB – Situations
04_CH’AB – Slow karma
Negli ultimi anni ha suonato a fianco di vari artisti europei e internazionali
nella scena underground e non
come ad esempio: Len Faki, Gary Beck, Rebekah, Laura Jones, Neverdogs, Chris Liberator, Henry Cullen aka Dave the Drummer, Lawrie immersione, Rachel Rackitt, Jerome Hill, Rob Stow, Dj Zebedeo, Francesco Zappalà, Mad Alba e molti altri.
Con EPHEDRINA dal 2013, ha già confezionato varie tracce e remix, oscure e trippose che si possono ascoltare sul sito di ephedrina.


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Old Boy Inc. – Chord Memories e.p.


Old Boy Inc.

“Chord Memories e.p.”

The tracks of the Chord Memories e.p. are pendling between organic percussions, warm synthie and sizzling hihats it delivers a melancholic memory. Maybe to distract from rainy days, to wallow in thoughts. Pulsating and swirling chords rooted in summer ease combined with drums that force you to dance. The tapping beats of “Hold on” set the direction of the entire e.p. . Scapes shape up in a whirling manner, lightly swirl around that driving rhythm and let us hope for more. “Transformation” in no way inferior to the opener delivers technoid sounds, untamed, rough drums and a constantly changing synth line. “Cliché” and “At The Beach” stand out due to their drifting ease and a touch of discoish funk – especially melodical in “At The Beach”. The e.p. finishes with a great culmination: “Night Drive” which already prooved its clubability thanks to its warm house sound.
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ARSURA – Figures/Disfigured




Diy tape with handmade designed and printed cover available on bandcamp.
ARSURA is the result of a collaboration between Air Protection Office and Servadio started in Berlin in the autumn 2014 during a jam session at Ekar records studio playing some diy machine and effects. The project reach the final shape one year later in London at Servadio/Thosebaddays studios with the support of Workinklassnoize.
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Anonymous3 – Analogue 100101



“Analogue 100101”

To take us up to Christmas 2015, something a little special. Two releases two celebrate the roots of IDM and electronica, that we enjoy listening to at Kahvi by all the fantastic artists released over the years. The first release is by guest artist ‘Anonymous3’ with his six track EP entitled ‘Analogue 100101’.

After listening to the EP for the first time, I was struck by how familiar the tracks sounded compared to those albums I listened to in the early 90s. Halycon could have featured heavily on DJ mixes of the time with its long drawn out pads and 808 percussion, where Breath is a tribute to acid house. Heliopause and Metamorphosis could have come straight out of pirate radio broadcasts direct from London in 1994.

Enjoy this blast from the past – and watch out for part 2 of this celebration of the roots of electronica in the next release!

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The Dub Vaders – Herbs & Trips


The Dub Vaders

“Herbs & Trips”


The Dub Vaders could be one of the best kept secrets of the Chilean electronic scene, offering a spectrum of precious tracks linking current and future urban beats, a deep legacy of Dub and some inclination to the dark side of things, that adds a flirty dose of evil to their music.
Herbs & Trips is a brief but resounding trip, where the first two tracks immerse us into an intoxicating cloud that serves as an instruction manual, preparing us for the closure of this magnificent EP, where they allow us to enjoy one of the best electronic tracks released in this part of the world during the current season.
By Javier Moraga S.

Music by The Dub Vaders
(Armando Navarro y Rodrigo Rivera).
Mastered by Miguel Jauregui.
Cover artwork by Rodrigo Rivera.
Review by Javier Moraga.

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V.A. – Selections – Red



“Selections – Red”

selection of the best club-tracks from the past decade…
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V.A. – Selections – Blue



“Selections – Blue”

selection of the best open-air tunes from the past decade..
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V.A. – 10 years later



“10 years later”

I think its time for a big THANK YOU!!
i wanted to make a longer posting, but no one reads it anyways, so i will keep it short:

Thanks to everyone who supported my little Label over the last 10 years. Thanks to you, It grew to one of the most respected techno-netlabels out there. Thanks to the 170 Artists from all over the Globe who were involved. Thanks for now more than 1.000.000 Downloads without any Advertisements or Campaigns. Thanks for all the friends and comrades i found through this project. Music connects. Thanks for all the unforgettable moments. And thanks for all the money we generated through our Sublabel “Limited Edition”. Every Cent went directly to a local Humanitarian Organization. We probably saved lives out there. But we will always keep it low Profile. It’s all about sharing. Thanks. You know who you are. Thanks for all the support in the “dark times” recently. Zimmer will never die… Lets bring on the next 10 years… –Aleks

Zimmer loves YOU. Yes, you!!!

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Modwheel – Over And Over EP



“Over And Over EP”

Modwheel presents his interpretation of modern electronic music. Heavyweight basslines mixed with oldschool rhythmic patterns and instruments. Straightened to the dancefloor.
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Ars Sonor & Mutate – Forward Thinking


Ars Sonor & Mutate

“Forward Thinking”

This collection brings together the collaborative works of programmer/producer/wunderkind Ars Sonor and processed guitar soundscaper and experimenter, Mutate. Previously scattered over albums and compilations, we finally celebrate the fruits of this collaboration in a single, solid release.

The result is a journey between landscapes of ever malleable sound. Drifting from cavernous soundscapes to minimalist beats / atmospheres, at times the guitar ‘scapes, synths and sounds all bleed into each other. Guitars snake through skittering beats, shimmering as they drift back and forth, in and out of focus. Headphones recommended.

Dadive – Ormai la lira è morta



“Ormai la lira è morta”

2 Wave minimal/trip hop tracks
Free Download on
Tnx for Dadive Big Friend
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MegaHast3r – Click!




Formato: Lp digital
País / Ciudad: España / Barcelona
Fecha Publicación: Octubre 2015
Genero: Electrónica
Estilo: Techno, Industrial, Dark Ambient
Portada: René Navarrot

1. Landscape
2. Game
3. Short dream
4. Blue wayfarer
5. Look
6. Eclectic state of mind part 1
7. Eclectic state of mind part 2
8. Down
9. Otra más!
10. Suave suave (Sakura)

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Need Answers – [KoPod027] Kopoc Label Podcast.027 – Need Answers


Need Answers

“[KoPod027] Kopoc Label Podcast.027 – Need Answers”

[KoPod027] Kopoc Label Podcast.027 – Need Answers


1. Conforce – Real Time
2. Fabio Escalabroni – Root A
3. Edanticonf – Movement H
4. Unknown Artist – Untitled
5. Matthias Springer – Offroads
6. One – Rise (Darling Farah RMX)
7. Urban Force – Mental Sumise
8. STL – Dub´s End (Grand_U Remix)
9. Doyeq – Different Places
10. Cliff Tower – 107 (Frictional Transmission Remix)
11. Dubaptism – D#12 (Havantepe RMX)
12. Grand_U – Sunset III
13. Yan Cook – Blurred
14. Deepchord – OBMX (Cv313 Rmx)
15. Joachim Spieth – Under The City (Reggy Van Oens Rmx)

Mixed by Need Answers

Cover by Raúl G.

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Retouched – Kopoc Label Podcast.026



“Kopoc Label Podcast.026”

[KoPod026] Kopoc Label Podcast.026 – Retouched


1. Warmth – Ash
2. Orson Throb – I´m from space
3. Warmth – Vapour
4. Shared Explorer – A Quiet Storm
5. BioRoot – Tranquility
6. Aura Fresh – Eazy
7. Refracted – Enlightenment
8. Ohrwert – Übertragene Anwählungen (Teil Eins)
9. Rod Modell – Harmonics Of Ether
10. Arturo Von Knie – E No.1.0
11. Faidel & Warmth – Magnitude
12. Tomas Rubeck – Factions
13. Andrea Cichecki – Abstract Illusions (Tomas Rubeck Remix)
14. Dave Marian – Merope
15. Planetary Secrets – They Have Been Here

Mixed by Retouched

Cover by Raúl G.

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KrAtOS – Europa EP



“Europa EP”

[KPL031] KrAtOS – Europa EP


2.Insider Net Collapse


4.Insider Net Collapse (Owen Ni Remix)

5.Insider Net Collapse (Retouched Remix)

KrAtOS is a dub-electro-experimental project wich take the basis from a different kind of music. Start from 1998 in Naples, Italy processing sounds with earlier electronic approach, with different influence from techno to industrial. In 2013 KrAtOS released the first Lp “Seventh” for Dast records, a german netlabel , then he get Eps for Axaminer, DbS sound, another Lp for Speceal Orbeats called “Abductions”, making tracks and remixes for differents netlabels.

W&P by Diego Strazzullo

Mastered by Vtr

Cover by John Fhakner

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